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Ricky said
On that note, I'd love a field to specific if the tasting note was drank hot, cold
Jen M said
(sorry, not going through 45 pages of replies), so here it is: the ability to upload photos to our ratings. Like a cup of it steeping, a pic of someone dumping it down the drain, what it looks like cold-steeped, etc.
pafrisoli said
where to buy or price points? (4) Steeping instructions should go with the original tea, rather than the review, no? Also would be nice if you could do multiple instructions - one for hot & one for cold.
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curlygc said
. So is there some timing sweet spot? You don't want to jump on people right away, because it takes time to get going. How old is too old? I guess I don't understand the rule b/c old spam is still spam!
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Mercuryhime said
enjoy all other types and white tea is the only type that effects me this way. It's not all white teas. Some of them give me a mellow buzz. Others make me feel like I just had ten cups of coffee. Cold
The Sheng Olympiad of 2017 36
pu-erh of the day. Sheng or Shou 7112
Misty Peak Teas said
Are people cold-brewing raw Puer these days? Just curious.
Sil said
i like puerh cold brews and puerh lattes :)
SarsyPie said
Oddly, I have cold brewed everything except pu'erh. I'll have to give that a try :)
Myssy said
I use the leaves after I've steeped to cold brew sometimes
Yang-chu said
"Cold brew" is this what the rest of us call "sun tea?"
Yang-chu said
Please ask, why you say sheng and cold-wet go together?
Sammerz314 said
I've made cold
Cwyn said
Finished off cold shou, the boiled leaves from 2004 Jin Hao Feng Huang. Didn't change profile much from hot to cold which is not usually the case with puerh. Very clean tea, glad for the sample.
apt said
i can't imagine raw puerh cold brewed tasting good. ripe, I can understand (although I dislike ripe)
BezoomnyChaiVeck said
Oh, hey! Welcome to the young sheng cold brewing club! :) Fantastic for spring and summer mornings, yum!
Stephanie said
Today I am sipping my first cold brew sheng, 2014 Yiwu Beauty from TeaUrchin. I really dig it! :)
Cwyn said
I bought me a double order, one of the cleanest, clearest cups! I soak the squares in cold water til the kettle boils, two boiling rinses. Fabulous.
Misty Peak Teas said
Anyone ever cold brew Puer? I have had quite a few folks ask about it, and though it may be fun to hear your experiences.
Tea for Me Please - Nicole Martin said
I'm much more of a sheng person but its very cold tonight so I had a craving for shu. I'm drinking 2012 Bulang Gushu from Cirmson Lotus Tea.
Cwyn said
I can see cold brewing used leaves, but I usually would prefer to cold
Yang-chu said
I think a number of us use the spent leaves to cold
Yang-chu said
Yes Terry, body temp definitely factors. A significant part of my practice is just having people stop taking in cold
SarsyPie said
I haven't cold
sansnipple said
pretty much, the cold dry weather definitely caused all my puerh to go into hibernation, most dramatically with the shengs, but the shus somewhat too, do you not notice any seasonal changes in yours?
JC said
What's worse on your opinion? I feel cold and wet weather, my hometown as a kid was covered in mold during winter/early spring. lol. Summer where just heavy, but manageable.
Crimson Lotus Tea said
Lamu and I are sampling some 2013 and 2014 Xiagun sheng puerh this afternoon. It's cold and wet in Seattle and this seems fitting. We're finalizing the tasting notes so we can put them on the site.
DarkStar said
Wild Quarter Brick 1990 courtesy of Clean and crisp, hints of sweetness, gentle aged taste, warm and comforting. A very pleasant and relaxing puerh for those cold nights.
Cwyn said
, so less water getting stagnant inside the jars. We in the west do not have these conditions which is why glazed jars are better for us, to hold in moisture. At cold temps, the fungal and bacterial activity slows, the tea is said to "sleep" in cold temps, which just means the aging process slows down.
