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Japenese green tea

Would like to buy Japenese green tea for my brother who is very ill. The good
fresh teas with the highest antitoxants are very expensive. Are there cheaper
fresh green tea available?

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Cofftea said

You must check out www.denstea.com! If you are a 1st time customer they even have a sampler that’s either free w/ a $15 purchase or $3 w/ a purchase < $15 and a coupon for $3 off your next order. All their steeped teas are AMAZING (use the code FLAVOR10 for 15 percent off flavored senchas- I’ve only tried apple and it’s WONDERFUL, but I want to get rose and pineapple too), but I suggest also getting him some matcha which would be easy for him to prepare (or have someone do it for him)- and matcha has as much antioxidents and other health benefits as 10 cups of green tea.

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Don’t get fooled into thinking the more you pay, the healthier the tea.
The higher prices are for tea enthusiasts who want something really superb, or uncommon… or something they can just brag about having bought and drank.

A $4 sencha is as good a $20 sencha if you’re looking at it from a health angle.

If you’re looking for anti-oxidants, though, you should be going with White tea. While green tea is still a good idea, if your brother is on meds, I know it can mess with some medications, – in old people at least. (Don’t know why.) But, more the point, white tea has a higher amount of anti-oxidants due to a lack of processing that green tea goes through.
It can be more expensive, because it’s less common, but you can still find some less expensive ones, and they are pretty often flavored.

Cofftea said

You have a point- but matcha still has more than white tea. There really isn’t a green tea w/ more antioxidents though- although I’d assume a lower quality one would loose antioxidents more quickly. I suggest going w/ a company, like Den’s, that deals exlusively in Japanese greens- or at least greens in general. Direct shipping from Japan would help you get the freshest (which is a factor in quality) tea possible.

Cofftea said

Just thought of this- speaking of the white tea vs. matcha point… Muzi Tea has a stone ground white tea so you’re consuming the entire leaf just like matcha. But all tea is REALLY good for you, so just find something he likes:)

Matcha is kind of a trump card in the health department…
Really interested in trying White matcha, though. I usually stray from larger tea companies for the more unique stuff, though – maybe I’ll come across it someday in a specialty tea shop, and be get my anti-oxidant on hardcore.

Cofftea said

And white tea helps lower body temp too! I couldn’t afford it this year, but next year it’s gonna be my summer matcha.

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I too would recommend visiting Den’s Tea. They’ve exceptionally good tea at affordable prices.

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Hi Aliceinwonderland,

Please check out this website: http://www.groundgreentea.com/about_us.htm
This lady’s husband drank ground Sencha, and it helped him recover from cancer.

Anyway, it’s not like ground Sencha is a miracle cure, but you will get high quality from a company like this or Den’s Tea who directly import, and also low prices.

Cofftea said

Ground any tea (I prefer matcha, but dying to try white) will automatically have MUCH more antioxidants than it’s steeped and decanted counter part. And I’m not all that sold on one type of tea having more antioxidants to make a huge difference than another type.

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thanks for the info everyone. Cute baby. I have a grandson born 5/13/2010 my one and only. missed my birthday by one day.

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chajin said


It seems to me that the greatest concentration of polyphenols will contain powdered sencha sencha or fukamushi whose leaves absorb more sunlight. As we know, contains the most catechins sencha with all types of teas, as the sun’s rays are responsible for the concentration of catechins in the leaves: more light = more catechin in the leaf. I therefore consider that the most abundant catechin above (especially EGCG) should be sencha from the south of Japan due to the uniqueness of the local microclimate. Sencha from Kagoshima or Kumamoto is the best in terms of health characteristics, but this is just my own theory.


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