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My very first pu erh cake! (I have no idea what the label says… I’m not even going to try.) Admittedly, I also stabbed myself with the fork trying to pry pieces off (I didn’t break skin, so it’s OK!). It was super inexpensive, I think about $4 for the 250g cake. I’m grandpa brewing it and enjoying it with a donut. Happy day. I honestly probably didn’t use enough leaf. But that could be because it’s inexpensive (my usual pu’s are loose leaf from Mandala), or because of the sweetness of the donut. Oh well. There’s still plenty left!

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It’s really hard to try and write notes when some things are just labeled like ‘puerh’, ‘darjeeling 1st’, ‘darjeeling 2nd’…. the latter two I’m assuming they meant 1st&2nd flushes, but who knows. I don’t.

Mostly I’m just checking in because I know I’ve been bad about tasting notes lately, but I’m alive and still drinking (tea)! Haha.

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drank Matcha Milk by GreenMax
188 tasting notes

Ahh… that feeling when you realized that you forgot to do something for work at 2am and have to rush to your lab to fix it… even knowing you’re probably doomed anyways. Sigh.

Anyways. This is a nice powdered milk tea mix sealed in serving sized portions. I quite like it. It’s got a good balance of matcha/flavor, creamer, and sugar. Not too sweet. Keep stirring though, the matcha will settle. It’s also nice at room temp. I haven’t tried it cold yet, but a packet only makes about 5oz, so expect it to be watered down if you add ice (duh).

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Overboard TTB.

I can see the coconut in the mix. But I can’t taste or smell it. Disappointing for that aspect. Otherwise it’s just another vanilla black tea blend from Adagio. There are so many of those that they all seem to just blend together now.

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From the Overboard TTB.

Ergh. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just not to my taste? It’s like a sweet ish, but predominately sour… something over a dark base. If you didn’t tell me it was pu erh, I would have assumed it was a very dark black tea. To be fair, I have no clue what rhubarb is supposed to taste like (it looks like red celery stick!), but I guess I had high expectations because it’s Butiki. I didn’t order this myself and was glad to try it, but it was nice for the experience. Just not my cup of tea. At least there’s no lingering aftertaste.


I wasn’t a fan either… It smelled amazing but there was something a little off about the flavor

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drank Caribe by Harney & Sons
188 tasting notes

Thanks to the Overboard TTB that I’m getting to taste this one.

I hardly ever get to taste any H&S teas, although not that many really catch my attention, I did really like the Christmas tea I got this year. Anyways, I figured that the name was a play on the work Carribean. Guava is a eastern tropical fruit though, so maybe the theme was just ‘tropical’.

There were no brewing directions on the sachet (and I was too lazy to look them up), so I brewed the sachet in a mug 175*F for 4 minute, the low temp because it’s a green/black blend, and that’s what my zojirushi is set to. This didn’t taste much like anything really and the smell was just OK. Eh. I guess it could do in a pinch, it didn’t taste bad, but I literally can’t remember much about it at all, and I drank it less than a half hr ago. I would finish the mug, but I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t even bother rebrewing the bag.

The Cookie Lady

I find I prefer this one cold-brewed. The fruit flavors seem to come out more that way.

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drank Squirrely by Adagio Teas
188 tasting notes

From the Overboard TTB. Thanks to Beelicious for sticking this one in!

I was expecting more nuts from the name honestly. It’s a smokey roasted coffee chocolate tea. Good as a breakfast type I would assume. I would totally be loving this tea if not for the smokiness of it, but because of that I only finished half the cup.

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It’s like apple pie in a breakfast tea. Hmmm. Yum.

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drank Pan-fried Barley by Lupicia
188 tasting notes

From the Overboard TTB

This was quite a bit stronger than I’m used to in terms of barley tea. It had a deep roasted flavor, very deep, but I can see how it can be described as pan fried as the sweetness that comes from roasted barley didn’t come through as much. It was kind of like eating a very toasted slice of multi grain bread. I appreciated the nuttiness.


This reminded me of toast, too! I haven’t tried any other barley teas, but this made me think I should.

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I get easily excited and tend to get into the habit of collecting things I get really really excited about- books, fountain pens, fragrance, tea and any number of things. Mostly I’m just really excitable.

I started really branching out into the world of different teas recently. Grew up with greens and oolongs, but am dipping into others slowly but surely.

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