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Contest - We're Having a Baby and you get the presents! - Unfortunate News!

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February 2 is my guess.

As far as names go, my favorite boy’s name has always been Sebastian. My hubby hates this name (my daughters hate it too). Although I don’t know how well it would go with Ethan.

For girls: I love Paisley… and if we get lucky enough to get pregnant again and have a girl I’m really going to be pushing the name Paisley. I also like the names Xanthe and Thistle. Hubby dislikes all these names. So far, the only one he does like that I’ve mentioned is Burgundy.

Yeah, hubby doesn’t like that boys name either and Paisley is growing on me a bit.

Meghann M said

Paisley is a cute girls name!

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TeaParT said

Congrats! My boys were always early so I’ll go with Jan. 13th.

pst Morgana also guessed that date

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Meghann M said

Congratulations! I’m enjoying reading this thread as my hubby and I are just starting to try and get pregnant.

Thank you and good luck. It will be an amazing journey for you both.

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One more week and I should have some answers. Can’t wait. :-) Next, is it a boy or a girl?

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-Jessica- said

Congrats! 2/23 is my guess ;-)

Girl name – Aubry
Boys middle name – Bryson

Cofftea said

Oh if only my ex wasn’t named Bryan. I really like Bryson.

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oh and for names, some of my co-workers who i really like the names:
F: Sumita (Sumi), Mitzi
M: Daniel, Noah

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Congratulations! Babies are such a joy and blessing :)

Due date guess: 1/23

Girl names: Amethyst, Honor, Michelle, Elizabeth

Boy names: Mikel (pronounced with a short i), Travis, Alexis (also works for girls)

My oldest daughter’s name is Amethyst. :)

I remember you mentioning that, it’s a beautiful name :)

Thank you very much. As beautiful a name as Amethyst Skye is – and it is very beautiful – she is even more beautiful… both inside and out. I am extraordinarily proud of the young woman she’s become. She’s amazing.

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Hopefully only two more days until I get more information. Cant wait. Thanks to all that have submitted so far and let me tell you if I have another girl I am kinda leaning towards Skye for a name if the hubby agrees. Thanks for the suggest LiberTeas. :o)

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I’ll guess: Feb. 19, 2011

as far as names:

for girls: Hayley, Grace, and Ella ( my great grandmothers name :) )
boy:Ethan Jay, Ethan James, Ethan Alexander.

Hope it’s okay to have included more than one name option! I can never decide upon just one, I can imagine how hard that has to be!

I like Ethan James too.

Cofftea said

I always wanted twins Ella and Emma. And I love Ella Fitzgerald.

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Sorry everyone still don’t know what is happening after my appointment this week. Looks like you all have more time to guess I should know something next week or at the latest 2 weeks from now. Just having issues with getting viable images right now. Thanks for your patience.

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