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I find it funny how some things can present totally different to me from how they present to others.

Contrary to the other review on this tea I found the scent of the dry leaves to be clean and sweet. While I agree that the brew was not vegetal, I would rather say that while it was slightly on the sweet side, it was more on the more astringent side, especially as you go deeper into the cup. That a thing about some of these, some of them have the tendency to have all the flavor settle towards the bottom of the cup, even if you brew in an entirely different vessel.

While on the deeper side of oolongs, I wouldn’t classify this as roasted. I know, my world of oolongs tend to be separated into ‘green’, ‘roasted’ and ‘not roasted, not green’. Lol. I would say that this is a slightly ‘rounder’ feeling oolong, if that makes sense. It tastes more mature.

Mouthfeel is clean, but taste is lingering (in a totally good way!). There’s little to no dryness. I feel like this is a tea that I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy the process of drinking often, but I enjoy the effects of drinking. The lingering taste and the aroma of this tea is very nice.


I have this tea from another company and it’s great! I totally agree that it’s more green, but somehow different than other greens.

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I took a late evening nap that ran too long and consequentially was wide awake in the middle of the night even without the aid of any tea. So why not?

This Dong Ding is much less roasted than I’m used to for a Dong Ding oolong. The taste is light as perhaps a tad more mature…. it’s not a green oolong, but it doesn’t have the characteristic roasted aroma and nuttiness I associate with roasted oolongs, well maybe a touch of nuttiness, but light, like sunflower seeds. The liquor is not very sweet and has a touch floral that lends towards the nose.

carol who

When ever I see the name of this tea I want to sing, “Dong Ding the witch is dead…”

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This tea smells green when you first add hot water, but settles down to a nice not-quite-black tea smell that is subtly floral.

Slightly vegetal and even a tiniest hint of smoke, this is definitely a different experience from the 2013 autumn. I don’t get very much sweetness, but the mouthfeel is still full and smooth. A tad drying though.

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The dry leaf was short, a brown-tan color, and slightly twisted.

The brewed leaf bloomed into a slightly larger leaf, but not by much. The color became more green.

The liquor is a light tan color, leaning on the color of brown paper bags, but perhaps not as warm.

I’m no connoisseur of Darjeelings, but I think this tea smells lovely.

The taste is smooth, sweet, and earthy. The mouthfeel is full and not drying.
It’s just yummy.

1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I was confused why there were two listings for Scorpio on Steepster, one labeled 2012. It seems the description for this one includes the black tea, where the other was just rooibos. I have the newer version with the black tea.

It looks like I’ve been drinking just Adagio all day long, but I haven’t! I had some Lupicia with me on my walk! But when I got home and was looking through my cupboard I guess this one drew me in. And why not? The tin is beautiful! The Scorpio page on the Adagio website confuses me though, it definitely used to come with options for bag or tin, and not there’s just one option… and the option for the Sampler. So I don’t know anymore! If they sent you the bag, wouldn’t you be mad? Because the picture shows a tin! If they only send in tins now… well, I paid more than that!

I remember not likign this the first few times I had it, its been in my cupboard for awhile. Mainly because of the rooibos, which I dislike. BUt I know better now how to brew rooibos, and can tolerate it better (but still avoid it like the plague).

Alas this one just tastes like a good black tea to me, on the chocolate side, of the spectrum, but I’ve had some straight blacks that have accomplished that as well. Maybe because my tin is over six months old? I have to have it HOT though, or the rooibos flavor will become more present. I don’t get the mango in this, but I suppose the vanilla addition is why it’s so smooth. I like that this tea isn’t too heavy for a black, but I don’t know whether to attribute that to the black, the rooibos, or maybe to the vanilla.


The two listings exist because Zodiac Series started as a customer created blend. At some point Adagio Teas contacted me and asked if I would be o.k. if Zodiac blends would become “official” blends by the company and asked me to design the tins. I agreed and suggested that Cynthia, Adagio Teas specialist, would improve my blends and in some cases (Virgo, Aries, Pisces) would create new blends altogether. After the new Zodiac series was launched (available in a tin only) the old version was discontinued and is no longer available. It is a bit confusing, I know … :)


That’s pretty cool!


=D Does that mean that you did all the artwork for the Zodiac series? Because I’m a pretty big fan!


