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Ricky said
On that note, I'd love a field to specific if the tasting note was drank hot, cold
Jen M said
(sorry, not going through 45 pages of replies), so here it is: the ability to upload photos to our ratings. Like a cup of it steeping, a pic of someone dumping it down the drain, what it looks like cold-steeped, etc.
pafrisoli said
where to buy or price points? (4) Steeping instructions should go with the original tea, rather than the review, no? Also would be nice if you could do multiple instructions - one for hot & one for cold.
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Phi said
Box landed. I have a cold
Dr Jim said
teas if you want, but frankly there is a lot of tea in baggies in teh box now. One thing about puerh is that exposure to air isn't all that bad. One could argue that the warm humid air it will be seeing is good for the tea, though the cold, dry airplane air is very bad.
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Misty Peak Teas said
Are people cold-brewing raw Puer these days? Just curious.
Sil said
i like puerh cold brews and puerh lattes :)
Sarsonator said
Oddly, I have cold brewed everything except pu'erh. I'll have to give that a try :)
MzPriss said
I use the leaves after I've steeped to cold brew sometimes
Yang-chu said
"Cold brew" is this what the rest of us call "sun tea?"
Yang-chu said
Please ask, why you say sheng and cold-wet go together?
Sammerz314 said
I've made cold
apt said
i can't imagine raw puerh cold brewed tasting good. ripe, I can understand (although I dislike ripe)
BezoomnyChaiVeck said
Oh, hey! Welcome to the young sheng cold brewing club! :) Fantastic for spring and summer mornings, yum!
Stephanie said
Today I am sipping my first cold brew sheng, 2014 Yiwu Beauty from TeaUrchin. I really dig it! :)
Cwyn said
I bought me a double order, one of the cleanest, clearest cups! I soak the squares in cold water til the kettle boils, two boiling rinses. Fabulous.
Misty Peak Teas said
Anyone ever cold brew Puer? I have had quite a few folks ask about it, and though it may be fun to hear your experiences.
Tea for Me Please - Nicole Martin said
I'm much more of a sheng person but its very cold tonight so I had a craving for shu. I'm drinking 2012 Bulang Gushu from Cirmson Lotus Tea.
Cwyn said
I can see cold brewing used leaves, but I usually would prefer to cold
Yang-chu said
I think a number of us use the spent leaves to cold
Sarsonator said
I haven't cold
sansnipple said
pretty much, the cold dry weather definitely caused all my puerh to go into hibernation, most dramatically with the shengs, but the shus somewhat too, do you not notice any seasonal changes in yours?
Crimson Lotus Tea said
Lamu and I are sampling some 2013 and 2014 Xiagun sheng puerh this afternoon. It's cold and wet in Seattle and this seems fitting. We're finalizing the tasting notes so we can put them on the site.
DarkStar said
Wild Quarter Brick 1990 courtesy of Clean and crisp, hints of sweetness, gentle aged taste, warm and comforting. A very pleasant and relaxing puerh for those cold nights.
Yang-chu said
Thanks for that update. I hear Coors is "cold
TwoDog2 said
Today I was helping a friend nurse a cold
MzPriss said
Bulang Shan trees from O5 Tea. It comes in a little hexagonal coin shape. It's a nice baby shou - quite clean. Very smooth with a mineral bit up front. Moderate relaxing qi. Very nice for a cold weeknight evening.
sansnipple said
Drinking some sweet molassesy 2009 Feng Qing shu, nice and smooth and gently warming on a cold
Cwyn said
I bought this same cake too, based on's recommendation. It just arrived a few days ago, but because of my head cold
Chahai said
Hey all, may the puerh river never dry out in your chahais! It's cold
Yang-chu said
It's been doggone hot here in EL Ei, so I've been making cold
CherryJam said
Mrmopar - I will have to drink it again now that I'm getting over my cold
TwoDog2 said
up the remains of a 2000 shu from yesterday before I head into a heavy day of taste testing. On the playbill today: 2003 Shu Cake 2002 Shu Brick 2008 Mini Shu Cake 2007 Qian Jia Zhai Raw More shu than I normally drink in a day, but with the cold weather, it seems like a good choice.
