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Cofftea said

Replacement Scale Recommendations

My mom accidentally broke my scale so I want to do some research and get some recs before I tell mom which one I want. What I’m looking for:

under $20 including shipping

At least .01g sensitivity- .001g would be nice

Tare Mode

If weight is needed to calibrate, weight included or price of weight purchased separetely and scale (including both shipping charges) less than $20 a plus

My old one was a flat pocket scale, but a teaspoon style would be nice- not only to find the density of a tsp of various teas, but also for ease of travel since I take all my tea stuff with me no matter where I go. I will probably end up getting both a flat pocket scale and a tsp scale since weighing whites using a tsp scale would be a major PITB)

Please post links below- thanks!

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Cofftea said

Wow no suggestions yet. I just found this one from UTI


and inspite of it figuring on a 2.25g/6oz cuppa and it being REALLY expensive… I love the cupweight feature! Any other scales that have a cupweight feature… preferably for a 3/8oz cuppa or (better yet) a choice between the 2? I’d rather not have to do math lol.

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i’ve used ebay and had good luck there – so many choices!

Cofftea said

I have a complete aversion to ebay. IDKY but it scares me. And even if I did do ebay it definitely wouldn’t be an auction. Thanks for the suggestion, it’s my fault it won’t work lol.

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Meghann M said

thinkgeek had a cool measuring spoon one, there was a link a while back. But it was over $20. Closer to $30 when shipped, and not sure how sensitive it would go.

Cofftea said

Hehe if you read the body you’ll see that I mention it and also the need for a flat scale:)

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Dan said

I got mine for $10 and I guess you get what you pay for. Mine works fine but you have to replace the batteries every 2 weeks which cost $6. I need to find one that lasts longer.

Cofftea said

Yeah I definitely do not want a scale that would double in cost due to batteries in less than. And for as much use as my old one got, I bet the batteries wouldn’t last 2 weeks in that scale for me. One of my life ottos is to to get the most bang for my buck not necessarily taking the cheapest way out. Anything that I buy that isn’t quality is a waste of money for me and I do not have money to waste. I’d rather invest a little more into a quality product.

You can’t use rechargeable batteries for this?

Dan said

It uses watch batteries. I need to find one that uses AA or AAA batteries so I can recharge or purchase an expensive one that the batteries last longer. Any suggestions?

Oh… I see. I didn’t realize what size batteries it uses… Since just about everything in this house seems to operate on AA or AAA batteries, I just assumed that the scale would also. Sorry about that!

Since I am not in to scales (I religiously avoid such gadgetry!) I can’t help you. :( Sorry.

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