Final Zoomdweebie's CLEARANCE!

I have GOT to clear out the remainder of our Zoomdweebie’s blends. There are some great teas here, you can see some of what we created at

I just need more room for our 52teas, ManTeas and MySweetHoneybush blends. So we are going to make a once in a lifetime deal.

I’m sorry, but this deal is ONLY for our US customers. We’re going to PACK a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box with tea. We estimate we can get AT LEAST TWENTY 2oz. pouches of tea in each box (AT LEAST). There might be some tins in some of them. There might be some 52teas pouches, ManTeas pouches, MySweet Honeybush pouches. There will NOT be any duplicate items.

Twenty two ounce pouches of our tea has a retail value of $100-160. We’re selling each jam-packed box of tea for $49.99 INCLUDING SHIPPING!

I am going to sell twelve of these boxes and ONLY twelve. Get yours NOW.

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Suzi said

So tempting…
I’m on a no-buy restriction at the moment, alas!

Cofftea said

Look at it from how much $ you’ll SAVE, not spend:)

I can’t do it just did the deal from last week. Great offer though, wish I knew about this one first.I think I would have done this first.

Meghann M said

My o my. May just have to cave. Just would have to hide the box under the bed or somewhere. No room in my cupboards. So very tempting!

Cofftea said

That’s what that space under the bed is for!

Caitlin said

This is so awesome! I really want to get this but I don’t think I can justify $50

Caitlin said

I ended up purchasing it!!!! I couldn’t resist the idea of so much different kinds of tea to try! I really shouldn’t have considering I am a poor college student with no job but I am so excited!!!

I am considering it as well… but I’m apprehensive because I’m worried I’m going to get peanut butter teas. LOL BUT… I’m thinking that maybe I can use any of the teas I don’t want as giveaways on the SororiTEA Sisters blog…


I caved. I did it. UGH. I DON’T NEED MORE TEA! Oops… don’t let my hubby see that… I always need more tea. hahaha!

Now, Frank… you better behave yourself… and stop with all this nonsense. No more specials, no more sales… and no more delicious yummy teas for a while. Got that?

I went for it too!!

Caitlin said

I am glad I am not the only one who caved :)

Just curious how many more boxes are left?

Somehow, I missed this. Right now, there are 9 boxes left, but my original post did NOT go out via email to our email subscribers. I just reposted it and it is being delivered to everyone’s email, so I suspect we will be selling the remainder of them shortly. It is an awfully good deal.

Caitlin said

I just got my box! I am so excited! There is so much tea! I got mostly blacks and a few green teas, none of which I have had before so I have lots of new flavors to try. I am steeping my first cup right now. Did anyone else get their box yet?

Cofftea said

Caitlin, I know it would probably take forever to type out- but it would be really cool for everyone to list the teas they got here. It’s easier for the readers than fishing down tasting notes:)

Awesome! I am glad you are excited! We still have some boxes left to sell if anyone else is interested. I really need to move these teas.

Caitlin said

Okay here it goes – the teas I got in the box were:
Fruit Cocktail
Praline Black
Ginger Green
Banana Cheesecake Black
Guava Black
Pumpkin Black
Grapefruit Black
Tropical Punch Black
Raspberry Honey Black
Citrus Spice Black
Tutti Frutti Black
Lemon Black
Cherry Green
Lemon Meringue Black
Apple Black
Key Lime Cheesecake Black
Pecan Black
Honey Black
Key Lime Black
Spearmint Black
Lime Black

Cofftea said

Key Lime Cheesecake black- yum! I bet that’d be great iced! Raspberry honey may also be good both hot and iced. No sugar needed for either- even if you’re used to sweetening them, possibly.

Caitlin said

Yeah I agree. I am excited to try to try those teas!! I am also excited about the guava and pumpkin ones! I never sweeten my tea unless I am making a latte :)

No peanut butter ones! Yay! That’s encouraging… I’m hoping mine won’t have any peanut butter ones either! :)

Cofftea said

I don’t even sweeten them then Caitlin, I had a sweetened chai latte disaster a while ago.

@LiberTEAs, I’m 99.9999999999% positive that I didn’t send out and Peanut Butter teas with the boxes we’ve sent so far.

Oh good… that was the one thing that I was a bit uncertain about when I placed the order. But the deal was so good, I couldn’t pass it up. :)

Cofftea said

If you run into one it should be a pretty easy trade though:)

Well, since I’m splitting the box with TeaEqualsBliss, I’d send her the peanut butter one. :)

I hope mine comes today! I get excited wating on new teas. It will be like christmas in July!!

I did get it!!!! i’ll list what i got here as i’m pulling them out of the box:

Watermelon flavored Green
Maple Blueberry Black
Apple Pie Black
Grapefruit Green
Miriam’s Apple Honey Black
Tutti Fruity Black
Teaberry Black
Lemon Meringue Black
Grapefruit Black
Brandied Apricot Black
Young Hyson Supreme
Watermelon Black
Cheesecake Black
Keylime Cheesecake black
Fruit cocktail green
Brandy black
Champagne black
Lime black
Black Walnut Black
Chocolate Strawberry Black
Anise Black
Thats a lot of tea! I don’t know what to try first

Cofftea said

The BRANDY!:) And then blend the cheesecake black w/ chocolate strawberry… or even the brandy w/ the cheesecake or chocolate strawberry! Do you have a chai you could mix the brandy w/? I’d love to see Frank come out w/ a brandy or whiskey chai!

Funny you should say Brandy, that was the first one i opened to smell!
However I went for the teaberry (yes like the gum), it reminded me of when i was little! I’ll post some tasting notes as soon as it cools a little!

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