Weird email from Misty Peak?

Did anyone else get this today?

Title: Free Pu’er sample and discount code

Then it just has an unsubscribe link, their mailing address and a link to forward to friends. No real content.

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Oorxou select said

I got this too and emailed them about it

Sarsonator said

Can you let us know when you get a reply? I don’t want to bombard them. If you’ve mailed them and can share your response, it would be great!

Oorxou select said

I’ll let you know. Nothing yet

Oorxou select said

They sent out the fixed email:

“we are reaching out to all our previous customers, fans and friends to offer you a coupon for 10% off on your next order of tea. Simply insert “ilovepuer” before checking out.

The first ten people to use the new coupon will also be sent our rolled Puer ball at no cost.

We appreciate your support. Please feel free to share with friends and family."

Frolic select said

Yeah I got it too.

Yup, me as well.

looseTman said


same here, I even unsubscribed by accident.

MzPriss said

Me too

Same with me

boychik said

I got the same email

Cwyn said

Yep same here. All they have left though is Autumn tea, which some feel is better than the spring. The spring was tasty but steeped out rather quickly, IMHO. Love family companies, however.

mrmopar said

I got the same and a "corrected"one. I am not a computer expert either. I am sure I have made many mistakes on this thing.

Cwyn said

Checked my Junk box, I found the first one in my Junk and the second in my regular Inbox.

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