Skysamurai said

Small Big traveling Tea Box - US only for now (In hiatus - waiting)

If you’ve ever been apart of a traveling tea box or traded tea with someone you know it’s addicting. It’s so addicting that I decided to make a box! This is a small box with a lot of tea! For US only for now. I want to send it to other countries but it’s expensive.

We will fill 20 spots and send it out once the list has been organized.

I’ve posted some guidelines below for those of you who have never done a traveling box before.
- No tins in the box unless the person you are sending it on to next has requested them
- Try to keep it no longer then 1 weeks
- Make sure to follow the person before and after you so you can contact each other.
- If the box becomes damaged please make sure to replace it with a new one.
- If you are pregnant or nursing let me know! I just had a baby and if you have any tea related questions I can help out
- Please try to keep things labeled. Name and brand at least
- Take out and sample whatever you want just remember to put in some for the next people.
- If you think I should add something to these guidelines let me know

1. EvaGrimm – Washington (has enjoyed)
2. albertocanfly – Washington (has enjoyed)
3. Flyawaybirdie – California (has enjoyed)
4. TraceyC – California (has enjoyed)
5. T(e)ARDIS – Arizona

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Grrrlhowdy said

I would love to join! I’m new and in NC.
Did you mean to say “try NOT to keep it longer than 2 weeks”?

Skysamurai said

Will add u as number 1. Did the way i word it sound weird?

Grrrlhowdy said

No, sorry — I didn’t see the word “no.” :)

Ost said

I’ll join! I live in California!

lolainred said

yep, tea box addicted. I’ll join. I’m in Tennessee

Skysamurai said

Think I’ll add names to the list as people ask to be added and then will rearrange the order once the thread is closed to make for closer shipping for everyone.
Sound okay?

carol who said

I’d love to sign up. I have been enjoying swapping and TTB so much!!!! :D I’m in Illinois.

Arshness said

Me please! Alabama! I can’t wait to do more TTBs :D

I’d like to sign up too, if it’s alright! (New York)

I would like to join! I’m in California!

Me, please!! Washington State!


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