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Sweet green tea.

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Mel said

I’m like you, I try to find teas without having to add extra sugar. I love Green Coconut from teagschwendner. Though is has a very very mild grassyiness, but it has a sweetness to it.

A non green tea that’s sweet is Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy tea. It’s awesome iced.

I am inlove with Orange Blossom from Rishi, it’s lemony and slightly sweet. It’s a Chinese green tea. Also, mint blends with green tea give sweetness, too. I used to love jasmine green tea, but it’s been hard lately trying to find one that isn’t too much jasmine. I find that naturally sweet, too.

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Our loose leaf green teas are not just about the grassy flavors.. I recommend our spring harvest or geisha beauty which is a flavored green tea


If you want we just launched some sampler kits, one of which is a green tea kit for people who are looking for green tea with a twist: http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/gift/green-tea-sampler.html

hope this helps

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Jayscar said

You may also want to try green tea blends. What I mean by that is flavored green tea. I know some companies do great combinations with green tea and mint, lemon or even a fruit. I am personally not crazy about green tea but drink it for health benefits. I love some of Teavana’s blends and then I also once tried this blend from a company called Karma Blends. They apparently have a Tea Kitchen feature where you can custom make your teas. Even though I haven’t tried it yet, it seems pretty cool.

Also, I know how your brew your green tea, makes a huge difference. But I am not at all an expert on this one!

Cofftea said

“Also, I know how your brew your green tea, makes a huge difference. But I am not at all an expert on this one!” Ditto. No matter what some companies tell you, not all greens are created equal and you should not trust the blanket 3min @ 180. Different greens (especially Japanese) require different water volumes, water temps, leaf amounts, and steeping times.

Hblamo said

I will keep that in mind :)

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mariejo71 said

I’m not a big fan of green tea but I find Teavana apricot caramel green tea very very good

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katers said

What about nutty sweet teas? The sushi bar in town serves bagged green tea that is wonderful. I can’t stand Sencha – I despise tasting grass. I am allergic to grass and do not want to be reminded of it when I’m inside away from it and the hives it gives me. But I love bagged green tea. I’ve come to realise it’s the nutty flavor that the bagged green teas I’ve had have in them. It’s earthy, nutty, light – wonderful. I can almost taste it in my jasmine pearl tea, but the jasmine is obviously the dominant flavor there. I can almost taste it in my Ali Shan, but that tea has a world all it’s own.

So where can I find this earthy nutty flavor without everything else attatched?

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