Favorite Tea Books?

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PeteG said

One I enjoy reading is ‘the tea drinker’s handbook’. Lot’s of info, beautiful pics and pictures of TEA!

IdentiTEA said

+1 I LOVE this book!!

I have this book as well, excellent book, perhaps one of the best on Tea.

Janefan said

Tea & Taste: The Visual Language of Tea http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0764319590/ref=oss_T15_product

This is a beautiful book that covers the history of tea in art – mainly the decorative arts of teapots, tea chests, tables, teapots, etc. but also painting as well. The painting on the cover is my new favorite!

Heyes said

The Story of Tea
A Cultural History and Drinking Guide
Mary Lou Heiss
Robert J. Heiss

(I also buy my tea from them)

Marlena said

All the tea in China, Tea lover’s companion, Roy Fong’s new book, The story of tea, Liquid Jade, one whose title I don’t remember about the clipper ships – Running her eastward down? French Tea. And a bunch of little recipe books for teas. I like www.alibris.com when I am looking for used tea books.

Cofftea said

Does anyone have any suggestions on books on teawares other thanvA Cultural History and Drinking Guide (which I haven’t read but sounds like it might be what I’m looking for) ? I’d like to learn about what teaware is traditionally used to prepare what teas and how. Learning about Japanese teas has me really into preparing teas authentically based on where they come from and how they’re drank there.

rabbysmom said

Went to the library yesterday and checked out Tea Chings The Tea and Herb Companion by the Republic of Tea people. So far it’s really good. Can’t wait to read more!


Cofftea said
tease said

Personally, I love The Tea Companion, by Jane Pettigrew. Lots of visuals, a slim handy reference size, and quick to navigate. I have the old printing, which I prefer, but the new one is available here:


If you haven’t read it already, Kakuzo Okakura’s The Book of Tea is amusing in translation for its historical but flowery style, and contains some interesting tidbits about tea preparation, the philosophy behind it (particularly in Japan), and tea’s historical roots (at least from his perspective). Plus, you can get it for free:


This also looks like a lovely little thing to own!


PeteG said

A new book coming out in March I have not purchased it as of yet but it looks very interesting. It is called: Cha Dao – The Way of Tea, Tea as a Way of Life. Written by Solala Towler www.singing-dragon.com – I will purchase and let you know my opinion in the future.

Garrett said

I like this thread… gives me a chance to learn more about teas….

A book I currently have and really enjoy is “New Tastes in Green Tea” by Matsuko Tokunaga (foreword by Jane Pettigrew). It’s a nice book, goes over the history of tea, main types of tea, cultivation, tea utensils, useful tips, tea blends, health benefits, and recipes for cooking with green tea…


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