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How do we find you outside of steepster?

In other social networking sites!? Together – we can help spread the word about TEA!!! Post your links and such, here.

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Angrboda said

I’m on Livejournal.com (mirrored on Dreamwidth.org), but I’m slightly protective of getting my username there linked with my username here, since I want to be able to share this place with RL friends and family, but I’d rather they didn’t find out about LJ. Ever.

So, if anybody is interested in knowing what it is, so they can see if they want to add me (I like getting new flisters!), they’re more than welcome to email me at [email protected] and I’ll tell you.

I’m sorry about this unpracticalness, but it’s all for the sake of privacy.

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Jillian said

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I totally understand the privacy thing! :P I sent you an invite on gmail…I have Jill, I believe!

Angrboda said

I’m not sure if this is for me, but if it is, I didn’t get anything?

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teafiend said

I’m pir4t3ninj4 on AIM, but I’m never on. Feel free to drop me a line there, but my email is actually my last name, so I’m hesitant to pass that around.

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Suzi said

I’ve got two livejournals – k00kaburra (personal) and fashion_piranha (book blog)

I’m on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/suzi.hough but if i don’t know you I won’t friend back, so if you friend me PLEASE let me know where you found me :-p

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Frolic select said

I’m frolicking at gmail.com and you can e-mail me if you want to chat or if anyone is interested in tea swaps.

takgoti said

I first read that to mean that you were frolicking over at gmail.com. Like skipping around the website. Took me a second.

Frolic select said

lol that would be fun. No just trying to avoid the spambots.

Angrboda said

Takgoti, I did that too and went ‘yes, but what’s the ID????’ :D

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My personal blog — http://www.theperfectblogtitle.blogspot.com/

I also have articles galore with my contact info on eHow, Helium and … great, I’ve written so much recently that I can’t remember where my stuff is going.

My business email is [email protected] — I’m self-employed, but hey, still counts as a business email, right? For some reason, my computer crashes every time I try to get on Facebook or MySpace, so I can’t contact anyone that way. I think someone wanted my Cocoa Chai.

Cofftea said

That’d be me. I forgot to email you back. Oops.

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khsheehan said

I can be found at http://www.twitter.com/khsheehan I also use a service called extendr, it’s a lot easier than typing out a ton of urls for my accounts. They’re basically all there… http://www.khsheehan.extendr.com

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chana said

I’m chana on http://www.Ravelry.com – very active in the Cuppa Tea group and tea swaps there, chana56 both on http://www.LibraryThing.com (also in the tea group) and on twitter, my blog is http://eclecticitee.wordpress.com

LibraryThing was how I found Steepster. I was just thinking about putting up a “Who here is also on LibraryThing?” thread earlier today but I didn’t know if I would get removed for having nothing to do with tea.

Janni select said

There are tea swaps on Ravelry?!?! Man. I’m not as active there as I’d like to be, but my username is (shockingly) Janni. XD I’ll go friend you right now. XD

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