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drank Strawberry Oolong by Tealux
201 tasting notes

I wish I had grabbed more of this during my last tea haul from TeaLyra (TeaLux in Canada, TeaLyra in the US). While I’ve been craving sweets like CRAZY, I’ve not been feeling up to super sweet teas. This naturally fragrant oolong fulfills my craving just enough. Although the big box of cookies helped too.

The strawberry note in this is quite subtle, and is more of a young strawberry fragrance with a creamy green oolong. The other review said it was more a milk oolong, but the unflavored milk oolong I’ve had from Tealux reminds me of raisin bread, so I respectfully disagree.

I’ve been making teapots after teapots of this stuff. That’s how much I’ve been drinking it. And because it’s not artificially flavored, I find that the strawberry scent lingers far longer. I’ve steeped the same 2tsp in a 24oz teapot at least 5 times and I could still detect the strawberry. It’s quite pleasant hot and cool.

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drank BB Detox by Kusmi Tea
201 tasting notes

I bought a tin of this when I went to New York at the end of last month! I’ve been still drinking lots of tea in the interim, but I’ve been really bad about logging. Some of it is also simply because I’ve been drinking down some of my Golden Tea Tips subscription and am too lazy to input new teas into the system.

This tea is very herbally grapefruit, and interestingly, how the flavors come across really depends on what you’re using to drink it from. I find that the Mate and the rooibos come across more strongly when I’m drinking it from a thermos (which I usually am), but that the green is predominate when I’m using a large mug. The caffiene level on this one isn’t quite the kick that I was hoping for, but it’s ok. I get alot of grapefruit and lemongrass from this tea. It’s ok, not my favorite, but a fairly easy drinker.

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Not my Cup of tea TTB

Somehow this tea was very weak, but very bland and drying too. What’s going on here? Maybe this bag was just off.

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not my cup of tea TTB

Also not my cup of tea either. Eh… I don’t know… this tea just seems very heavy on the palate. It might be the champagne flavoring, but whatever it is, it’s not something I like. Dump the cup.

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Not my cup of tea TTB

NOpe, not my cup of tea either. It’s alright, but the almond flavor is barely there and the oolong doesn’t blend well with what is there.

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Not my cup of tea TTB

Hmm. This one is quite nice. I’m not sure what pouchong is, but I think it is probably a type of oolong from the taste. The base is smooth and cooling. I’m not sure exactly what I mean by cooling, because I drank it hot, but it’s just that type of feeling I get from this tea. I expect this one would be great in the summer!

The coconut flavoring is more roasted than the coconut that is featured in Zen Tea’s Coconut oolong and Coconut green, which is a nice change of pace. I feel like too many coconut flavors now are creamy, or mixed with chocolate or other tropical flavors. This features the coconut and the base tea beautifully together.

I think I might end up keeping this sample, unless someone else wants it.
I’m trying to rush through this box, because I’m traveling next week, but I’m not having lots of time for tea tastings this week, but I shall try!

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Liquid Proust

Pouchong is a lightly fermented oolong (green) tea. I generally find them to have a natural floral taste to them.

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I had to brew this one 3 separate times in different containers to make sure it tasted/smelt as I was thinking and it wasn’t just some weird contamination. After I had Teavivre’s version of milk oolong I was hooked. So I ordered the 100g of this one. They should have been similar right? Nope. Lol.

This tea reminds me of raisin bread, from the dry leaf through the 2nd brew it’s beautiful warm raisin bread, light on the cinnamon. Once you get through to the 3rd steep is when I got the more familiar ‘milk oolong’ taste – which for me is that kind of indescribable kinda sweet creamy taste that’s wonderful.

It doesn’t compare to the Teavivre version, as in it’s almost a completely different tea, but it’s still worth it to try out!

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drank Da Hong Pao by Tea At Sea
201 tasting notes

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This one is soo good! It’s really floral, but sweet. The base is really well rounded, so even if I steep it only a little bit, I get nice flavor, but if I steep it a long time, it’s still nice flavor! I really liked grandpa style steeping with this one. I get see myself going through this small pack quickly and needing to order more.

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I started really branching out into the world of different teas recently. Grew up with greens and oolongs, but am dipping into others slowly but surely.

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