Searching for Black/Red Tea Swap partner

Over the last 6 months of being on Steepster, I’ve seen this pattern I’ve started to run:
1. I buy a tea.
2. I either love it or hate it
3. If I love it, I immediately buy more in case “they run out”.
4. If I hate it, it sits there…or I try to get my husband to drink it
5. I try more tea.
6. I find teas I like better than the ones that I bought more of in case “they run out”. Then they sit there….and mock me.
7 I want to try more tea, but I feel guilty cuz i have so much DANG tea!

SO, I am now officially looking for a partner or two to swap tea with. I drink black tea. Low astringency. Not usually flavored. I’ve been exploring Yunnan Sourcing and they have about 7 teas I’d love to try…. I also have some blacks that I’d be willing to share….. anyone out there be interested in being a tea dance partner for awhile? Let me know!

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boychik said

I may be interested. Send me PM which YS you’d like to try. I’ll check if I have those. I would be available after Labor Day

I will do…. I’m not in a hurry…

Nicole said

Ooo… I’d be interested but looking at your cupboard it looks like our tastes are so similar we wouldn’t have much to swap that the other one didn’t already have! ;)

well, i love/hate that comment! :)

boychik said

If we have similar taste it’s even better cause we can place join orders. Less tea less ship charges. My recent experience join order Tao Tea Leaf Marzipan organized was AWESOME

Nicole said

I like that idea. :)

covers ears LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

But seriously, let me know if you guys do a joint YS order. I’ll break hiatus for that and that alone. ;)

cookies said

+1 to all of the above.

I’ll join the joint YS order!

Yaaaaaay! There is tea strength in numbers!

Sil select said

Sounds like you need a variation on the travelling box that Terri, tastybrew and I do. Instead of a swap, we buy teas we want to try and split them across the three of us. EG. I’ll buy two teas at roughly 2 ounces each, my two teas are split giving a half ounce each to Terri and tasty brew….my round of tea box, I put those in and I’m pulling out 2 ounces of tea but across 4 teas ( 2 from Terri and 2 from tasty brew..) which means in one round we’re all getting to try 6 new teas.

We limited it to unflavoured blacks, and it gives us a chance to pick up teas from companies we’re not sure about, which may not sell small sample sizes. It also means 2 other ppl are getting to share the same teas, and explore things together. We started out with 4 in ether box but someone had to drop, so it’s just the three of us…and we’ve been doing it more than a year now. It’s a lot of fun!

hmmmmm…worthy of some thought! I just ordered my favorite black blend from Canton Tea Co, and got enough to share this way if there were any folks who would prefer this….thoughts?

I would definitely be interested, but I need to get my cupboard under control first. :P

Jude said

That is a great idea. I like trying unflavored blacks, especially, but also looking for good greens, oolongs and puerhs and it’d be way more fun and economical to not go it alone :)

Nicole said

Same as Cameron. I’d definitely be interested but I really shouldn’t until next month. :)

Ubacat said

OMG, what a great idea. If only I could find some for green tea! :-)

yyz said

Put up a note for it. I’m sure you’d find some partners!

Ubacat said

Whoops. Just seeing this now. Thanks yyz. I may try that.

Boychik, how exactly did the Tao Tea Leaf joint order work?

boychik said

It was fabulous. All of us sent orders to Marzipan. She placed an order and told us how much each person should pay. My order was around $40 plus let’s say $3 for ship(15: 4) then when she got it she mailed it to everybody and I paid for the ship. My order was the biggest out of all ppl. So basically I saved like 50% on ship with the join order.
At that time I really didn’t know what other ppl ordered. It would make sense to split large amounts. Again most of my order was Yancha( several different ). Amazing quality. I don’t think anybody else ordered Yancha based on their reviews. But black teas, yeah, we had to split. I’ll do it 100% again when next time comes. I heard its around the Christmas/New Year. We have yyz and TTF, and Dexter big fans. They will let us know when the sale will be. I’m counting on you guys. I need my fix;)

Ps It was unexpected unplanned order. If we going to plan it, it will be much better savings

Seems like a YS group order may be possible! Question to all: are you thinking or ordering your own packets of tea, or would you want to split the 50g/100g and try more tea? Just trying to get an idea of what people are thinking….

There are some teas that I know I like that I’ll want 50g of, but there are also others I’m curious about that I would love to split a 50g pack with someone. :)

cookies said

Maybe we should start a group PM with everyone who is interested so we can list the teas we’re thinking about? I’d be down to split some black teas.

Nicole said

I’m the same as Cameron B. Some that I know I want more of but I’d also be happy to split stuff since I don’t need 50g more of anything right now. :)

You can check out my cupboard if you like. I’m currently very slooooooow about sending stuff, but it will eventually get there.

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