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I would like to try the read my lips. :)

I’ll weigh it in the morning and get you shipping quote, if that’s ok?

Yes and send me a pm if you have any rose anything that needs to go, ok? :)

Zack S. said

I would like the Cantaloupe Watermelon White from 52Teas, and the Shooting Star Fruit from Davidstea! Follow+Msg me plz!

I have a box…this is my de-stash, and I think my husband would be very happy to see it go. Here’s a list of what’s in here. I am not interested in breaking up the box…I strongly dislike going to the post office and dealing with that, so I just want to go one time, and hand the nice postal worker my box. Amounts are estimates. Souvia is a tea shop in Phoenix, AZ (they’re pretty close to where I work).

Tiramasu Oolong – 52 teas – 1 oz
Monkey Fart – 52 teas – 2 tsp
Chocolate Malt – 52 teas – 1 oz
Cinnamon Delight – Souvia – 4 tsp
Gingerbread House – Souvia – 4 tsp
The Skinny – DavidsTea – 3 tsp
Smaug – 52 teas – 1 tsp
Vanilla Black – Simple Loose Leaf – 1 oz
Peppermint – Souvia – 2 oz
Rooibos Chocolate Almond – TeaDesire – 2 tsp
Perfect Carlos – Adagio – 1 tsp
Pistachio Lime – Fusion Teas – 3 tsp
Hot Cinnamon Spice – Harney & Sons – 2 tsp
Cinnamon Stars – Tea Gschwndner – 2 tsp
Monk’s Blend Decaf – Darlene’s Tea Port – 2 tsp
Indian Spice – Harney & Sons – 1 tsp
Slim & Slender – Tea Desire – 2 tsp
Juicy Peach – Teajo Teas – 2 tsp
Puerh Vanilla Mint Organic – Zen Tea – 1 tsp
Napalm Ferret – 52teas – 2 tsp
GenmaiCHAI – 52teas – 2 tsp
S’mores Genmaicha – 52 teas – 1 tsp
Black Fuji Apple Cinnamon – not a clue – 2 tsp
Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle – Teavana – 1 tsp
Plum Oolong – New Mexico Tea Co – 2 tsp
Green Tea Leaf mints – Sen Cha – small closed package
Rise and Shine – Clipper – 1 tea bag
Cha Cult paper tea filters, Size S – maybe 90 of them out of a 100 pc box

I haven’t used PayPal to receive money (only pay for things…like tea!). Still, I should be able to figure it out. :) I’d like $25 for the box, plus shipping.


momo said

I’ve got to move at the end of September, and I have way too much tea to move.

Previously once I did a price per tea like a garage sale, ranging from like a quarter for smaller amounts to probably $5 max if it was a newer, unopened bag of tea. Would this interest people more than like, a flat rate envelope/box of tea where you may end up with teas you’re not into? I don’t mind taking the time to write the teas out so I’m just curious what people would rather have and I’ll start working on it.

I would probably be interested in anything lavender rose jasmine or pu-reh that you have. Following you.

Also matcha.

darby select said

Yep, like the garage sale idea.

Zack S. said

Id prefer to pick my teas rather than do a flat rate envelope gamble-type of thing.

anchin2002 said

I prefer unflavored teas, so picking what I want to try works better for me.

Ubacat said

I would be interested in any of the unflavoured greens from Teavivre (Mao Jian, Bi Lo Chun) or any unflavoured light oolongs.

Rachel said

I like this idea and would be interested in purchasing

momo said

Awesome, thanks guys. I’m in the process of working on it!

Removed purchased teas, but still selling the remainder. (Need to make room, sob). Have a few teas available that just aren’t doing it for me. Paypal only, if you please. Also maybe willing to swap, but I’m trying to cut down at the moment. All teas are in their original packaging and have roughly 1 teaspoon removed for tasting purposes. Shipping will be an additional $2 on the final price within the US, and I will be happy to pack multiple items together.

Caramel Apple Honeybush, 2oz – $4
Red Velvet Cake Mate, 1.75oz – $4

Cotton Candy, 1.76oz (this one is unopened) – $4

And a bunch of unopened samples, mix and match any four for $1.
x 2 Mango Fruit Punch
Watermelon Mint
Organic Pure Vanilla
x 2 Chocolate Rocket
Rooibos de Provence

Rachel said

Hello! I am interested in Magic Dragon & Life Long Oolong. I have followed you..follow me and message!

Thanks for your interest! Followed, and sending you a PM shortly.

Dinosara said

new list below

Anlina said

Will you ship to Canada? I’d be interested in Pumpkin Toffee Dragonwell, Raspberry Macaron, Snow Sprout & White Peony Gin Tonic.

