To squeeze or not to squeeze, that is the question.

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Cofftea said

Thanks Jason! Working for a tea related company woud be an extra added blessing!:)

kat said

Speaking of squeezing or not, do teabags measure up to the loose leaf taste-wise? I’m curious cuz I dont drink the bags but sometimes there’s some good lookin ones I want to try..I just ass-umed that they were weaker/ less tasty?

Cofftea said

Sometimes weaker, but flatter would be a better word to describe it. The only time I drink prebagged tea is if that’s all they serve when I go out to eat our I see a unique flavor that I just can’t find in loose leaf. If I the portability/ease of a tea bag I use empty ones and fill them w/ my favorite loose leaf teas. I love bringing a bag of chocolate chai or maple sugar to steep in my coffee during Bible study on Sunday mornings before church.

denisend said

I’ve been pretty pleased with the premium pyramid bags (or sachets) from retailers like Lupicia and Harney & Sons. It’s a good combination of portability and flavor.

Cofftea said

Good point denisend. Pyramid bags aren’t bad if that’s your only choice- but a pyramid or even paper bag filter that you can fill w/ your own tea are better IMO. The cheap square (and flat) bags are the ones that I think are really flat… flat bag, flat flavor lol.

Jillian said

Yes I squeeze my teabags, mostly so they’re not a sloppy, wet mess when I take them out.

I also dunk my teabags/tea balls/tea strainer so that I can get as much water flowing through the leaves as I can to maximize the flavour.

rabbysmom said

I’ve been dunking too lately, depending on the bag. Some of them seem to float at the top and that drives me crazy!

Cofftea said
rabbysmom said

Thanks for the link!

Cofftea said

Something I just thought of (drinking a bagged tea from you actually, rabbysmom), does the water trapped in an unsqueezed bag make additional infusions bitter? Or weaker because the liquid inside it continues to steep, sucking the flavor out? Just a thought.

Samantha said

One time I tried to squeeze my tea bag by pushing it against the side of the cup, I knocked the entire thing over…… tea everywhere……..madness!

I’ve squeezed so hard once that I ripped my tea bag…tea leaves in my tea. No Bueno

Keemun said

…one squeezes but never dunks (…in the very rare event of using tea bags)

I don’t dunk, but I squeeze— I am constantly studying or doing homework and want to minimize the possibility of drippage. When using a metal tea strainer, though, I wiggle it gently over the cup to get out any excess water.

Erin said

I never squeeze the bag, just because I don’t want to get my hands wet. But I do kind of smack the bag against the side of the cup to reduce dripping on the way to the compost bin.

Cofftea said

Doesn’t that splash the hot tea up?

Erin said

Nope, I’m careful to smack the bag against only the inside of the cup, but not where there’s tea. Hmm, not sure if I described that right. Picture a cup that’s only about 3/4 full. I smack the bag on the 1/4 of the cup that isn’t full, so it never hits the liquid.

I don’t squeeze. I don’t really dunk either. I do sort of swirl the bag around without lifting it out of the cup sometimes. It makes a pretty trail of darker water that can be interesting to watch through a glass cup.

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