Par Avion Tea - 3 Free Samples

Passing along, free tea samples!

US and Canada addresses
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Thank you! Already signed up!

Ubacat said

Thank-you! Signed up! Woohoo! Free tea samples!

Sil select said

wow some of those sound so delicious…

Dinosara said

Thanks for the heads up. I actually signed up (so rarely do these days) because they seem to have some pretty unique blends. I guess it’s just a wild card what you get though!

carol who said

Thank you! I’ve signed up and can’t wait to see what comes. There were so many teas that looked awesome. Also, beautiful world map made of flowers! Nicely made site.

Lala said

I signed up for free samples too. I like how they run their monthly tea club. I will have to see how the tea tastes…

boychik said

So one dumb ? I couldn’t find where to choose my samples or they choose it for us??

Lala said

I am assuming you get surprise samples.

boychik said

It’s great any way. Thank you for sharing

Thank you! Everything on there sounds fabulous :)

Thanks for the heads-up! It’s nice that the teas will be a surprise…

Pyroxy select said

I decided to try this one as well…it’ll be interesting to see what I get. :)

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