Unintentionally HYSTERICAL reviews of ManTeas teas

You have to see these. My favorite line: “I hate this tea. I’m going to go throw it out and brush my teeth.”

I almost hurt myself laughing.


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Spot52 select said

Why does the video run, for over a minute, while she ads milk and sugar? Weird. It is fun to see how repulsed she is with the tea.

She’s going to add milk and sugar. The video is still running. It just freezes for a bit. Odd, but it does pick up again.

Too funny :-). Did anyone else notice that the tea was making her sweat at least I think it was. Nevertheless, funny stuff.

Tea-Guy said


ssajami said


Jason admin said

“marginally less horrendous” is a great description :D

Yes. I loved that too!

What’s really funny is I posted this on our ManTeas Facebook Page and one of our followers immediately commented, “Now I HAVE to try those.” LOL.

Cofftea said

LOL! I’m the same way. I often think “There is NO way a tea can be that bad… I need to try it!”

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