I picked up 4oz of this a few months ago and even though I’m already halfway through the tin, I’m not sure how to review it! It’s not that I’m unsure of my opinion, oh no; it’s just that this tea is so, so perfect for me that I don’t think I could talk about it in a way that’s useful to the general public.

So I’ll say this: if you are like me and love cherries, chocolate, and sparkly things, you need this tea.

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Quick summary of ratings:

90s: Outstanding, I always want to have some of this on hand (though I really can’t afford having all of my favorite all of the time, haha)!
80s: Very good, there are some minor improvements I would make but overall I love it.
70s: Good, I might buy myself more of this someday but it’s not a priority.
60s: All right, I’m glad I got to give this a try but when it’s gone it’s gone.
50s: Not so great, I can drink this when I just really want tea.
40s and below: Various levels of dislike to hate. It just depends on how gross I think it is.



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