Spirals said

Glass Tea Pot

Our glass tea pot, which was supposed to be made of heat resistant borosilicate glass, got a crack in it about a month ago (during a brew) – and finally bit the dust this morning. :-(

We really like the glass teapot, because we got great infusion with it and would like to find another one that is more durable.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better glass teapot?

Thanks in advance!

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IdentiTEA said

Sorry about your tea pot, Spirals :(

I am very interested in any recommendations for a glass teapot, as well. I am in the market for one, but haven’t found any that I liked mostly because I am wanting one that only holds a cup or two… not 4-6 cups like the ones I am finding.

LauraR said

I have had a one-cup teapot with matching cup for about a yr and holding. It is from JING and I think they have some larger options as well.

Cofftea said
Caitlin said

That teapot is super neat looking!

I don’t generally use glass teapots – I prefer ceramic. But, I wanted to ask you, do you pre-heat your teapot? (Or, perhaps it’s better to ask – DID you pre-heat your teapot?)

Spirals said

I wish I could earburn DGAllen and get him over here to answer your question! :-) He’s the brew master. My best guess is…maybe? I know that he preheats our mugs/cups… Would that be an issue with borosilicate glass?

I am not familiar with borosilicate glass at all, because as I said, I don’t use glass. But, I am thinking that it could possibly be the cause of it breaking… I cracked a lovely ceramic teapot by not preheating it and have since learned not pour boiling water into the teapot without having first preheaing it.

I wish you luck in finding just the right teapot!

Caitlin said

I got this teapot and tea set:http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002T1TUHC/ref=mp_s_a_7?qid=1284497011&sr=8-7 from woot in April I think and I love it!! So far it had held up very nicely. It holds 40oz but you could probably make as little as 20. It’s also easy to clean and the tea it comes with is fun :). The only problem I have encountered is removing the infuser without burning myself but there is a whole thread devoted to that so it’s probably not a problem unique to this teapot.

I have the glass teapot from Dr. Tea’s.
I really like this pot for these reasons:
1.simple design, the belly is large enough for the leaves to fully unfurl
2.no need for an infuser basket—it does take a while to decant as Cofftea has commented on before
3.dishwasher safe
4.size about 14 ounces
5.price $13.99

Cofftea said

I would DEFINTELY suggest getting a pot w/ a filter at the top or neck of the pot. I do; however, have problems w/ getting it to drain completely and because of the extra effort that takes, the cover often falls off creating a big mess. If you ever would want to microwave the water, this pot can not go in the microwave due to the metal at the top inspite of it saying right on the pot that the only heat that it is made for is microwave… which means you’d need to heat your water in something else… an extra step that some people don’t want.

Editing because what I wrote no longer pertains to the comment. :)

Cofftea said

I have not found that, but it’s a moot point as this pot does not use a filter basket. I was quite confused til I reread my post. I mistakenly used the word infuser instead of filter. OOPS! Sorry. I’ll edit it now. I have been warned myself not to tell people how to steep their tea.

Spirals said

OMG that tea pot is awesome!

ETA: tea in front of pot

Cofftea said

Another thing about the pot- it is not actually black. Well I’ve been told the have 3 colors (one of which is black). You can not pick your color when you order it. I’ve ordered 2 (broke my 1st one) and the cover and handle of both were blaze orange like the “rate it” button on their website. Just a heads up if you loath orange as much as I do.

Cofftea said

It also just occured to me that you contradict yourself LiberTEAS since you yourself want a Breville One Touch which has a basket.

There is no contridiction, because the Breville is a different beast from a teapot with an infuser basket.

The teapot’s infuser basket (I am speaking of most infuser baskets I’ve encountered) are rather small and do not immerse themselves into the water to allow the tea leaves to properly unfurl.

The large basket of the breville immerses itself into the water, which allows better contact of water to leaf. And the large basket allows for the leaves to unfurl.

The problem is not with “infusers” but with the size of them and their ability to have proper contact with the hot water to allow for proper infusion.

Cofftea said

A small amound of small sized leaves (like herbals, blacks and most greens) can be submerged in the water, but yes- they do crowd easily. I agree.

And space is the issue when it comes to infuser baskets, or any infusers for that matter. With the Breville, this doesn’t appear to be much of an issue because the size of the basket will allow for proper room to infuse. The infuser baskets that come with most tea pots do not.

Yes, infuser baskets are easier. I’ll be the first to admit that. However, I think that you’ll get a better pot of tea if you don’t use them. That’s all I’m saying.

Spirals said

DGAllen just informed me that the pot is too small for us…but I love orange…so that wouldn’t be an issue for me :-P

LauraR said

I was just noticing that the Exotic Teapot has some interesting glass teapots…


Bird Pick has some really cute glass teapots. They use infuser baskets, which I don’t like so much, but I think that they’re some of the prettiest pots I’ve seen.


Caitlin said

I adore the Morimasa Maru Teapot it is so cool looking!!

Jenny said

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