Dinosara said

Yes, I will ship to Canada, you would just pay the actual shipping costs. I can price it out for you, although I will warn you that shipping all of those teas might be expensive. I’ll send you a PM tonight when I have an idea of shipping costs.

I am located in the US. I am willing to ship anywhere as long as you pay shipping costs. I accept Paypal as payment. Reply to this post or message me if you’re interested! Thanks!

Updated ~ OCTOBER 25

I have decided to sell all of my teas together in one box for a very reduced price. You will receive ALL of the following. Total value is worth over $100. A few of these teas are approaching a year old so please be aware before you buy. Most are new/recently opened and ALL have been stored sealed in a cool, dry place.

You can have everything in this box for $70 INCLUDING the cost of shipping WITHIN the US. It will be more expensive for International shipping, but I can calculate that based on your location.

-Tealish, full box of Earl Grey Creme tea bags, brand new
-Tealish, full box of Chocolate Loves Strawberry tea bags, brand new
-Tealish, full box of Dulce De Leche tea bags, brand new
-ThePuriTea, milk oolong about 1 oz in ziplock bag
-Teavana, Strawberry Rose Champagne – 2 oz, unopened
-Art of Tea, Brûlée Mint 1 oz minus 4 tsps, will come in ziplock bag
-Art of Tea, Lemon Meringue, about 3 tsps, will come in ziplock bag
-Art of Tea Japanese Cherry, small unopened sample, enough for 1-2 cups
-TeaVivre, Guang Dong Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea, unopened sample
-TeaVivre, Milk Oolong (flavored), 3.5 oz, minus about 2 tsps, will come in ziplock bag
-Steepster, Guiyuan Roasted Dong Ding, unopened sample
-SerendipiTea, Milk Oolong, about 2 tsps, will come in ziplock bag
-Butiki Teas, Doke Silver Needle, 1/2 oz, minus 2 tsps
-Butiki Teas Blackberry Lime Guayusa – enough for 1 cup
-Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Chocolate Chai Herbal Red, 20 teabags, comes in tin
-Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Caramel Chai – a few teabags, will come in ziplock bag
-ThePuriTea, Hong Jing Luo, about enough for a cup, will come in ziplock bag
-American Tea Room, Maraschino Rooibos – a few tsps, will come in ziplock bag
-Joseph Wesley, Dian Hong Congfu, about 0.75 oz, will come in ziplock bag
-Verdant Tea Spring Harvest Laoshan Green (2013), about 0.5 oz, will come in ziplock bag
-Della Terra Teas, Vanilla Cream Rooibos, 1 oz, will come in ziplock bag
-Mariage Freres, Paris Breakfast – 1.5 oz, will come in ziplock bag
-In Pursuit of Tea, Golden Yunnan – unopened sample
-Tea Wing, Karigane #22 – unopened sample
-DAVIDsTEA, Cotton Candy – 50g minus a few tsps
-DAVIDsTEA, Toasted Walnut – 5g sample
-DAVIDsTEA, Pure Chai – 5g sample
-Canton Tea Co, Black Pearls – about 1.5 oz
-52 Teas, Chocolate Malt Honeybush – 2 oz pouch minus 1.5 tsp
-Tiesta Tea, Nutty Almond Cream – 2.1 oz minus 3 tsps
-Revolution, Southern Mint Herbal Tea, 1 teabag
-Tao Tea Leaf, Rice Pu-Er Tuo Cha (Shou), 5 pieces
-Whispering Pines Tea, Fujian Black, sample (a few tsps)
-Tao Tea Leaf, Golden Needle Black, sample (a few tsps)
-Nina’s Paris, Taureau, sample (a few tsps)
-Butiki Teas, Peppermint Patty, sample (a few tsps)
-Verdant Tea, Laoshan Black (2013), sample (a few tsps)
-Lupicia, Milk Caramel Houjicha, sample (a few tsps)
-DAVIDsTEA, cocoa canela, 50g minus 3 tsps
-52 Teas, Blueberry Streusel Honeybush, 2 tsps

-Some extra tea samples that I will try to fit inside of the box!

Added some black pearls for sale! I have some really great teas for a sampler as well!

There are like 6 things on this list I would be interested in depending on what you’re asking for them.

NayLynn said

I’m interested in:
⁺ French Breakfast-MF
⁺ Coconut Cream pie-52T
⁺ Red Queen Cupcake-Butiki
if they are still available

Selling all of these teas as one big box for $50 + shipping. This is a steal for all of the tea you’re getting! I only have one of these available.

Updated list!

