MarshalN said

Gongfu style options

New here, just exploring the site atm, and have a few thoughts.

I drink tea gongfu style, which means very short steeps and lots of leaves, which also means that

1) The “steeping time” function on a tea is pretty useless, because the minimum is 15 seconds. Since I steep my tea multiple times in any given session and the times will vary, is there a possibility of having a “gongfu style brewing” checkbox and dispense with the steep time that way?

2) Ditto for water temp, which sometimes changes as I make my tea.

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That’s a great idea… I have begun to embrace gongfu style brewing for my Oolongs in particular.

Cofftea said

For different reasons, I have similar requests. I suggest posting your idea in this thread.

I feel such functions are hard to set up though (or maybe those high tech guys can figure it out in a whistle). Besides, there is the tea/water ratio. I followed someone’s way of putting down additional parameters at the end of the tealog. But I often forget to do it.

Cofftea said

Just empty field boxes would work ___g tea ___oz/ml (check box here to distinguish which) water at ___degrees (then a check box for F or C) for ___min ___sec infusion number ___

MarshalN said

Or, without going into the infusion by infusion detail (which I will not bother to keep track of) just have it say “gongfu style” with a link to a page that explains what it is.

Cofftea said

I don’t think that would be used by enough of Steepsterites to be worth implimenting… but I could definitely be wrong about that.

MarshalN said

Fair enough, but then, without it nobody would know whether it’d be used or not….

Oh well

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