207 Tasting Notes

I’m not sure how I came upon this sample, but I actually found two of them with different handwritings while I was cleaning today! So Thanks to whoever it was that sent this to me!

This is a nice, sweet, lightly roasted oolong. The flavor was bright and clean, and not very complex or nuaced. But that could be because this sample is old. Take that as you will. I enjoyed it for what it was.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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drank Mate Carnival by Tealux
207 tasting notes

I’m sick. Kinda. My asthma is going CRAZY.

Icing this tea brings out the coffee flavor more, but it’s not bitter yucky like coffee is. But I can’t really trust my nose or taste buds right now, so what do I know? I put 2 tsp to 20oz water and poured over ice.

I think I’ve decided that I don’t love or hate mate, it’s just so-so.

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drank Momoko by Lupicia
207 tasting notes

I revisited this one today Iced. I had it brewed hot and then poured over ice cubes, but even diluted the flavor was still quite strong and sweet. The vanilla is really what kicks up the sweetness, but thankfully the peach is still at least a little bit evident. This definitely fulfills my sweet tooth on a hot day, even with no sugar added. I think I prefer it this way, even though it’s still sweet as an iced tea, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet like when it’s hot.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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drank Fu Shou Shan by Butiki Teas
207 tasting notes

I found a packet of this (along with the other remnants of a Butiki order) hiding under a bunch of GoldenTeaTips packages.

It’s certainly a lovely floral green oolong. I’m afraid I’ve been not brewing it to it’s potential. The weather here has been so crazy this past week. I’ve been brewing big pots of it in the evenings, and letting them cool overnight, then pouring then over ice in the morning. The effect is diluted, and I’m sure some of the more subtle notes are lost this way. Mostly I’m just enjoying it. =)

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I put 2 tsp in 16oz of cold milk in a Blender bottle. Tastes good. Also very caffeinated. It is now just past midnight. Why did I do this?


I hear you. Sometimes I drink black tea in the evening even though I know it’s a bad idea.

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drank White Grape by ESP Emporium
207 tasting notes

I got a small packet of this from Liquid Prost during his experimental box sale. Thanks!

For some reason I was totally brain farting and didn’t think of it as a white tea with grape flavoring, so I was opening the package and was like ‘OH! This is white tea, it’s been awhile since I’ve had white tea’. Yeah.
The dry leaf is very grapey smelling, but I wouldn’t really describe it like fresh grapes. At first I was reminded of kool-aid, or watered down grape juice. It’s not super sweet smelling like raisins though. The smell becomes a little fresher when the tea is brewed, but only in the way that it’s less artificial.

The brewed liquor starts out a vibrant pale green. So lovely to see, and if you let it brew a bit longer it becomes yellow-green. The flavor/scent of the brewed liquor is like that of japanese muscat gummies, or Grape Hi – Chew candies. The base was a smooth white tea, which I can’t really say much about honestly. The swallow was not drying and creamy. I liked it better when the tea was cooler, the flavoring and the base really shines through when it’s warm to lukewarm, versus when it’s still fresh and hot.

I liked it, but not enough to purchase again.

Liquid Proust

Cold brew this tea 8 hours overnight in the fridge :)

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drank Strawberry Oolong by Tealux
207 tasting notes

I wish I had grabbed more of this during my last tea haul from TeaLyra (TeaLux in Canada, TeaLyra in the US). While I’ve been craving sweets like CRAZY, I’ve not been feeling up to super sweet teas. This naturally fragrant oolong fulfills my craving just enough. Although the big box of cookies helped too.

The strawberry note in this is quite subtle, and is more of a young strawberry fragrance with a creamy green oolong. The other review said it was more a milk oolong, but the unflavored milk oolong I’ve had from Tealux reminds me of raisin bread, so I respectfully disagree.

I’ve been making teapots after teapots of this stuff. That’s how much I’ve been drinking it. And because it’s not artificially flavored, I find that the strawberry scent lingers far longer. I’ve steeped the same 2tsp in a 24oz teapot at least 5 times and I could still detect the strawberry. It’s quite pleasant hot and cool.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank BB Detox by Kusmi Tea
207 tasting notes

I bought a tin of this when I went to New York at the end of last month! I’ve been still drinking lots of tea in the interim, but I’ve been really bad about logging. Some of it is also simply because I’ve been drinking down some of my Golden Tea Tips subscription and am too lazy to input new teas into the system.

This tea is very herbally grapefruit, and interestingly, how the flavors come across really depends on what you’re using to drink it from. I find that the Mate and the rooibos come across more strongly when I’m drinking it from a thermos (which I usually am), but that the green is predominate when I’m using a large mug. The caffiene level on this one isn’t quite the kick that I was hoping for, but it’s ok. I get alot of grapefruit and lemongrass from this tea. It’s ok, not my favorite, but a fairly easy drinker.

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Not my Cup of tea TTB

Somehow this tea was very weak, but very bland and drying too. What’s going on here? Maybe this bag was just off.

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