Yang-chu said
Thanks for that update. I hear Coors is "cold
Yang-chu said
Sheng cha is cooling. Those with a cooler constitution should be moderate in their consumption of cold
TwoDog2 said
Today I was helping a friend nurse a cold
Myssy said
Bulang Shan trees from O5 Tea. It comes in a little hexagonal coin shape. It's a nice baby shou - quite clean. Very smooth with a mineral bit up front. Moderate relaxing qi. Very nice for a cold weeknight evening.
sansnipple said
Drinking some sweet molassesy 2009 Feng Qing shu, nice and smooth and gently warming on a cold
Cwyn said
I bought this same cake too, based on's recommendation. It just arrived a few days ago, but because of my head cold
curlygc said
2010 Hai Lang Hao "As You Like" Ripe for a cold
Chahai said
Hey all, may the puerh river never dry out in your chahais! It's cold
Yang-chu said
It's been doggone hot here in EL Ei, so I've been making cold
CherryJam said
Mrmopar - I will have to drink it again now that I'm getting over my cold
TwoDog2 said
up the remains of a 2000 shu from yesterday before I head into a heavy day of taste testing. On the playbill today: 2003 Shu Cake 2002 Shu Brick 2008 Mini Shu Cake 2007 Qian Jia Zhai Raw More shu than I normally drink in a day, but with the cold weather, it seems like a good choice.
bef said
Got 2 of these fo Christmas and had a first session this morning. It's really nice, especially during cold
Oolong Owl said
certainly mellowed and I don't remember it being that floral. Tastes certainly change too, the bitterness didn't bother me one bit. Sadly, I couldn't get all the steepings, it was in the high 90sF and it got too hot quickly in the morning. I drank the rest cold brewed and it was very good!
Cwyn said
2013 Wild Purple Dehong brick from YS after storing it up in a jar. I really like this leaf processed as a black tea, which I bought on the U.S. site. This brick has a similar flavor but more of a drain cleaner, paid for it today with cold
sansnipple said
seem to have lost nearly all of my (previously ravenous) desire for shu lately just as the weather warmed and spring/summer arrived, so I guess shu/ripe puerh is more of a seasonal cold
Yang-chu said
like medicinal notes. They're stronger as the tea ages. This tuo is packed perfectly. It was stored with nice humidity. The oxidation is evident. The cold weather seems to have tempered these youngish-old
Bonnie said
taste steeps 3-5 (usually the best). Another method thats fast is a finum and mug. Puerh in the finum and lift it from the mug when steep time is done. BTW spent leaves make good cold brewed tea.
sansnipple said
tastes of Yunnan Sourcing 2012 Wuliang cake, so far its just sort of light and floral and grassy. I just got it and the cake has no scent at all leading me to believe that It's currently dormant (probably from the cold
Stephanie said
So I've got a cold
jschergen said
the years to not damage the original character. Agree on them being cheaper. The other thing that really intrigues me is the possibility of aging oolongs in the west where our cold and dry climate can be used to our advantage.
Cwyn said
it. Because of my very dry house air, the tea dries again in a day, which is fine, I keep brewing away and it doesn't quit. Really like this tea. Alternating it with 2009 CNNP shou, depending on whether I'm cold or in need of a diuretic, in which case I brew the Tuhao.
Cwyn said
only because it is a bit of history, when CNNP made better tea than today. Spicy notes on the first few cups, pretty aged out, really nowhere to go with this aging-wise. I'm lucky to have got so many good aged teas lately, makes the cold winter more bearable for sure!
Fisherman Fizz said
bit more, but the shroom seems like it's way higher quality than what you should be getting from the $30 club fee so I'm really happy with it. I'll see how cold brewing it turns out in the morning. It's pretty scary to break apart though because of the shape and how tightly compressed it is o.o
Cwyn said
inferior by puerh enthusiasts. I come from Eastern European farmers and tailors whose diet is heavy on meat, potatoes and dairy. I see teas like heicha as a balance to this type of diet as is the case for minorities in China territories. It suits my body type, and is warming in cold weather.
