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Revival Tea

So, I’m having a lady over for tea and things today, and as such I’ve taken the time to clean up my bedroom/tearoom. In the process, I realized how long it’s been since I really sat down with a simple gaiwan, making infusion after infusion…
So, I figure, as my life is starting to pick up from a bit of a ditch, my tea passion should as well – It’s been replaced in the past several months by rather unfortunate alternatives.

Now, you guys:
What do you think is a good “revival” tea?
I want answers based on FEELING. None of that science/logic nonsense. I don’t want to hear “well, blah blah has a high caffeine level…” or “blee bloop has been proven to…”

I’m not really looking for an “answer” here, more so some insight for me to chew on.

Thanks, all.

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Cofftea said

Matcha or pu erh- I’d personally choose sheng.

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Spot52 select said

Black Dragon Pearls make me feel fine
a quality ginseng oolong

Cofftea said

I don’t care for BD pearls but I will say any rolled, curled, twisted, or blooming tea is very fun to watch and a great choice.

I’d have to disagree about blooming teas…
Fun to watch, yes, but taste wise… I’ve never had a good tasting experience with blooming tea.
Good for entertaining guests, but I don’t keep them onhand because I never drink them myself – I’m happy enough watching leaves dance in a glass gaiwan

Cofftea said

Sad! They should be just as yummy as they are gorgeous. :( I’ve only had one, but it was good.

Spot52 select said

Sadly I concur on the bloomin teas.

Well, you gotta make sacrifices – Quality costs more, and (as for my experience) you can’t combine hand-crafted, blooming beauty and good taste.

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hmmm, comfort tea.

Something that hits deep and strong. For me its all about the strength of the flavor, my favorite teas are not delicate ones. For this, it might mean a strong puerh, but rinsing the tea strikes me as ritualistic, something I’m not into. For a more resolute revival, I need simplicity, because I don’t want to focus on the tea, I want to focus on the moment. That said, a strong, maltym blended Assam would be best for me.

The blended tea that is often sold as an East Frisian (drunk without the cream though) blend, would be good for me.

But generally, an Assam-based tea, brewed up dark, full and rich is the kind of thing that I need for that. It has substance and is substantial – I don’t want delicate. I want strength. Just the sort of thing that kind of moment calls for.

Leafbox Tea

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If you’re trying to revive your passion for tea, you should simply pick an old favorite. Looking at your tasting notes, some of your highest scores have gone to decent oolongs. Maybe start there?

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gmathis said

I’ll throw my hat into the dark and strong camp. Good Assam or English Breakfast.

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IdentiTEA said

I would suggest a jasmine green… and not the artificially flavored crap, I mean green tea infused with real jasmine using the layering method.

My reason for that is, to me, jasmine green has always made me feel “renewed” after drinking a cup. It is more about the scent than the flavor. It is rather hard to describe… like after a tea session with jasmine I want to say “alright, let’s do this!”

I was going to say a really good jasmine too. Jasmine makes me happy! It’s one of those teas that people usually love or hate though. If jasmine is not a tea you usually like, I would say an oolong like an oriental beauty. It tastes like sunshine, honey, flowers and happiness to me!

Spot52 select said

Summer Breeze
Makes me feel fine
Blowin through the jasmine in my mind

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Caitlin said

A really good chai – something with tons of flavor!

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Good, aged, pu erh brewed deep red, and paired with meditation. Try our level one (of depths of consciousness) “Romance” – http://www.cloudwalkerteas.com/product/PUR-004

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My morning mate or new zealand oolong!

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I decided to go with Oolong… my heartland of tea.
I used expensive stuff and I made it taste terrible, but that was to be expected. My tearoom gets a bit upset with me when I neglect her…
Getting back into the swing, though. It’s a nice alternative to coffee and cigarettes.

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