K S said

Your daily go to tea

What tea do you drink most each day?

For me, it is Ahmad Tea, Earl Grey Green. I buy it by the pound, loose – or by the case, bagged.

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Cofftea said

I have 2. Matcha (twice daily- once hot as long as weather permits, and once w/ my OJ) and Mayan Chocolate Chai (I buy it by the pound) which I have w/ milk either hot or cold.

K S said

Mayan Chocolate Chai sounds very tasty as long as it isn’t peppery.

Cofftea said

There are pink peppercorns in it, but by far most of the pepperyness comes from the cayenne pepper. It’s funny, I don’t like things w/ too much black pepper, but I really like cayenne.:)

Carolyn said

Alas, my daily go-to tea was The Simple Leaf’s Dawn, which is now apparently defunct. So I am now going from tea to tea. Happily my Sinharaja arrived a few moments ago so I’ll be able to go back to that for a while. It used to be my go-to tea before Dawn arrived in my life.

Cofftea said

Thank you for getting me hooked on one of my daily go to teas!=D

Carolyn said

Glad you liked it. It overpowered me.

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K S said

I recently tried Twinings English Afternoon – which is Ceylon and Keemun blend. It was surprisingly good. The Keemun was quite sweet and had a fruitiness about it, almost apple like to my senses.

LauraR said

Right now it is probably Teas Etc Golden Monkey. But it changes periodically. A few weeks ago, I was drinking 52teas Strawberry Zabaglione.

Upton’s Organic China Black FOP.

I usually pick one tea for the day and make as many infusions as i can… especially since i drink tea after 7pm.

right now, my go-to tea is Da Hong Pao by harney & son. I’m running low and need to restock is so i’ve been using Teavana’s Body + Mind instead.

Cofftea said

Kathryn Ann- have you tried ManTeas’ Beer Tea? I can get 12! Pu erhs may be good for you as well.

12 cups out of a black tea? that’s crazy :) I’m not a huge black tea drinker though, and i’ve actually never had a pu erh tea before…. Usually if i can get like 3~4 infusions out of tea leaves thats enough for me.

Cofftea said

Kathryn Ann- that’s the thing. Aside from chais or dessert teas, I don’t like blacks either… but this stuff is amazing- you should at least check out my tasting notes on it. Since you aren’t a black tea person I’d suggest a sheng pu erh vs. shu.

Clair2727 said

I have 2. My go-to morning tea is Black Silk from Element Tea. It is so smooth and gets me going in the morning. My go-to afternoon tea is Pink Sonoma, also from Element Tea. Can you tell I like Element Tea? The Pink Sonoma is just a refreshing and delicious white tea that I love drinking around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Of course, I drink lots of different teas in between. :)

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