Yang-chu said
The '08 Xiaguan Kirin is stellar. It's perfect for those nights that are neither too cold
Oolong Owl said
some surprise coffee notes in early steepings. A couple steepings in, a nice creamy texture showed up making me lips feel nice, haha! I got 5 steepings in to discover a nice woody sap sweetness. Cold
Yang-chu said
thoughts. Ripe pu'er is easier on the stomach than the raw. The more bitter varieties possibly better for the heart. It's really going to depend on your constitution. Individuals who run on the cold
physiognomy said
2002 Xiaguan Baoyan Jincha... This mushroom suits me just right on a (bitterly) cold
mrmopar said
it. Very complex kind of hard to pull individual notes out, but thick and oily and it all seems to work pretty well. i may have some mixed or muted tasting notes on this as I think a cold is
Crimson Lotus Tea said
it is too humid. A lot of very decent tea has been stored in cooler, dryer climates like Kunming. As long as it's not so cold and dry as to kill the tea I believe you will be fine. Foul odors would do more damage in the short term than humidity would.
JC said
have been using unglazed pots for the past 4-5 years and they have been great. Though, you have to keep in mind they also lower the temps a bit, so if it gets too cold
Asaf Mazar said
there are glowing review on the net. Another thing that I feel that I must point out is, people seem to be drinking a lot of new sheng puer teas. This stuff is cold and harsh on the body, affecting more than just the stomach. read this:
Yang-chu said
, pale beauty but not at the expense of taste. Today a new patient came by, I think she liked tea because she was unusually enthused by a cold
Terri HarpLady said
my allergies somewhat. Yang-chu - That's interesting stuff. I'm going to say I probably lean towards a cooler constitution, with my resting heart rate between right around 65, and an average body temp of 97.8 (although that may not factor in). I'm not a big fan of cold
Roughage said
Well, after a two week cold
mrmopar said
a Yunnan Sourcing "Yong De Blue Label" shou. Had this over the course of the last two days. It has been a good cup to come home to after the cold
mrmopar said
almost Lipton like dark. Aroma, a little left of the fermented type. Taste, some wood, a little raisin and almost prune or date in there. Nice and warming on a cold
CherryJam said
lettering on it which says Yunnan Gao Shan Yuan Cha Chu Ping. It is 2006 made by Yun Cha Piao Xiang company. I won't review it just yet (I tried it when I was getting over a cold
mrmopar said
it has stayed true brewing for three days now so it does have some lasting power to it. It is a warming sheng to drink on these cold winter days. I would recommend it if you want a smooth non astringent or smoky offering from Xiaguan.
jschergen said
Huge session today. Recovering from a cold
DigniTea said
by Yunnan Sourcing (still available on both sites, by the way). This one has slowly become a favorite
DigniTea said
with a long lasting aftertaste. There is nothing offensive or off-putting about this fermented tea. This is a great wintertime shou to warm up those cold days. Very aromatic; dark and smooth; deep woodiness; upfront sweet richness which continues throughout the session. I definitely like this tea and look forward to enjoying it many more times.
Yang-chu said
By Chinese medicine standards, sheng is constitutionally cold
Fisherman Fizz said
being. In a couple hours I should get home for work and I'll try a bit of the shroom that came with it. The paper that it came with also suggested to try cold brewing it, and given how hot it's going to be here in Florida I'm really liking that idea.
