Clam Strip said

Where can I buy some good Rooibos online?

I really wanted to try Rooibos but none of the shops around town seem to carry any loose leaf. Any suggestions on where i should order my first Rooibos?

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Ubacat said

Where are you located? That might help with tea shops and also which online stores as well.

Clam Strip said

I live in Sarasota, Florida.

Ubacat said

I’m in Canada so can’t help there but you can always do a search on Steepster for any places nearby. As for online places, I’ve mostly done Canadian so far. Do you have a Whole Foods nearby? They carry Tealish and Rishi Teas here in Canada and I’ve gotten some good rooibos teas from both of those companies. Lemon Meringue from Tealish is one of my favs. Rishi has a great Earl Grey Rooibos and Blueberry rooibos.

What kind of rooibos you looking for?

For blends, since you are in Florida, how about Steep City Teas? They are out of Miami I believe

Upton has a big selection and you can purchase samples of various rooibos teas and blends to try before getting larger sizes.

New Mexico Tea Company has a really good vanilla rooibos, and the caramel one is nice too. If you like dessert teas, try Della Terra.

Excelsior said

It depends on if you life unflavored Rooibos. I especially enjoyed the unflavored green Rooibos from Upton.

Nina’s Paris has a location in Miami as well, and they offer a variety of rooibos blends based on the zodiac.

This is the best price for rooibos I’ve seen anywhere. I have both of them and they’re great (I always add flavors to them though).

And they have great flavored ones on and if you want I can get you a $5 coupon :P

Clam Strip said

Thanks for all the replies for now I’ll probably go with Adagio. If it isn’t any trouble, i’d love a coupon!

Ok. Here’s the code: 4468772387, but they always expire in 24 hours, so if you want to ask again when you’re ready to purchase, that’s fine with me :)

Oh and by the way, I personally recommend Green Rooibos Bonita as the best flavor! :)

Clam Strip said

Thanks a lot!

No problem!

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