Lala said

Great Canadian Travelling Tea Box - Round 3 - Sign ups CLOSED - June 2014

This is the third round of this box. The plan is to keep circulating the box through like one constant swap.

This round will be open to approx. 12 people. Those who participated in Rounds 1 and 2 will have first dibs on participating in this round. Others can join in depending on space available. (The reason for limiting the number to 12 is to make sure the box does not get lost, to keep the box weight relatively small, and to ensure we can continuing sending it out for future rounds).

Here are those that are participating in this round so far. I sent the box out on June 5, 2014:

Jewelled Thumb US (honourary Canadian)(Received June 16)
Whatshesaid NB (opted out)
Christina ON
Variatea ON
AshleyElizabeth BC
Jillian BC
Kirlika AB
Dexter MB
Ubacat ON
Calla ON
Sil ON
me (Lala)SK
Here’s how it works:
You get the box in the mail.
Drink as much or as little of the tea as you like. You can take out tea and keep for later to sample.
Replace the amount of tea that you took.
Send it on to the next person.
Once it makes it back to me, we can send it out again on another round.

For all participants and anyone interested in participating, PLEASE READ these rules:

-This is a Canadian travelling box. At this time we have enough Canadian participants. We will not be shipping internationally (except to those who have participated in previous rounds) unless we need more participants.

- New participants must have some activity and history on steepster.

-You will be required to pay for postage when you send the box out. It is not mandatory, but would be beneficial to send the travelling box with a tracking number in case it gets lost. In the first round, shipping was between $9 -15 depending on the weight on the box.

-Please try to replace what you took out, considering quality, price, weight.

-Try not to keep the box for longer than ONE WEEK. (This is not a set timeline, however we would like to keep the box moving in a fairly timely and efficient manner). Please keep the thread updated when you receive the box and when you are sending it out. You can remove teas/samples to try at a later date if needed.

-Follow the people who are before and after you in the list so you can PM about addresses and such.

-Please label all the teas with your name, the tea name and the tea company. If you can add recommended steeping parameters, that would be great.

-Please make sure to package teas appropriately so that strongly scented teas do not contaminate the other teas, and so that no teas escape and wander the box while in the mail.

- Please replace the box if it becomes damaged.

- There will be a small notebook in the tea box. Please update the book with which teas you took out and which teas you added. REMEMBER to keep the book in the tea box so the next participant can update it.

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Lala said

So signs ups are open!! Anyone interested please post on this thread. Please note – signing up does NOT guarantee a spot in the box.

Those who participated in round 1 will be given priority over others.

We will work on determining the order of people as we get everyone signed up. I have the requests from some of you from the other thread.

Christina said

I definitely want to take part if there are any spaces left over. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

vc said

I am in BC and would love to join! I’m fairly new here so I would totally understand if I don’t get picked. Also travelling now and won’t be back in Canada for about 3 weeks.

Lala said

Hey vc, I know you may be away. Can you follow me so we can discuss the box. Thanks.

vc said

Done! Sorry replies are a bit slow at the moment because I’m in a totally different time zone.

Lala said

Just bumping this to see if anyone else is interested.

I’d love to join!

Ubacat said

I’d love to join too!

Sammerz314 said

GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, just felt like spitting that out lol)

Lala said

Are you interesting in the box, or just the Habs!?! :)

Not a habs fan…lol! :-)

Sil select said

just in case…yes still interested. I’m a little insane at the moment but still happy to go round and round and round again…

Lala said

You are already on the list :P

Jillian said

I’d like to join if there’s still space.

Lala said

Hi all,
I have closed sign ups. I think we should be able to include everyone so far. I am just waiting to hear back from Janelle to see if she wants to participate in this round.

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