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Ricky said
On that note, I'd love a field to specific if the tasting note was drank hot, cold, chilled, sweetened, etc. I drink all my teas hot, but I noticed some people have different preferences.
Jen M said
), so here it is: the ability to upload photos to our ratings. Like a cup of it steeping, a pic of someone dumping it down the drain, what it looks like cold-steeped, etc.
pafrisoli said
would be nice if you could do multiple instructions - one for hot & one for cold.
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AlexaK. said
Leaf's Organic African Nectar. I also kept two of the cold care tea bags and the Teavana
Sarah said
Elder Grove To the freebies bag I added: 1 bag Kusmi Tea Euphoria 1 bag Kusmi Tea Detox 9 bags Gypsy Cold
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pu-erh of the day. Sheng or Shou 1063
sansnipple said
pretty much, the cold dry weather definitely caused all my puerh to go into hibernation
Bonnie said
). Another method thats fast is a finum and mug. Puerh in the finum and lift it from the mug when steep time is done. BTW spent leaves make good cold brewed tea.
sansnipple said
Drinking some sweet molassesy 2009 Feng Qing shu, nice and smooth and gently warming on a cold
Chahai said
Hey all, may the puerh river never dry out in your chahais! It's cold misty morning in the North
sansnipple said
lately just as the weather warmed and spring/summer arrived, so I guess shu/ripe puerh is more of a seasonal cold
mrmopar said
tasting notes on this as I think a cold is coming on. but overall pretty good so far. 15grams in the yixing 1 rinse short 10 second steep. Notes of caramel later on.
sansnipple said
currently dormant (probably from the cold dry weather) and I should give it a month or 2 before trying it again
Awkward Soul said
creamy texture showed up making me lips feel nice, haha! I got 5 steepings in to discover a nice woody sap sweetness. Cold steeping the leaves as I ran out of time
Roughage said
Well, after a two week cold and sinusitis
mrmopar said
two days. It has been a good cup to come home to after the cold weather. This tea seems to be lightly
Yang-chu said
patient came by, I think she liked tea because she was unusually enthused by a cold cup of the first
mrmopar said
have some lasting power to it. It is a warming sheng to drink on these cold
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Flyawaybirdie said
pharmacist. Some people believe that certain ingredients are 'hot' or 'cold' and if you have too much of one or the other
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