Who wants to help us launch our home party plan?

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this forever; it’s time to give it a shot.

I need one person who is willing to throw a tea party for at least ten friends, to introduce them to our great products. You will get to purchase the teas for the party at a substantial discount and keep a portion of the proceeds from the sales at your party.

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Cofftea said

Count me in! I’d do it just to see people’s reactions when they see the teas:) I already have a friend (who both loves Indian food and has had African Chai) sold on the Mayan Chocolate Chai. Another friend LOVED both matchas.

IdentiTEA said

Like the Tupperware or candle parties? I have hosted a few of those. Great idea and good luck with that. I am interested to hear about the experience of the person who does it.

Count me out, though. I don’t know ten people in my area who are even slightly interested in tea nor do I have ten friends period… or five… or three. Ha!

I do not have 10 friends nearby :(

Me either. Plus my house is so out of control I can’t invite anyone over until my newly hired organizer and I spend a lot of quality time together. Lol.

Dan said

Ten friends? I have my dog but she doesn’t drink tea. I just ordered your Essence of Assam, thanks for blending some non-flavored tea that I like.

No problem. Have you tried our RadioactiviTEA? It’s a CTC Assam and it brews up wonderfully bold and delicious.

Dan said

I just put it next on my list.

Jillian said

Yeah…I don’t think I have ten tea drinking firends around – especially now that the winter semester at university is over and everyone has gone back home.

*sighs mournfully *

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