Just for Fun: Your top 5 favorite teas!

Try not to overthink it. Just go with your gut instinct and the ones that just keep you coming back for more!

Here are mine:

1. Special Reserve Green Tea – Shang Tea
2. Kenyan Silver Needle – Butiki Teas
3. Jasmine Pearls – (currently the Steepster one, soon to try Teavivre’s)
4. Jin Xuan Dong Ding Oolong – Berylleb King Tea (on eBay)
5. Anxi Benshan Oolong – Enjoying Tea

A few words about each:

1. Incredibly sweet and umami flavors, hint of seaweed, very buttery and brothy and vegetal notes I just can’t quite describe. I joke this is my catnip. I am always impressed no matter how many times I have it. 2012 and 2014 are both incredibly good harvests of this tea, the prior being more rich and buttery, the latter having a bit of a floral character.

2. I didn’t know a white tea could have this much flavor! It tastes like corn on the cob… sweet cream, kettle corn… bananas. It’s an explosion of very fresh light flavors. I can’t drink it without commenting on it.

3. These are so light and crisp and clean tasting. The subtle jasmine tastes like bubble gum to me and I love it.

4. This tea smells like peaches and cream, and is still the creamiest tasting Jin Xuan I’ve had.

5. This unsung oolong hero is only 7 dollars for 4 ounces last I ordered it, and it is truly what I’d call a comfort tea. Despite that its flavors are light and mellow, it is very complex, and every steeping offers something different. Lightly roasted sunflower seeds, cream, green leaves, red berries, flowers, and soy milk are all there among other interesting notes. I could drink this tea every day, and what’s great is that with the low price I really could.

What are your favorite 5 teas???

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boychik said

Ok, i had to consult my cupboard:
1. Shou or sheng(day or night)
2. Nahorhabi Full Leaf Assam – Harney &Sons
3. Special Dark – Mandala
4. Zhu Rong Yunnan Black – Verdant
5. Yunnan Dian Hong Golden Tip – Teavivre

Our tastes seem to be on opposite ends of the tea scale! Hehe. But I am getting the Special Dark in Mandala’s Puer sampler really soon so I’m very excited for that. :D

Yum, I love the Dian Hong Golden Tip too. Delicious bready amazingness! <3

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yyz said

Difficult, and I can’t really narrow it down. I have more Chinese teas but my three most drunk black teas are probably.

Flowery orange pekoe, Lopchu Darjeeling
Borsapori Estate Assam. Capital Tea Ltd.
Lumbini Estate Ceylon Capital Tea Ltd.

My favourite greens are Rizhao green teas
And I love my emei shan Mao feng jasmine tea.

Although I have more green Oolong’s my most memerorable ones are an Osmanthus Dancong from King’s Zen tea
And rou gui
I adore the Fengqing silver needles from Yunnan Sourcing

As far as Chinese blacks, that is too difficult, my preference vary depending on my mood. I admire teas from Rizhao, and have spent time tracking sdown specific Fujian teas, and enjoy many Yunnan’s.

Dexter said

I agree too hard to narrow it down. I’m not even going to try. 50, I could give you about 50 of my fav teas.
That’s a nice list!!!

yyz said

My actual favourites list would probably be closer to that too:). My most drunk vs most memorable would probably be different lists as well.

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1. Chinese black
2. Taiwan oolong
3. Flavoured black
4. Flavoured oolong
5. Japanese green

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Was that only four months ago? That list could use a tweaking.

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mj said

1. Ailaoshan Black- Whispering Pines
2. Rivendell (TGY + Vanilla + Cedar)- Whispering Pines
3. The Jabberwocky ( Fujian Black Tea, Ailaoshan Black Tea, Wild Arbor Yunnan Black Tea blend) – Whispering PInes
4. White Rhino (Kenyan White Tea)- Butiki
5. Yunnan Silver Needle- Whispering PInes

Yes, I’m a Whispering Pines fangirl. Also, five is too few! I only have one oolong on that list and I’m obsessed with oolongs.

White Rhino is pretty awesome. I’m glad to see that some of the things people responded with are ones I’ve had the chance to try. I hear too many good things about Whispering Pines. I really need to try them!

mj said

Yes, you do! You’ll be so much poorer though lol. I can’t stop ordering!

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Not in any order.

1) Jin Jun Mei – Yezi. My tasting notes explains all. Still favorite Chinese black tea.
2) Golden Kenya – Upton Tea Imports. Best African black I’ve had so far.
3) Sencha Fuka-midori – Den’s Tea
4) Gui Fei Oolong – Green Terrace Teas. Impossibly fruity goodness.
5) Laoshan Village Chai – Verdant. BEST. MALASA CHAI BLEND. EVAR.

Ohmygawd… the Gui Fei from Green Terrace Teas IS incredible. It is still on my list of things I need to buy. I had a sample during their opening samples-for-reviews promotion. luckily I still have the coupon whenever I can afford some.

Also I am seeing a TON of Laoshan teas on these lists. I’m not even sure if I’ve had one from there!

Once my hiatus is over I need to buy more. They’re offering a great discount!

I love Laoshan Village Chai because it has such different ingredients than those from general recipes. So it taste different. And brewed with the stove-top method – heaven in winter.

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Anlina said

Oh, just 5? Off the top of my head and at this moment, I’d say (in no particular order)

1. London Fog Rooibos – Cornelia Bean
It tastes like a London Fog, without the sugar, dairy or caffeine. Very full mouth flavour. Just amazing.

2. Six Summits Oolong – Teavana
Earthy and raspberry but without any fruit tartness to take away from the earthyness of the oolong.

3. Raspberry Honey Black – Metropolitan Tea Co.
All the flavours are distinctive and beautifully balanced.

4. Spring White Pearls – DAVID’s Tea
Incredible honey notes that were completely unexpected and made me fall in love.

5. Jade Dew Gyokuro – Cornelia Bean
UMAMI. Earth, seaweed, vegetal, buttery. Complex and nuanced.

Dexter said

London Fog Rooibos – don’t think I’ve had that one. Interesting.
I normally just buy fruit tisanes from Cornelia – love their tisanes. Maybe it’s time to explore further….

Anlina said

Definitely worth a try. I was taken by surprise by just how good it is.

I need to try more of their fruit tisanes. I usually end up with a lot of greens and blacks when I go in there.

Dexter said

Dragonberry is my favorite, but any of the “pear garden” ones are really good. I adore cold steeped fruit tisanes a iced tea in the summer and Cornelia’s never seem to disappoint. :))

Anlina said

Oh I do love a good dragon fruit tea. Is it similar to Teavana’s Dragonfruit Devotion?

I keep skipping over the pear garden ones for some reason, even though they all sound delicious.

Dexter said

I’m not really a Teavana fan, so I can’t comment, but it’s 100 times better than Davids Magic Dragon IMHO. :))

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