Myssy said
dry. I have the cakes in wooden drawers in a dresser. Although now I'm out of drawer room and they are stacked on top of the dresser. They are in a back bedroom away from kitchen odors. I don't think it will ever get too cold
Yang-chu said
Shujian Xiaoyao Dan, Wuliang Gushu 8g. Shujian calls their Dragon Pearls Xiaoyao Dan. They're v. tightly rolled, so it takes quite a bit of doing to get them to unfurl. I soaked on for 45 min in cold
Phi said
bit fast bc warm liquid on my throat!!!) of Tea Urchin GFZ... since I can't taste right now I wouldn't be using this except my sister was over earlier and I thought she would like it. It's nuts though, even with my cold I
Rasseru said
2003 xinghai wild elephant valley shou. I started drinking this because, with this cold
mrmopar said
sharpness with a touch of mineral on the front. The front to middle part of the tongue is where this one seems to go. The mineral goes to a sweet finish. It carries through with some camphor and mintiness in there as well. A nice warming tea on a cold
physiognomy said
and tasty options for a change of pace. I grabbed up this sample (maybe 7-8g) from my stash hoping it would fit the bill on a cold
Marcus reed said
Enjoying misty peaks 2013 raw MaoCha on this cold
TeaLife.HK said
in big pots this way. The only tea I never brew this way is high fire oolong, but a lot of people in Hong Kong, Chaozhou and Fujian drink high fire oolongs in big pots every day, so that's merely personal preference. We even get Coca-Cola bottled cold
Rui A. said
idea what sheng I sipped today. As usual, pulled out one of my little packets of tea from the drawer and steeped some leaves. It did look and feel like a 2007/8 old sheng due to the brick like colour of the liquor and its degree of smoothness.
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Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!! 9926
Lariel of Lórien said
Lime Chiffon is delicious cold brewed. ;)
Stephanie said
Poor Jalam tea out in the cold, lol
Roswell Strange said
Ooh! And Boatsman makes for a pretty solid cold brew!
yappychappy said
How much matcha did you use? Hot, warm, or cold water? How long did you whisk?
Lariel of Lórien said
It was even good cold. So I'm trying to brew it that way now.
The Cookie Lady said
hope you end up loving them all! I like Harney & Sons quite a bit but have only tried a couple of these. I've found that Paris is good both hot and cold and that I only like Caribe cold.
Frolic said
Water pitcher and Takeya Flash Chill Tea Maker came from amazon! There will be yummy tea, hot and cold today!
Xxxxx said
Today I got my order from Arbor Teas. I got the large size Cold
TeaLover58 said
Arpt-It's very good! I have a cold and I can still smell the flavor of cake in my house when I make this tea.
~caroline~1 said
Just came home from work with the cold from hell to find my 52teas order has arrived! I want to try everything... Damn you stuffed up nose!
Kamyria said
I hope you feel better soon!! Why not start trying them now... Scare the cold away with a cup of a delicious hot tea. :D
Dinosara said
Yay, new Lupicia iced tea handy cooler (half size). I have the tea sample it came with cold brewing in it now.
boychik said
Got my Davids Tea Boxer sale with teawear. I tried to take off brewing basket of my new Timolino, but couldn't:( Maybe its just too cold.
Oolong Owl said
I have that tumbler, it's amazing! I love it for cold steeps and iced tea
Jackie O said
I am feeling the same way with a cold right now, and it is such a bummer when you can't taste or smell your new teas because of it!
Suziqzer said
I got some samples from Teavivre yesterday that I am looking forward to trying as soon as I get rid of this cold and can taste something. thanks Angel for working with me!
Roswell Strange said
So it's 2AM so technically I received this mail yesterday, but I got more Coconut Grove (and a couple other samples) from the awesome *Whatshesaid*! Excited to get cold brewing!
KiwiDelight said
It's been nearly two years since I've last had it. I've been moving away from flavored teas since then but I hope I still like it. It can't go wrong with cold-brewing for sure.
Dexter said
I'm drinking some of it right now, and I put some in the fridge to cold
LuckyMe said
Yup, this is a great one for cold
KiwiDelight said
Today is overcast and a bit cooler! Yay! (I prefer the cold, haha) I'm curious about this tea and might try it today. I ordered a Ru Kiln cup, and also a test tube steeper.
Dinosara said
My Cadeau Deco Vendome order full of Dammann teas arrived today, and I was thankfully home to sign for it thanks to the bitter cold
cookies said
Oh, that's a fantastic price! I'm going to have to check my Target to see if they have any. I use them for cold brewing too, so ridiculously convenient.
CherryJam said
I have now tried them all except Rooibos chai. Favourite are Paris and Caribe. Bought a tin of Paris, it's divine. Maybe I can go back and get another sample of caribe and try it cold!
Episkey said
my first of two black friday/cyber monday orders from Verdant Tea yesterday. 1995 Aged Tieguanyin from Master Zhang that I'm really looking forward to trying once I've recovered from my cold and a sample of Laoshan Black.