Grrrlhowdy said

Fauchon fans — I bought 4 tins of Fauchon at TJ Maxx for people in Steepster (who found their own), not knowing that apparently TJ Maxx doesn’t take food returns. So I’m stuck with these and I hate ceylon tea myself. I have 2 sweet almond orange and 2 pear — all sealed and in their beautiful tins. I would love to sell all 4 together in the US. They are $10.25 each and if you send me your zip I can weigh them for postage. I’m in NC. Thanks!
(Looks like I can probably resell for profit on eBay if all else fails, but I’d rather let my fellow Steepsterites have them)

Grrrlhowdy said

Never mind — I was able to return. Phew!

List removed for now, until I get a chance to go to the post office again. Thanks!

Interested in a Mystery Sample Grabbie – could you number each bag and then specify what tea/from where each came from?

Sure, sending you a message!

Just to be clear, the mystery grabbie teas will actually be labeled. I won’t have anyone guessing which teas they are.. they won’t be that much of a mystery! :D

I’d be interested in a mystery sample pack. :)

Fyrefly – please follow me and I’ll send you a message.

Most of the prices were lowered!

Couple more things added to the list. The list will be gone in a few days since I won’t be able to go to the PO for a while after the next trip!

Sent you a pm.

Reposting this since my original post is a few pages back. Dropped the price on most of these since I still really need to get rid of them ‘cause I’ll never drink any of them and I hate to have them just sitting here.

All of these were stashed away from light in bins. Most are still in their original company packaging, though a few I did end up wrapping some in other packaging if the original wasn’t the best. Payment by Paypal only. Buyer agrees to pay shipping costs and fees.


Della Terra Teas
Orange Brulee – 9g/$1
Love in a Cup – 2oz (minus a few tsp)/$6
*Christmas Tradition – 18g est/$1
Queen’s Breakfast – 12g(ish)/$1

Mi Lan Xian Phoenix Mountain Dancong – 21g/$5

Butiki Teas
Dinjoy Estate Assam – 12g/$2.5
Doke Rolling Thunder – 8g/$2

Culinary Teas
*Vienna Opera Ball Tea – 1oz/$2
*Vanilla Green Tea – 1oz/$2
Oolong Orange Blossom – 19g/$1.5
Hazelnut Vanilla – 28g/$2
Vanilla Cream – 19g/$2
Leopard Snow Buds – 22g/$4
Assam Gingin TGFOP – 30g/$2
Pineapple Tea – 17g/$1

Peach Cobbler – 4oz (minus 2 tsp)/$8
Black Dragon Pearls – 77g/$10

Precious White Peach – 24g/$2
Peach Tranquility – 34g/$2

Kusmi (Will come in plain ziplock bag)
Jasmine Green Tea – 30g/$1
Decaf Earl Grey w/Citrus Fruits – 33g/$1
Earl Grey – 29g/$1

Adagio Blends
Monkey D. Luffy – 61g/$6
Unnamed Blend – (This was a blend I made that didn’t turn out like I was expecting – Contains Mambo/Honeybush Hazelnut/Caramel w/cocoa nibs) – 77g/$6

-All Cara McGee Blends (will come in ziplock bags except Mycroft & IOU)
Mycroft – 52g/$6
IOU A Brew – 14g/$1.5
Amy Pond – 27g/$2
Martha Jones – 25g/$2
11 – 24g/$2
The Weather – 29g/$2
Cecil (The Voice) – 22g/$2
Sheriff’s Secret Police – 29g/$2
Apache Tracker – 26g/$2
Management – 30g/$2
Steve Carlsburg – 19g/$2
Perfect Carlos – 28g/$2

Choconut Oolong – 11g/$2
Mamma Mia – 50g (minus 2 tsp)/$3
Cranberry Pear – 17g/$2.5
Salted Caramel – 16g/$2
Wild Black Yunnan – 15g/$3
Three Wishes – 25g/$3

Georgia Tea Co.
Mirage – 20g/$1
Pineapple Black – 53g/$2
Vanilla Black – 31g/$1
Weight Loss Tea – 25g/$2

Zen Tea Life
Shui Hsien – 17g/$1.5
English Breakfast – 16g/$1.5
Assam Mangalam – 17g/$2

Misc Tea Companies
*White Bouquet – TeaVes – 1oz/$5
*Guiyuan Roasted Dong Ding – Steepster Select Pack – 8g/$1
*Darjeeling – English Tea Store – 1oz/$2 – $1
*Assam – English Tea Store – 1oz/$2 – $1
TriniTea – The Tea Merchant – 10g/$2 – $1
Yunnan Black – Ten Ren Tea – 54g/$5

Unknown Company
Da Hong Pao – "Picture ": – 27g/$3
Jasmine Dragon Pearls – “Picture”: – 34g/$3
White Tea – “Picture”: – 35g/$3

I sent you a message!

Following you Shadowfall so I can send you a pm. :)

Updated List.

Are these all still available?

The Cookie Lady – Yup. I’ve actually got a handful more to add, once I stop being lazy. Lol!

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