Dave said

How to make a bad green tea drinkable

So I bought some sencha a while back before I knew much about tea (not that I really know anything now) and now that I’ve tried Den’s Tea’s Sencha Fuku-Midori, I can hardly stand the old stuff I bought! It was stored improperly at the shop, (in giant clear glass containers), and seems to generally be bottom of the barrel stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this tea a bit more drinkable (short of dumping a bucket of sugar in it to disguise how awful it is)? In future, I won’t be buying any, but I don’t just want to chuck what I’ve got in the bin.

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Cofftea said

It depends on what grade of sencha it is- use the corresponding Den’s Tea’s suggested steeping parameters for the grade and adjust from there. If it is a Chinese Sencha, I would still suggest using Japanese steeping paramters. I’d start w/ regular grade sencha parameters and if that doesn’t work, pick a different one. If you can’t salvage it to your liking- there’s the Take it Away! thread:)

Dave said

Good idea. I’ll try playing with that. I don’t have a ton of it left, maybe half an ounce, so it shouldn’t take long to finish off.

Bad tea makes OK iced tea, doesn’t it?

Cofftea said

No. Bad tea makes bad tea no matter what the temp. Although some teas are better hot than cold or vice versa. But since he found another sencha he likes, I doubt that’s the issue.

But I love the iced green tea you get in 500ml bottles in Japan and Hong Kong. I doubt they’re expensive tea, but they’re so refreshing! :o)

Cofftea said

To each his/her own, but expensive has nothing to do w/ good and inexpensive has nothing to do w/ bad tea.

yssah said

add milk and honey? or brew it with a real strong tea so you get the antioxidants while the taste is masked :)

chadao said

I might recommend using a mortar and pestle to grind it up as matcha, and use it in smoothies, milkshakes, culinary adventures, etc.

Lynxiebrat said

I would suggest combining it with a fruit tea that you like, or using a flavored syrup.

darby select said

I have some lower grade sencha that I’ve been making as iced tea and that works great. You could also try mixing it with another tea – something with citrus? This works for me when I have a tea I don’t like. Sometimes the mix works and sometimes not. One time I did it and ended up liking the blend so I had to buy more! LOL

Half anounce? Dump it. Life’s too short to drink bad tea. As you bring the cup to your lips, the virtue you will feel by using it up and saving money, or “learning your lesson”, will be offset by the bad karma you feel.

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