Lily Duckler said
Tea party, Sil! Throw a tea party- it'd be a great excuse to work through the stash :) Big cold
VariaTEA said
Well I walked the 15 minutes in the cold only to be told
Tealizzy said
got my first Tealux order! Really quick too! I totally wasn't expecting it until later this week! Awesome! I also have to say their sample size is great! Looks like between 0.5 to 1 oz. of tea!! I already put my dance with elephants tea in for a cold brew! Can't wait to see how it turns out!!
TheTeaFairy said
Ok, you are too cute and too sweet! I'm waiting for a couple of orders and I braved the cold
T.C. said
my swap/order from Alphakitty today 6oz of Ovation pineapple blueberry green along with samples of watermellon blackberry honeybush, pineapple sencha, buttered cranberry-orange scone, and the ultra rare (have to pry it from her cold dead fingers) sun and cloud mist mmmm
MissB said
last Teavana order took almost a month to get here, and there were zero backordered items on it. When I emailed to ask what was up (the order prior, it took less than a week), they sent me a cold response basically telling me to be patient. Interestingly, the order showed up less than a week after that email.
CWarren said
big box of assorted puerh loveliness from ChaWangShop including a set of four Yunnan Dali Kao Cha Guans. Also some awesome tea from Nepal and Thailand from fellow Tea Chat member Ethan. Cold be gone already, there's tea to be enjoyed and I need my senses back.
TastyBrew said
day for tea mail! I got my butiki order with a bunch of samples to try! And my herbal infusions order. Now if only my cold would go away so I can start trying the new teas. This thing is dragging on fooooorrrrrreeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrr!!!!
Frolic said
going to have to revise my review again or add onto it. The tiny bit of soapy aftertaste was gone after the tea cooled a bit more. It's sooo good. I think I'll either cold brew some or flash chill it.
TastyBrew said
! I'm drinking a TON of tea, but only teas I have a bunch of that i can imagine what they taste like. I don't want my f'd up taste buds to ruin potentially tasty new teas! I'm going to the doctor in a few minutes. Time to get some antibiotics. I swear every cold I ever get ends in a sinus infection.
Stephanie said
I re-stocked Sencha Fuka-Midori, got some Genmaicha extra green, cold
Amaryllis said
some! I think they were on clearance becuase they've had them in our target since October last year and looks like they haven't been selling at all. They really are so convenient. Especially when you want to grab a nice cold
boychik said
got a surprise box from Butiki, but the sender was *TeaTiff*. I'm so overwhelmed,and happy, and high. i dont have right words to say. it was cold
Marzipan said
There was a big midwestern ice storm a few years ago, we didn't have power for a few days and it was super cold
Cwyn said
got a pot I ordered from the Yunnan Sourcing sale, and a pound of organic rooibos from EnjoyingTea. I've never tried rooibos, but they have excellent organic rooibos. My cherry tree is going to have lots of cherries this year so I am thinking of cold
Uniquity said
enjoy hot tea in summer as much as winter, and do feel a bit better about the ambient temperature when I do. I find room temperature drinks more off-putting than truly hot or cold
Emily M said
Dexter said
got my *Verdant* replacement package today - yay finally have Yu Lu Yan Chai!!! Will have to wait for another night though - too sick with a head cold
AllanK said
also got my samples from Nepali Tea Traders and Just Organic Tea Iced Tea Samples. Very excited to start making iced tea. Looks like each sample has enough for one hot brew and one cold
ifjuly said
like 80% of the order was unflavored greens and oolongs, two categories I knew nearly nothing about pre-Steepster (and for the longest time figured I didn't care for--Verdant and Den's taught me otherwise, whee). I've been pretty good too about drinking my bajillion older samples too--cold
Cavocorax said
got an awesome package from *Courtney* with Nina's Paris tea and a fancy sample of WP tea that I was really interested in, AND my tentacle mug from DAVIDs came with the cotton candy rooibos sample - it's cold
Lala said
is a bit different too but I still love it! I just wanted to say kudos to Harney's staff because I was really worried about shipping as well as the cold here up North and that they would break, but the packaging was superb.
