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Found this tea and had to try it as an iced tea. When it arrived I opened it to spell the dried tea leaves and felt like I was in a Peach orchard. Brewed my first batch and tried it hot because I could not wait to taste the peaches, was disappointed. Then I wanted for it to cool down. After loading a tall glass with ice and trying it cold I was well pleased with the flavor profile. The mix of malty black tea and peaches made one of my favorite new iced tea for summer. I would highly recommend it for a backyard B-B-Q.

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drank Constant Comment by Bigelow
43 tasting notes

Found this tea very refreshing. Have not had this in ages great for a brisk June morning in Michigan.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Tetley
43 tasting notes

Tetley, loose leaf orange pekoe. This is my go to get you butt out the door morning cup. I brew it up nice and strong with a splash of milk. Two of these cups make the start of a great day.

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Not a bad tea. Do love a black tea for breakfast. Found I really like this, has a slightly smoky flavor with hits of malt.

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Found this to have a nice balance, the rose flavor was balance with the black tea so you could taste everything. Love this as a hot tea. Found it was not good over ice. Overall a great tasting tea to have with cake or cookies.

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drank Ginger Peach by Adagio Teas
43 tasting notes

Of all places to find this was my local supermarket. I’m always on the lookout for something new. Found this tea setting on the shelf. Picked it up got all excited thinking it was loose leaf. To my surprise when I got it home and opened it found they were the pyramid style tea bags.

Brewed it up anyway and found it to be quite good. Very peachy with a hint of ginger. Even though it was bone chilling cold outside I could picture myself on a hot summers day cooling down with a tall glass of iced Ginger Peach Tea. Made the day feel so much warmer.

Read some of the other reviews and many stated that the ginger taste came though more strongly than the peach. I found just the opposite. Maybe there is a differance between the loose leaf and the pyramid tea bags. Something maybe worth checking out. Hmmmmm.

200 °F / 93 °C

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drank Golden Monkey by Adagio Teas
43 tasting notes

Loved this tea, will need to get more. When I opened the bag the aroma hitting my nose was one of carmels. Could not wait to brew this one and take my first sip. I was not disappointed. The flavor was smooth with no bitter after taste. This tea is worthy of a place in the tea cupboard.

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drank Rooibos by Adagio Teas
43 tasting notes

With the nights getting a little cooler…Ok it’s more like chillier. I refuse to turn the furnace on unless it get to bone chilling level…

Focus now, lets talk about tea. With fall in the air I have been reaching for more warm things to drink in the evening. Rooibos seems to fit the bill. Being caffeine free I do not have any sleepless nights.

Usually I reach for the flavored Rooibos, but last night I found a sample of Rooibos in my cupboard, decided to give it a try. Boy was I surprized, this is one of my favorites.

When the hot water hit the leaves the aroma was one of a fresh cut hay field. The sweet grassy aroma took me back in time.

The taste was even better, (it didn’t taste like hay) it was sweet and fruity . A pleasure to drink. Tried it without agave first, then later added it to compare. With or without it was still good.

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I love chocolate so when I read that this had hints of cocoa, had to try it. Was not disappointed. Adding a bit of Agave only made it better. Makes a great morning brew, starting the day off right.

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