What do you collect that is Tea inspired

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Rijje said

I have one book in danish from A.C.Perch, “From leaf to tea” , it’s a coffeetablebook…
I work in a bookstore yet I find it hard to find good teabooks that’s not too snobby or just mere “catalogs” called books. I would collect books about the subject if I could find something good enough ;)

Yarnarian said

“But despite this my home is not cluttered at all, just pretty.” A neat house is the sign of a sick mind. Not that I would say anything too nasty. Just a little bit nasty.

I like cups, mugs, pots, whatever. But for me, the rule is that they have to be usable. If I can’t use them, I don’t buy them. But then, you are neat, and I’m not. So you have pretty stuff, and I have entirely too much stuff.

Linda said

Hey, listen you Yarnarian you!!! If you have stuff I want then you can send it to me and you can put yarn in it too. That’s it I have to start collecting tea colored yarn. You have to dye yarn inspired by tea.

Rijje said

Yarnarian, “just a little bit nasty” is nasty enough.
Please keep the tone light, no? There has to be space enough for all of us, with all our preference and opinions.

Linda said

Rijje, it’s ok she is never nasty to me or anyone else for that matter. Let me introduce you to my real live sister. She just teases me cause my home is neat and her’s isn’t. That’s this week next week it could be the other way around. And she is a real tea lover and an all around wonderful person.

Rijje said

Okay, Linda. It’s just that there has been some discussions gone wild.
I guess I am getting touchy ;)

chana said

I love collecting mugs, I have them in all shapes and sizes from all over the world. My tea pot collection is also growing, to my partner’s dismay. I have several one-cup cup and pot sets. I have a good collection of tins too. My tea collections and my knitting collections tend to get mixed up! Many of my favourite tea mugs have knitting or sheep-y themes (see profile pic). I have a teapot-shaped tape measure for my knitting, and teapot stitchmarkers.

(Add me to the group with entirely too much stuff and nowhere to keep it…)

Linda said

well I for one do know what you mean. Tea and all things tea in almost every room and yarn and yarn and yarn everywhere, but I use crochet hooks. (check out Ravelry.com) I am there and so is the Yarnarian.

Tea cups for me – and I’m a real snob about it too – Shelley, Adderly, .. no run of the mill Royal Vales for me, UNLESS they have thistles on them. AND they can’t cost me more than $5. A little obsessive, I know, but part of the fun is the hunt, finding the great deal.
I do use mine whenever I can, partly because I enjoy handling them.
My local tea room, AntiquiTeas in Londonderry, NH, uses fine china teacups for serving. When I go there, I like to wander amongst the tables enjoying the beautiful tea cups, and choose my seat depending on which cup I want to drink from that visit.

PeteG said

Tea shirts, books, mugs/cups, hats, pictures, tea, tea and more tea…I have red rose miniture tea pots, did I say tea?

i guess i can say silly mugs :) i used to drive a ford taurus so my friend got me a “soccer mom” mug last christmas, and i like to get a mug from every fun place i go to…i also have my prized Lion King mug i bought off EBay last year…im bidding on another one right now thats clear glass with Simba on it :) soon i plan on making my own in the pottery class im taking next semester

~lauren. said

I tend to be a ‘collector’ — you know, books, ipods, flashlights, yup, you name it, if I like it, I want to buy not one but many of whatever it is, so I have to be extra vigilant not to collect things — if I am not careful, 10 years from now, you will see me featured on that new tv show called “hoarders” ! However, isn’t tea a good thing? (oh oh, I can see rationalization and justification happening here as I type …) I just bought 4 books on tea & afternoon tea & recipes yesterday night.

teaINfuse said

I collect the wrapper paper that is around tea bag.. i plan someday to do something great with them. maybe some art , I was thinking of making a tea rack and decoupage the wrappers on it to hold my jugs of loose leaf teas and mugs and brewers

Mel said

I collect teapots and weird cups. My cat likes breaking cups, so I back as back up. I have bought all of them at thrift stores, which makes it a fun treasure hunt.

Teapots. I started out with one green Chatsford teapot. That soon found its way into Mrawlins2 home. I replaced it with a yellow Chatsford which I use daily. I have a white teapot with red little teapots all over it from England. Very cute. I have a houhin. I had a gaiwan, it now lives with Mrawlins2. I have a red beehouse (I don’ use it much because of the filter: it gets too hot to remove from the pot and it is too short for the pot) I have a teapot that matches my china. I have a little white stumpy teapot that dates back to the 50’s. All of my teapots are small except for my china teapot and the teapot I bought from World Market with a matching cup. I use the cup all the time, love the design and the way that cup feels in my hand. I have never used that teapot though …too big!
My other favorite tea possession is my tea cup that I got at a thift store for $1. This is my favorite cup, I use it daily. And TEA! right now my tea cabinet it full to the brim. I have never had this much tea on hand at any one time in my entire tea drinking career!

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