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Which companies out there have sample sizes available for purchase at a great price for those of us who would like to try different teas without having to purchase a large amount?

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Ali select said

I’ve had good luck with:
Harney & Sons
Tea Guys
Yezi Tea (3 free I think)
DavidsTEA (in store only though – you can purchase any amount you desire)

Sil select said

In addition to the above…

Upton has a bajillion samples – especially if you like unflavoured teas. Della terra does custom try me packs that let you pick and choose things

There are more than will come to me at 3am when i should be sleeping, i’m sure.

I second the plug on Adagio. They’re great when it comes to samplers. They have all sorts. Green, Black, White, Blends, Oolong…pretty much whatever you’re looking for. most samples come with 4 or five samples in a pack usually costing from 10-20$. plus you accumulate points as you purchase more and in case that wasn’t enough…once you complete your purchase you can opt for another sample by sharing on Facebook or twitter. You really can’t beat it:)

Kaylee said


Sil select said


Teavivre: large samples available on pretty much all teas, and they have a wide variety of sampler packs. Big samples on pretty much everything. Large selection of teas available.

Wow, you really are a tea fairy:)

boychik said

American Tea Room
Verdant Tea
Capital Tea Ltd

Zen Tea
Golden Moon
Joy’s Teaspoon

yyz said

Second the above. Other companies: ship from Europe but sell 10g resealable samples and have decent shipping.

Question for you about Golden Moon: their samplers look amazing, but the shipping cost to Canada is insane. I opened an account with them and saw that the cheapest shipping option to Canada is ~$36. Am I reading this right? I called and the person I spoke to said that they would be able to recalculate shipping if I emailed them my mailing address, but I just wanted to check with someone else who’s purchased from them.

yyz said

Christina, unfortunately it is probably right. There are several us co. with insane shipping to Canada, Adagio, Upton and the above among them. Some co. are willing to make allowances if you contact them is. Simpson & Vail. Let us know if you here anything from them. I personally have’ bought from them. I just know that they have nice teas.

ifjuly said

some of these aren’t presented as 1-5 cup samples per se, but are offered in ~1/2 oz amounts (which often amounts to about the same thing):

Teabox (excellent if you love Indian tea)
Tao Tea Leaf
Harney and Sons
Capital Tea Ltd
Taiwan Tea Crafts (the sample bags are a bit larger, 25g IIRC, but it winds up being a deal in that the free shipping threshold for sample sizes is lower than most, at $25, and the tea is excellent too)
Yezi, last I checked
American Tea Room
Teajo Teas
The Devotea
Joy’s Teaspoon (in 5 or 8 choose-your-own packs)
New Mexico Tea Company
Golden Moon
Upton Tea Imports
Zen Tea
Den’s Tea, a good source for Japanese green tea, has a “first time customer” sampler offer that’s really cheap and good—$3 last I checked, and IIRC it comes with a voucher code towards your next order that makes it essentially free. Here:
Persimmon Tree
Fusion Teas
Georgia Tea Company
Design A Tea

i’ll second the Den’s tea green tea sampler. they always send extra samples in every order, too! i heart den’s.

Thank you all for your responses. I have tried Adagio and Zen tea for samples. I also bought some sale teas from Davids, but I will look into some of these other suggestions. Thanks again.

Sounds great! Let us know how they all work out, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy Adagio, they’ve slowly become one of my go-to companies:)

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