Best place to get tea tins

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Manda Dawn said

Last time I was at Teavana, all of their tins were back to regular price, but if you’ve got a Teavana that is convenient to visit, I would suggest checking back regularly. They may clear out some of their stock to make more space or new spring stock. You never know!
I’m wondering whether The Bulk Barn would have any tins that might work for tea…?

Manda Dawn said

I think Kitchen Stuff Plus had tea tins a few months back…

greenmanza said

Voyageur Soap and Candle has glass jars, tins made of steel, and a bunch of other containers. They are used by people who make soaps, shampoos and lotions, but I think they would work for tea as well.

The store is located in British Columbia. There are shipping charges, but at least there won’t be duties and brokerage fees.

LuckyMe said

I’ve picked up tea tins for as little as $1 on Aliexpress. You can find good quality tins on there for $4-5 a pop.

If you prefer a brick and mortar shop, World Market has large canisters for $6 each and sets of 4 for $12.

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