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Ginger tea for flavor, digestive properties or warming properties

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-Jessica- said

When dealing with morning sickness with my past 2 pregnancies my doctor would tell me to try ginger candies or ginger tea to help with my nausea and it did help calm my issues.

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Lynxiebrat said

I remember drinking ginger ale for an upset tummy when I was a kid. i am not crazy about ginger though there is some stuff that i like that have ginger. sometimes the taste of it can put me off.

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MissLena said

I love the taste of ginger and also have it for stomach aches and digestion. I recently added raw ginger to a ginger tea and man, it was pretty strong, but worked quite well to aid my tummy! I also love to eat the pickled ginger when it comes with sushi – just finishes off the meal and my whole stomach feels refreshed!

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I use ginger tea for tummy aches, sore throats and when I have a serious cold/flu whatever I steep ginger tea in chicken noodle soup.
I actually should be avoiding it because it’s warming (it aggravate my rosacea) but I LOVE IT

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Ginger will make you sweat so don’t drink ginger tea ( hot or cold) in the summer.

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BoxerMama said

I LOVE ginger puerh! I drink it because it stifles hunger and since I talk all day(retail) it keeps my breath fresh.

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Valerie said

I don’t like ginger tea (or ginger beer, or even ginger with my sushi) but I love ginger ale and it does help with my IBS/digestive problems. :)

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I use it (ginger tea, ale and seasoning)for both digestive and pain relief properties, and also nausea (as well as just because it tastes good)

but actually sometimes need to avoid it due to it being too warming for me.
I just found a ginger pu-erh that is extremely warming, enough that It might be winter only for me.

I also use Celestial Seasonings Tummy Mint for soothing. very simple blend, and has fennel in it.

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Ginger is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted in my life. I could eat a whole jar of pickled ginger straight if I was hungry enough.

It’s safe to say that ginger tea (and beer for that matter) is among my favorite. Unfortunately, I’ve only tried Harney & Sons Ginger Licorice tea (not a bad tea, just unfortunate because I haven’t tried other kinds), but I’m definitely going to look up and try some of the teas mentioned in this thread.

I guess since it’s on Steepster now I can finally talk about it! http://steepster.com/teas/davidstea/33383-super-ginger-organic you’re gonna love it! it’s SOOOOO tasty.

Oh, wow, that sounds great!

Curses, I’ve got so much to try once I get through my stash… my list just keeps getting longer DX

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Ginger is probably one of my favourite spices. I love dals and rasams with ginger, ginger tea, crystallised ginger, ginger beer, etc. Sometimes I get a vertigo-like dizziness from migraine and a piece of crystallised ginger keeps the nausea at bay and when I lived in London, I would drink chai with plenty of ginger during the winter. Now that I’m living in Australia, I’ve had to tone it down somewhat because I’ll just burn up otherwise.

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