Best travel tea thermos with infuser?

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Zen Tea said

How about this unique and practical tea travel mug from Japan? It’s not know to Norh American market, but it’ll be popular in the future. This travel mug prevent over-steeping just by turning over the travel mug with unique hour glass style design.

I’ve been linking that to my husband for a few months now because I want that travel mug so bad for christmas!

the one I use now is similar, and I love it.
Also a Japanese design

ashmanra said

Very cool!

teafargo said

I bought a GREAT travel tea mug in the airport {I think the store was "ARGO"} and promptly left the tumbler in the airplane when I left :( It had a flip on the outside, so that when the tea was steeped, I could flip the plastic handle and the tea lifted out of the water….but you don’t take it out of the cup….hence no dripping water…so it was a great travel mug. NOW….I can’t find it on web anywhere….even looked on argo site. Has anyone seen anything similar???

Teafargo – Was it this one/like this one? –

I recommend Zojirushi’s Travel Mug with Tea Strainer. The mesh size of the strainer is one of the finest I have seen.

Sattva1 said

Can you leave the strainer in the mug and still drink it?

Annie said

I use the Thermos Nissan Tea Tumblr w/ Infuser and it is seriously leak proof, and has a nice sip to it as well :)

good to know. I am considering this for gifting.

Zage select said

Hello! I’m relatively new to tea. Does anyone have any experience with Teavana’s glass tumblers? This one looks gorgeous, but I’m wondering if it is as functional as Libre’s tumbler.

Sattva1 said

Yes – I’m on my 3rd because I broke the first two. They are gorgeous and work great, but be very careful to warm the tumbler up before you pour boiling water in it, and don’t knock it against your sink…

John said

I think any glass one would be prone to break. I got a Stainless steel insulated tumbler from teavana for christmas and its great. It keeps it hot for at least 5hrs.

Katiek said

Dumb question – how does that glass tumbler work? Do you put the tea in the bottom of the tumbler and then use the strainer to strain the tea?

Sattva1 said

Not at all – it’s a “double wall” construction with a mesh strainer that snaps down into the top of the jar (yes, drop the tea leaves in it and then snap the strainer on) – works beautifully and is beautiful – but make sure you warm it up a bit before putting hot water in it and don’t knock it against the side of your sink – they break…

Jeaneeta said

Teavana recalled all those glass tumblers because they break.

ashmanra said

Love my Joemo XL! Great strainer, keeps it hot, hot, hot, and no spill!

Sattva1 said

I now have a variety but the one that is far and away better than any of them is my Zojirushi Stainless Mug:
I put boiled water in it one morning at 9:30 and at 4:30 it was still too hot to drink. I’ve learned that I have have to make the water a drinkable temperature to begin with because it stays the same all day – crazy.
I sent them an email asking them to put a mesh strainer in it so I could use loose tea leaves (like another smaller version they have BUT which doesn’t have sipping top so bad for the car) and they said, naturally, being Zojirushi, they’d work on it. I also asked for a bigger one…

Amariel said

“TassieTeaGirl said 10 months ago
I love my timolino! I got a long handled brush to clean the inside, looks a bit like a feather duster, though with much firmer spokes. Also, the vinegar or bi carb soda approach described above is useful.”

I looked at the previous pages and cannot see where the vinegar or bi carb soda approach is. Can someone redirect me to it? I have had the Timolino for a few weeks now and it is getting funky already, even though I rinse it out after each use, but I can’t seem to figure out cleaning. I have a long glass brush but I am worried it will scratch the interior.

Thanks for any help in advance!

A glass brush should be fine.

When my timolino needs a good clean, I detach the basket and put it in the bottom of the thermos, pour some bi-carb in (no exact amounts, just until the strainer is covered in bicarb. Then I pour in some vinegar (just a little!). I put the sip-top back on the thermos then do the same and put the lid on a leave it for a few hours. Then I give it all a good scrub in hot/boiling water, rinse well to remove all traces of vinegar and bi carb, and its as good as new. I’m a bit lazy about the cleaning, so if you’re doing it frequently, you might only need bicarb or vinegar, not both.

Lala said

I have a tea press travel mug from Starbucks. I love it. It is well insulated, keeps the tea super hot. Made of some kind of metal and the lid has a snap close on it, so it is very sturdy. I use mine for loose leaf tea, although I think it was designed to be used with coffee.

Jeaneeta said

Libre Tea Bottle. It’s clear so you can see the loose leaf tea swirling around. It’s doubled walled: plastic on the outside and glass on the inside. I bought two on sale ($19 each) at Adornments on Queen (downtown Toronto) and my friend wanted to buy it off me :) I just wish I could find the bigger size. If I buy it online, it’s $32 and I have to pay $35 in shipping from the west coast. $70 for a tea bottle is disgusting.

Libre Tea said

Hi Jeaneeta, there must have been an error with the shipping charges in the shopping cart, because shipping to Toronto should be less than $14. Majesteas on Queen St. do have the Libre Larges. The Libre team

Stan said

So, I picked up one of Libre Tea’s bigger (420mL) bottles based on the recommendations from this thread. If you’re thinking about also picking up the bigger bottle… don’t do it! The holes in the mesh strainer are much too big and allows about half of the tea leaves from an English Breakfast through it. I had already noticed this might be a problem in the store when comparing it to that of the smaller size (260mL) bottle, which was much finer. I was assured that it wouldn’t be an issue. Well, it is. Gonna swap for the smaller bottle.

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