ifjuly said
tracking right now aaaand my sent stash is just so sad and small comparatively. She included a thoughtful note explaining why she picked all the (so many!) teas she did to surprise me with. I owe you big Dexter3657! BIG. I was bedridden today so this has turned a disappointing, freezing cold write off of a day into a good one. <3
EveGrimm said
so far. I'm going to send a few out a few samples today, hopefully in time to catch the mailman! The cremes are a nice in-between to start with. It's nice because you can still enjoy them hot, rather than feeling like they always need to be cold
Amaryllis said
case, after debating for literally months about whether I should get more from the anniversary collection. They were at my local target. I would have gotten the other two cases if we had the car. I'm a complete sucker for gorgeous blue glass. I use mason jars to cold
fission___mailed said
this out yesterday and it kept my tea hot for hours!) - 2 mint starry sky tea cups (they were on sale...but now I just need the matching tea pot!) - Samples of Cold 911, Forever Nuts & Toasted Walnut My Adagio Teas order should be coming today... :)
ifjuly said
Lemon French Macaron and the world is a pretty place. I aaaaaaalso got my Red Leaf order today (couldn't resist that Caramel sale), which I'm super excited about even though matcha and I have a relationship that seems to run rather hot and cold
LuckyMe said
is to let them sit at room temperature for several hours after removing from the fridge. I follow Hojo's recommendation and leave the tea out for 24-48 hours before opening: "When the bag is withdrawn from the fridge, it is cold
KittyLovesTea said
be :D Plus a bonus of this being Yixing. Thinking of seasoning this with Oolong as it usually tastes great hot, warm or cold
Hillel said
tea I’ve had recently) 2013 Dehong Mao Cha 2013 Daxue Five Century Raw Pu’er 200g cake Morning Sun Black White Night I also got a pu’er pick and Garret was kind enough to include samples of 2014 Temple Stairs mini-tuochas and 2014 Jing Mai Shan Wild. Rainy cold
Two4Tea said
they had their free shipping promo... Very impressed with the speed of delivery (USPS 2-day!) and the care they took with packaging it and the presentation... Got samples of Goji pop, strawberry rhubarb parfait (plan to ice these, too) and Cold
Random said
. Any ideas? I'll have to try it out Monday morning. I've got a rule, no caffeine on Sundays. I've a sleep disorder and its better to start the week on as good of footing as I can get. Pity really as its cold
Suziqzer said
for my son to try, but I had no idea she was sending it already.. and with team of extras that she knew I'd love to try. Thanks again! What a great tea day! I'm just getting near finishing taxes and getting over this crazy cold
ifjuly said
been missing for ages, partly 'cause my schedule and free time's been thrown out of whack due to my husband being between jobs right now and home a lot, and partly because it's hot summertime and i'm just being boring with my cold
Ubacat said
I don't know how the Dan Cong is. I'm so anxious to try but am sick with a cold
Kat said
me feel sad I'm not drinking real tea. I think maybe if I choose flavors I associate with teas, chai, earl gray, lemon, etc, maybe I can find some things. I've noticed since I've been drinking more tea since it got cold
madametj said
use. The initial seasoning is just supposed to help the pot not "steal" too much flavor from your tea during the first few weeks of use. What I do is pretty much: 1. Rinse out the teapot with cold
Beorhthraefn said
exactly like an expensive pastry, with notes of almond and cinnamon. Their Nirvana is a nice, fruity green, and the taste seems to get clearer and cleaner after the first steep. I usually cold
Amaryllis said
leak. If I tighten the top and leave it for an hour or too it'll create a vacuum affect that seals everything in pretty tight. But thing that has something to do with the cold
ifjuly said
too via UPS. i've wanted to try their bohea for ages and it finally went back in stock, and boychik got me fixated on the nahorhabi full leaf assam so there's that too. so much delicious tea, it motivates me to kick this cold's butt so i can enjoy it by the weekend!
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