-- scam site or legit?

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Yeah, and their site is super nice! Seems wacky that it would be a scam, but I can’t figure out what the deal is!


People that ordered from them, they should report this to the BBB, and get the site shut down then.

It has to be admitted though that their prices are suspiciously low… Especially in the light of all these discoveries :/

Kamyria said

Wow… this is alarming

MelissaTea said

This is strange. Their site is pretty developed and their Twitter account is active.
I like some of the teas they have offer. When the place was first mentioned on Steepster, I looked into ordering, but I found their shipping prices disgustingly high.
Maybe they just have the worst customer service.
Things like this make it harder for new companies to start out. People get wary and only stick to the big names.
I hope everyone gets resolution and no one gets scammed.

Has anyone tried to contact them via twitter? I don’t have a twitter so I don’t really know what that would entail. But that seems to be the most active.

Reporting them to the BBB would also be a good idea. I believe the BBB sends them an email and if they don’t reply within a specific time frame, they will get shut down. If they won’t reply to us, maybe they’ll reply to a higher authority…

Elena select said

I reported them as a scam under the Scam Stopper link on BBB since I wasn’t personally victimized (at least not yet). If anyone has ordered I’d suggest using the File a Complaint form where BB contacts the business within 2 business days.

moraiwe said

This would be a rather long running scam then. The domain has been registered since 2010. I’m not saying it’s not a scam, but I think that kind of points it in the ‘not’ direction.

There is a registrant phone number on the whois page, as well as the abuse email and such for the host they are registered through if you have evidence though.

Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4165350123

whois page:

Elena select said

Just wondering if there is any update on this- it’s been a year! No reports show up on BBB. Still haven’t heard of anyone receiving any orders or samples and since it is a large website it’s very suspicious that none of the teas have been reviewed by anyone on any site.. How are they still running after all this time? Has anyone ever received or even seen any of their tea?

AllanK said

They have an awfully well designed website for a scam? I too would like to hear more about them.

Gah, I wish I had checked this thread before ordering the samples. It really is a nice looking site for a scam. I can’t imagine it being all that lucrative of a scam, and what a lot of work to put into a scam… Very strange.

AllanK said

If you paid with Paypal you are guaranteed to get your money back if they don’t ship. If you paid with a credit card you still have recourse.

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