Glad you liked it :) I’ve done quite a bit of packaging designs for Adagio: Body & Soul, Chicago series, Fairy Tales (and all the other kid friendly teas), Master Series and Zodiac teas as well.

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2nd TARDIS blend today! I really wanted to compare this one to the Cara Mcgee TARDIS while I had it fresh in mind.

Dry, I couldn’t figure out what this reminded me of. It’s a sort of odd smell, savory, yet comforting. For some reason I was reminded of tea+soap+lemongrass. Definitely have to shake the bag up, the white leaves will gravitate to the top, and the black towards the bottom, it’s kind of hard though, this is 4oz in a 3oz bag! (Because Tardis is bigger on the inside, lol.)

Brewed the leaves remind me of tea+soap initially. Have you tried that Lemongrass scented soap by Dove? THAT. The liquor was more cream flavored tea+lemongrass. (Mellow lemongrass, not sharp.)

I was hesitant about the brewing instructions, it is a white and black blend. But I followed the recommended directions, 200*F@3min. 2nd Steep 195*F at 4min.

A sweeter smell developed as it cooled to drinkable temperature. I really could start to pick out the notes: creme, blueberry, lemon. I think that it’s the cinnamon and ginger that translates the bergamot into lemongrass for me.

This is a much more savory type tea than Cara M’s TARDIS. The overall effect isn’t extremely savory, bit for me it makes it more of an ‘all the time’ tea than Cara’s, which is dessert sweet. It’s also easier to drink being a white+black blend, it’s much lighter on the senses. It’s a good tea that you don’t really have to worry about much if it’s going to pair well with your food, or with your mood.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Everyone says that this tastes like blueberries, I’d like to respectfully disagree! This is definately blackberries! Or at least it strongly reminds me of a blackberry candle I once had. I used to burn that candle along with a vanilla candle all the time, and THIS is what that combination yielded! Well, plus a helping of sweet earl grey, but that doesn’t detract from that wonderful scent memory at all!

The cup is definitely sweet. I can understand the confusion with black/blue berries. I just associate blackberry scent with that candle, and blueberries with baked blueberries. Rarely do you get faced with a ‘fresh’ black/blue berry smell. And let’s face it, when you bake blackberries, the results are far from pretty, I assure you.

I was a little alarmed when I was watching Cara’s video and how she brews this one, but yes, you DEFINITELY do not need to follow her way of brewing tea for a flavorful cup!

Sometimes I feel a little silly buying the full sized pouch of blends before I try them, but I don’t regret this one! Well, I don’t know how on earth I’m going to finish off this 4oz baggie, but it’ll probably disappear faster than I know it! I’m definitely getting the tin next time! I have a few other Dr. Who blends to try yet. I just need someone to come do a DW marathon with me, just cause.

Flavors: Berries, Vanilla

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I remember looking at the ingredients and feeling doubtful. But I had recently tried another peachy white from another company that I enjoyed greatly, so I took a leap of faith…. and was disappointed.

This tea is not at all reminiscent of the peach fruit, even of it’s close cousins the apricots. I wonder if the company was trying to convey an peachy as in the adjective, and not the ingredient. I would not have chosen this tea based on how it is.

The dry tea is very fluffy, as white teas tend to be, and at least they packaged the 2oz in a larger packet to account for that. Dry I get the smell of alot of cinnamon and cloves. Brewed, I just get cinnamon. White tea and cinnamon. Overall the effect is ‘this is what I would put in a peach cobbler, but it’s not peach. Not even close.’

This might appeal to someone, but it isn’t “my cup of tea”. You might find it wandering around in a TTB after I’m through with it. I would also suggest a name change please.

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I just got my Kickstarter packet! Wow that took a long time. Between signing up for backing and getting the package it feels like 3 months? Something like that.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I requested more of this stuff, because my previous review of it was quite ‘meh’.

It’s very carob-ey. Previously I didn’t know what carob was. So carob is (to me) like the savory cross between chocolate and coffee with nuttiness. This tea, when I brewed it up was SUPER carob-ey. I still didn’t get much vanilla, which is kind of sad.

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I get easily excited and tend to get into the habit of collecting things I get really really excited about- books, fountain pens, fragrance, tea and any number of things. Mostly I’m just really excitable.

I started really branching out into the world of different teas recently. Grew up with greens and oolongs, but am dipping into others slowly but surely.

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