Cwyn said
2013 Wild Purple Dehong brick from YS after storing it up in a jar. I really like this leaf processed as a black tea, which I bought on the U.S. site. This brick has a similar flavor but more of a drain cleaner, paid for it today with cold
sansnipple said
seem to have lost nearly all of my (previously ravenous) desire for shu lately just as the weather warmed and spring/summer arrived, so I guess shu/ripe puerh is more of a seasonal cold
Bonnie said
taste steeps 3-5 (usually the best). Another method thats fast is a finum and mug. Puerh in the finum and lift it from the mug when steep time is done. BTW spent leaves make good cold brewed tea.
sansnipple said
tastes of Yunnan Sourcing 2012 Wuliang cake, so far its just sort of light and floral and grassy. I just got it and the cake has no scent at all leading me to believe that It's currently dormant (probably from the cold
Stephanie said
So I've got a cold
jschergen said
the years to not damage the original character. Agree on them being cheaper. The other thing that really intrigues me is the possibility of aging oolongs in the west where our cold and dry climate can be used to our advantage.
Cwyn said
only because it is a bit of history, when CNNP made better tea than today. Spicy notes on the first few cups, pretty aged out, really nowhere to go with this aging-wise. I'm lucky to have got so many good aged teas lately, makes the cold winter more bearable for sure!
Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl said
some surprise coffee notes in early steepings. A couple steepings in, a nice creamy texture showed up making me lips feel nice, haha! I got 5 steepings in to discover a nice woody sap sweetness. Cold
Yang-chu said
thoughts. Ripe pu'er is easier on the stomach than the raw. The more bitter varieties possibly better for the heart. It's really going to depend on your constitution. Individuals who run on the cold
mrmopar said
it. Very complex kind of hard to pull individual notes out, but thick and oily and it all seems to work pretty well. i may have some mixed or muted tasting notes on this as I think a cold is
Crimson Lotus Tea said
it is too humid. A lot of very decent tea has been stored in cooler, dryer climates like Kunming. As long as it's not so cold and dry as to kill the tea I believe you will be fine. Foul odors would do more damage in the short term than humidity would.
JC said
have been using unglazed pots for the past 4-5 years and they have been great. Though, you have to keep in mind they also lower the temps a bit, so if it gets too cold
Yang-chu said
, pale beauty but not at the expense of taste. Today a new patient came by, I think she liked tea because she was unusually enthused by a cold
Roughage said
Well, after a two week cold
mrmopar said
a Yunnan Sourcing "Yong De Blue Label" shou. Had this over the course of the last two days. It has been a good cup to come home to after the cold
mrmopar said
almost Lipton like dark. Aroma, a little left of the fermented type. Taste, some wood, a little raisin and almost prune or date in there. Nice and warming on a cold
CherryJam said
lettering on it which says Yunnan Gao Shan Yuan Cha Chu Ping. It is 2006 made by Yun Cha Piao Xiang company. I won't review it just yet (I tried it when I was getting over a cold
mrmopar said
it has stayed true brewing for three days now so it does have some lasting power to it. It is a warming sheng to drink on these cold winter days. I would recommend it if you want a smooth non astringent or smoky offering from Xiaguan.
DigniTea said
by Yunnan Sourcing (still available on both sites, by the way). This one has slowly become a favorite
jschergen said
Huge session today. Recovering from a cold
DigniTea said
with a long lasting aftertaste. There is nothing offensive or off-putting about this fermented tea. This is a great wintertime shou to warm up those cold days. Very aromatic; dark and smooth; deep woodiness; upfront sweet richness which continues throughout the session. I definitely like this tea and look forward to enjoying it many more times.
Yang-chu said
By Chinese medicine standards, sheng is constitutionally cold
MzPriss said
dry. I have the cakes in wooden drawers in a dresser. Although now I'm out of drawer room and they are stacked on top of the dresser. They are in a back bedroom away from kitchen odors. I don't think it will ever get too cold
Phi said
bit fast bc warm liquid on my throat!!!) of Tea Urchin GFZ... since I can't taste right now I wouldn't be using this except my sister was over earlier and I thought she would like it. It's nuts though, even with my cold I
Marcus reed said
Enjoying misty peaks 2013 raw MaoCha on this cold
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yyz said
A different bottle for cold brewing.
Dexter said
*Fairy* - and you have your Mason jar, and really you can cold
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Haveteawilltravel said
Cold brewing is pretty great! I love it during the summer :)
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