What is your tea of choice for night time?

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spohkh said

I have a bit of a formula. If I absolutely have to be to bed at a decent hour, I have whatever tea is available, but before I floss and brush my teeth I drink Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra…again this is only if I’ve a reason to get to sleep.

denisend said

I generally drink an herbal tisane, recently Adagio’s Sour Apple.

I really like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra at night with rock sugar.

AllanK said

I find peppermint tea good at night. No caffeine.

Zack S. said

My staple was Lavender Chamomile from Butiki. Now that they’ve closed up, I’m looking for a good place to buy organic chamomile from, and then I’ll just blend lavender into it myself.

I also LOVE Orzo Caramel and Honey from Lupicia. It gives me that strong, dark, roasty coffee flavor without even being coffee flavored. I’ve tried a lot of coffee-flavored teas and the best is this one that isn’t even trying to be coffee!

Houjicha is essentially caffeine-free, or very relatively close to it. Incredibly roasty flavor, basically the epitome of it. I’m currently trying to blend some chopped vanilla beans into a Houjicha and so far its very promising!

I’m also trying out various fruity herbal teas as well… hoping to find a staple but its hard because so many fruity herbals are just awful for one reason or another. Right now I’m liking Dragonfruit Devotion by Teavana. Despite their sickening sales tactics, they do have a couple good teas. I’m open to other fruity tea suggestions, comment if you have one that you love =)

Dragonfruit Devotion is probably my favorite tea! For bedtime, I sometimes use a cup of Tranquil Dream from Teavana, as well.

I don’t have any problem falling asleep, even if I drink a tippy black tea. Only espresso can keep me up. But… blech.
When I do drink herbals a night, I go for:
1. Hojicha
2. Sleepytime Extra – Celestial Seasonings
3. Chamomile Vanilla – The Tea Guys. I want to blend this myself sometime! It’s only three ingredients, and I love love love it!

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