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I didn’t write it down, but if I were to guess, I think this sample was from Ost. It’s definitely one I got from the Xmas Cards swap.

A full nutty flavor with a sweet finish. Honestly I’ve never had much in the way of chestnuts. I tend to avoid water chestnuts in stir fry at any cost, but I think the idea would be regular or roasted chestnuts. At least those sound more appealing. I like it, the little white bit in the tea was weird, but I’m guessing that was a chestnut piece… I hope.

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From Veronica, from the Xmas Cards swap. Backlog.

This tea is soo good. I have no idea where to get Wegman’s, but that’s probably a good thing with the amount of tea in my cupboard at the moment. It really does taste like almond cookies! When I bake almond cookies, I’m a bit of an almond fiend, I put 2-3x the almond flavoring and mix in some sliced almonds. I’m glad that this tea is strong on that note! The cookie flavoring didn’t disappoint, but what can I say? I’d be in it for the almonds. Yum.

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drank Happiness by Lupicia
164 tasting notes

I got a sample of this with my last Lupicia purchase, and I’ve been on a tea bag kick lately.

It’s super fruity! I don’t know what I was doing following the 5 min steep time for a green tea blend though. I suppose that’s for the taste of the rooibos to come out, but it made the green tea bitter. I think if I could try it again I’d try it with green tea parameters. Despite the bitterness, the flavoring was pleasant, as it usually is with Lupicia.

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I’ve got an assortment box of Mighty Leaf tea bags that’s just been chilling in the corner of my room for a year or so. I pulled a random one during the middle of this week, because I’m still getting over being sick and I wanted something that would be easy, i.e. teabag.

I’m not the biggest fan of chamomile, given the choice of tisanes, I almost always go for the chrysanthemum. Surprisingly, this tea, while faithful to it’s citrus moniker, is sort of sweet. It’s light on the palate and doesn’t taste too medicinal. Good enough for a mid-break pick me up.

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Backlog from… Thursday? You know, sometimes I have brainfarts so massive I wonder how I even function. I was making it cold with some milk (that I bought specifically for the purpose). I also used my blender bottle (although that still stinks of protein).

Somehow I misread 2 tsp as 2tbs. I know right? So after putting two heaping tbs into 8 oz of milk and thinking ‘does this bag REALLY only hold 2-3 servings? LAME’, I reread the bag and caught my mistake. SHAME. To try to fix it I filled the bottle to the top (22oz!) with milk and skipped protein powder for the day. Soy protein counts a little? Maybe not. The proportions probably were not right, I was running late for work and didn’t bother looking up the conversion.

Even shaken up like crazy (until the milk foamed) the powder was not mixing well into the milk. It was also settling out of the liquid every time I let it sit for 10 min. The mix was a little grainy, and honestly I could taste the soybean, and was wishing for more of a matcha taste. I might add some of my own matcha next time to adjust the flavor.

I was wondering how this would go with water, but seeing how badly it did with milk… I don’t want to see the visual result of it settling out of the water mostly. At least I finished most of the bag in one go?

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drank Melon Oolong by Lupicia
164 tasting notes

Ost sent this to me in her Xmas card. This girl! She knows my heart! Incidentally I had just got this in the Cyber Monday sale. But I’m drinking her sample first! (Can’t you tell how behind I am?)

I really like this one. It’s a quite compact dry oolong with dry little sugar bits in it, which are green. But the melon this tastes like is cantaloupe! With the green crystals I was expecting honeydew, but nope, those crystals should be pink, or orange.

Even with the sugar crystals this tea isn’t as sweet as their Golden Honeydew, which was super sweet, too sweet for my liking. I think that the little sugar crystals didn’t add much in the way of flavor though, because the 2nd steep were as lovely as the first. I just added anther 30 seconds or so to each steep. The 3rd and 4th steep was more oolong, but still very lovely. I iced the 5th steep. Can’t you tell that this tea just keeps going on forever?

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I’ve been really bad at doing tasting notes lately. Like really really sporadic. =(

Anyways. This is a random Darjeeling 1st flush that I got in a stash sale, the seller didn’t even remember where it came from. I wasn’t too bothered with that then or now even because it does brew up decently, even though I hope that I know a little bit more know about darjeeling tea now than I did then. Although that is admitted not much more.

Compared to the other darjeelings I’ve tried this one is definitely more of a younger taste. Which I feel like I’m saying younger, but that might mean something different to you. It’s more mellow, yet lively. It doesn’t have a whole ton of depth, but there’s an interesting roundness and surface taste. That probably doesn’t really help all that much, but I had fun trying. How’s this: It’s good, not the best, but nice.

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Rice Pudding from World Flavors, via the Cooking TTB

Well I wouldn’t have named it rice pudding, but maybe to someone?

The base tea is black, but is neither mellow nor robust. Just a kind of inbetween unremarkable black tea. The dry leaf has little white bits in it, which added to the appeal and held the faint scent of vanilla.

When I think of rice pudding I’m expecting something cremey, decadent, and comforting. With a touch of vanilla and maybe a bit of cinnamon? That’s how I would blend a rice pudding tea at least.

This tea though, is very faintly vanilla and not much else. It’s not even vanilla enough to be creamy, which I feel alot of vanilla teas do without much effort. Oh well.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I got my Golden Tips sub box today! I am wayy behind on posting tasting notes for these teas, but I wanted to taste this one first! The name itself is intriguing.

Tulsi, or “Holy Basil” is a interesting tisane, which I’ve only tried once before. I can’t remember if I liked it either. I’m not particularly sure then if the Basil part of the name is redundant or if there’s also Basil in there. Chai isn’t something I reach more usually unless someone else is making it in milk for me.

I swear this dry leaf smells like Dr. Pepper soda. It also looks like confetti, or glitter. The leaves are super small. If it were any other tea, I would call it fannings.

The liquor still smells like Dr. Pepper but a bit spicer. I’m a cola addict btw. I’ve been trying to kick the habit with tea, but I still get relapses, this is giving me cravings. The tea itself doesn’t have much by way of taste though. It’s got a bit of a nose feel that’s really warm and full. (By nose feel, you know when you have a bite of wasabi and it’s all spicy up your nose feeling? That general area. It’s really weird, but cool.) I guess this is what Tulsi tastes like? This is categorized as a black tea though, so that’s confusing.

I’m not sure what I feel about this tea. On one hand it’s Dr Pepper! Awesome! On the other hand, it has some olfactory sensation, but doesn’t really lend much to the experience otherwise, mostly just warm water. Yup.

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

did you use milk? I have some of this and have just been given the beginnings of the cold that everyone has at work (aren’t they generous, coming to work while sick and sharing?)…and thinking this tea might be in my near future….


I didn’t use milk. We don’t even regularly keep milk in the house, and I didn’t think vanilla soy milk would mix well with Dr Pepper smelling tea. I hope you get better soon!

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