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...Catnip tea?

My friend, she grows catnip for some reason. Her cat doesn’t dig it too much. She offered me some, though I don’t got a cat. I accepted it of course – always got room for another free something.
Now the question – could I infuse this stuff (after properly drying if need be), or is it going to sit in the back of my car until I accidentally leave a window open one night and wake up to a new occupation as a stray feline chauffeur?

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VegTea said

I love catnip! It has a subtle, sweet minty flavor. It is good blended with chamomile, or other mints.

BTW, it doesn’t have the same effect on humans as it does on cats. :)

Do I need to do anything with it, or should I just drop into into an infuser?

VegTea said

Nope, just put it in the infuser. For dried catnip, I use about 1 tsp per 8 oz water. If you have fresh, you’ll need more – a good handful, probably. You don’t really need to worry about oversteeping, but 5 minutes is a good steeping time.

Catnip is supposed to have some health benefits – reducing fevers, or aiding digestion, or something. But I only drink it for the flavor.

Really… Well, good to know! Thanks.

I think I’ll keep some around for befriending stray cats.

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My wife tried that once. Made her sick.

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Serena said

Catnip makes lovely tea — if you have fresh, use it fresh. Think the stomach-settling properties of mint, without the dominance of menthol. It’s woodsier though, which is why some of the people here might not like it. I thrive on it :)

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