Grandpa style

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Cheri select said

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.

I started out the morning with a high mountain oolong and refilled several times as I was drinking. It was really good this way.

Now I’m trying silver needle.

I should try with a rolled oolong. Thanks for the idea.

=D Honestly at one point or another almost everything I try is brewed this way, except for iced teas. I’ve been really loving Noble Mark this way, it keeps going forever!

Lu an gua pian (melon seed) is also great this way. The large tea leaves unfurl gently, making a nice visual dance in the glass. It holds up well to multiple steepings as well. :-)

Seems a pretty decent way of brewing tea to be honest with you all – simplicity at its best.

Ost said

Yeah, it’s simple and easy. But you can only do it with certain teas, otherwise it tastes horrible.
My dad gave me a tea from China a couple years ago and I tried it grandpa style since that’s always how I steeped my tea. And it tasted horrible. Literally tasted like ink. 0_0
And I tried it again recently, and steeped it for like 4 minutes and it’s a freakin’ awesome oolong. Soo doesn’t really work for everything. xD Wish it did though!

Fresh mint leaves. No chance of overbrewing or getting bitter!

Roughage said

I only really grandpa shengs. The initial steep can blow your socks off, but later ones are really refreshing.

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