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Ricky said
On that note, I'd love a field to specific if the tasting note was drank hot, cold
Jen M said
(sorry, not going through 45 pages of replies), so here it is: the ability to upload photos to our ratings. Like a cup of it steeping, a pic of someone dumping it down the drain, what it looks like cold-steeped, etc.
pafrisoli said
where to buy or price points? (4) Steeping instructions should go with the original tea, rather than the review, no? Also would be nice if you could do multiple instructions - one for hot & one for cold.
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Azzrian said
A little :) Its the cold weather haha!
teapot1 said
I just used a bit of my left over 3 & 4 samples to shake up a cold MC using ice cold almond/coconut milk...It comes out super frothy and TASTY!
teapot1 said
I did a cold sampling this morning using cold
Donna A said
I'll be sending my survey in today. Prepared cold, 3 was probably my favorite, but I actually liked them all. Looking forward to trying them hot.
Donna A said
I totally understand. I have sent back my survey and appreciate the opportunity to try them. I like them prepared cold the best.
Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl said
My survey will hopefully be in end of this week. I caught a cold and my sense of taste is off. Really sucks, especially being a tea blogger!
Cavocorax said
I just received my samples today - I thought I'd do the cold
Claire said
At the risk of sounding dumb, I have never heard of shaking matcha in a water bottle before! Is it as simple as it sounds? Just matcha and cold water?
Jackie T said
too lazy to buy the liter bottles of Polar seltzer that I typically take to work with me so I've been mixing my matcha into my tumbler and drinking that instead...yayyy for more cold matcha!!
Frolic said
I'm drinking #1 cold
Helena said
I posted a thread called Matcha and how to make it. If you guys don't mind posting how you do your matcha (cold
Frolic said
LOL The survey shouldn't take me long to fill out because I've been taking lots of notes. I've finished all the cold
ashmanra said
, the sweet and fruity flavors are fantastic just shaken in a tiny amount of water in a bottle until it is dissolved with no clumps, then fill the rest of the way with cold water and drink. Makes a great boost for a trip to the gym or getting the yard work done!
ashmanra said
, my favorite was Sample C, by a long shot! And I emailed my notes before the big reveal of the cost! It was good whisked in hot water and in a cold
ashmanra said
Thank you for the puerh! I made a pitcher of cold
whatshesaid said
Hello! My matcha latte samples finally arrived today! Matcha smoothies for supper!! I just finished doing the cold
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Lilysmom said
Thanks Stacy. I just got home after a long cold
Butiki Teas said
mylittlegoobi-love the idea of doing something tropical, especially now that is getting pretty cold
Roswell Strange said
I really liked the way that your rhubarb flavouring came out when cold
Butiki Teas said
perfect with a scone. *Smoked Maple Banana*-Our Smoked Maple Banana tea has gentle smoke notes and is lightly malty with a sweet finish. Banana and maple notes meld together perfectly for a tea that brings comfort during a cold
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cookies said
The Tea Spot is having 20% off cold brew filters, cold infusion packets, and steep & go cold brew bottles. Plus 37 teas. Code: summer savings
Cofftea said
From Design A Tea: Spring is here... at least in theory (cold
MelissaTea said
first such offer we’ve seen from Twinings of London. Choose from 16 black teas, five green teas, 10 herbal teas, four decaf teas, five chai teas, three seasonal teas, five cold brew teas, and nine organic teas. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.”
yyz said
this month. I may make another Yunnan sourcing purchase specifically to pick up more of thids white tea. It makes an awesome and very quick and resteepable cold brew.
Dexter said
and good communication in getting the situation resolved. In life shit happens. The true test is how you deal with it. Thank you - good job. I'm excited to try your original and the blends. Hmmmm wondering if cacao cold
Cofftea said
, it would be natural to assume that the best green tea would be that which comes from the first harvest, immediately after it was harvested. In fact, fresh, first harvest green tea is available thorughout the year. Japanese green tea growers have developed methods for cold
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