-Jessica- said

Teavana IS SpecialTeas?!

My friend recently placed an order from SpecialTeas and said that “Teavana” showed up on her receipt! Now, I have heard some rumors that they are “sister” companies and then I have also heard that SpecialTeas is Teavana’s supplier. Does anyone know if either is true?! I am very intrigued! LOL

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Cofftea said

Whoa… sketchy. Will be watching this for info!

-Jessica- said

Oh how I love Google! Check out this post on Tea Chat! Apparently weird quirky things have happened to other people as well! Later in on the post someone talks about their “inside source” and apparently Teavana and SpecialTeas are one in the same!


I read that thread whilst holding my breath in anticipation! Better than a soap opera! Thank you for posting that!

-Jessica- said

Lol no problem! I was quite antsy the whole time as well! hehe

That thread is better than a soap opera…I just love getting to the REAL truth. Nice work Detective Jessica:)

LENA said

Wow…that was interesting! Good to know.

if they are owned by the same company or on in the same they should state it somewhere stating a so and so company. if they do not they may have antitrust issues overtime. depending on how much of the market they own between the two.

-Jessica- said

I am guessing that SpecialTeas is actually Teavana’s supplier? I don’t really know how all of the “business” side of things work so I could be way off! But I assume that Teavana then gets their tea from them under private label? But if you go straight to the supplier and purchase your tea it would be cheaper…which they are slightly cheaper than Teavana…just my theory! haha

Cofftea said

Does SpecialTeas have brick ‘n’ mortar buildings? How does instore Teavana prices compare w/ SpecialTeas?

-Jessica- said

I don’t think SpecialTeas does, I think just online? I assume most people know of Teavana versus SpecialTeas and Teavana stores are everywhere (so it seems anyways) and so people buy from there. I guess SpecialTeas makes their money by selling large quanities at wholesale to other tea companies that are purchasing under private label? I don’t know, like I said I’m not business savvy! Lol

I checked Tevana and they ARE VERY EXPENSIVE $15.00/2oz. I am currently looking for another online tea company. Try Upton Teas. Their prices seems to be very compatiable to Special Teas.

Spot52 select said

I like special teas, their prices are better than Teavana. Teavana is overpriced and low in quality. And yes, Special Teas does do private lable stuff. But they may have been acquired by Teavana. It is very odd to order from the private label group, and get it from one of their clients.

Cofftea said

Price I can see, but unless Teavana massively mishandles the tea quality should be no different. I’ve only had 2 Teavana teas, but they both seemed above average quality even though I only liked 1.

Spot52 select said

True, I did not state that as clearly as I meant to. I think the quality of Teavana tea is not worth their inflated price. Special Teas quality is about right for the quality.

If one of our library scientists (or whatever they’re called in the digital age) has access to a subscription to D&B or Hoover’s the definitive answer may be there. Both companies appear to be privately held, so they’re not required to make public filings, but generally there’s some basic info available in these services even on private companies.

And THIS is exactly why I decided not to do private label with our blends ( http://steepster.com/discuss/738-rebranding-question-would-like-your-input-please ). It just creates consternation and confusion. It’s not fair to the customers. If I want to confuse our customers, I’ll do it by creating an hundred different websites of my own. LOL.


I am glad that you decided to not do private label. I like that I know where I can get your teas. Even if I have to go to 100 different websites to do it.

Lori said

This issue drives mr crazy. On another thread it was decided that Specialteas Almond Cookies , American tea Room’s Brioche, and CA tea house Almond Butter are the same tea…..

Kristin said

I’ve had both SpecialTeas Almond Cookies, and American Tea Room’s Brioche and they are most definitely not the same.

-Jessica- said

Alrighty I have done some comparison on some teas that I like from Teavana and compared the look and ingredients to the SpecialTEAS version so here ya go:

Teavana – Precious White Peach has the EXACT same ingredients as SpecialTEAS – Peach Blossom White Tea. Teavana charges $15 for 2oz and Special TEAS charges $13.70 for 4oz!!! And the tea leaves look the same in both pictures.

Teavana – Earl Grey Creme has this listed as the ingredients: Traditional blend of Earl Grey black tea with bergamot oil, blue cornflowers, vanilla pieces and cream flavoring (dairy-free). While SpecialTEAS – has this listed: Black tea, cornflower petals, flavoring. Now, the leaves look exactly the same and I assume Teavan was just more specific on the “flavoring” than SpecialTEAS? I would need to compare on tastes of the 2 teas side by side. Teavana charges $4.50 per 2oz and SpecialTEAS charges $5.95 per 4oz. (are you seeing a trend on the prices here? hehe).

Teavana – Japanese Wild Cherry has the EXACT same ingredients and look as SpecialTEAS and Teavana charges $5.00 per 2oz while SpecialTEAS charges $6.95 per 4oz.

Teavana – Almond Biscotti has the same EXACT ingredients as SpecialTEAS Almond Cookie (as well as look). Teavana charges $6.00 per 2oz and SpecialTEAS charges $5.95 per 4oz.

Ok, I’m done, but you get the point! Now I haven’t tried any of these side by side to see if they really are the same tea and have the same taste/quality/aroma, but I think I will order a sample of SpecialTEAS Peach Blossom and try it aside my Teavana’s Precious White Peach and see if they are in fact the same and if so I will be ordering my teas from SpecialsTEAS from now on and may only go to Teavana for their blends.

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