68 Tasting Notes

drank Jin Shuan by Teance
68 tasting notes

Not quite feeling this tea this morning. I should have gone with something stronger.

My bursitis in my shoulder has gotten really bad to the point I only got a couple of hours of sleep last night so I’m feeling kinda crummy.

I mentioned using this as a cold steep when I move. Well I move tomorrow! I won’t have access to all my stuff from storage still monday and even then it’ll take forever to unpack, especially trying to protect my shoulder. I still haven’t decided where the Giant Cabinet of Teas(GCT) is going in the apartment yet. Better figure that out soon!

But so excited I’ll be able to have an address and access to all my teas so I can do swaps. I don’t even remember half the teas in my GCT are! It will be so nice to get reacquainted.

Ok enough about my move. Back to the tea. As it cools it’s tasting much better to me. No longer weak, just delicate. The fruitiness is like a juicy peach. Peaches and cream. The cream note isn’t as strong as like a milk oolong but it’s definitely noticeable.

I’m certainly making an assertive black for my next cup but starting to relax into this cup and enjoy it.

Flavors: Cream, Floral, Orchid, Peach, Stonefruits


I wish I had a GCT! I have a shelf of tea right now


Good luck with your move

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Thank you Stacy for the sample of this!

This is my first “straight” tea from Butiki. I tend to gravitate towards their flavored teas because they really are the best flavored ones I’ve found. So I end up spending my whole tea budget on those. I asked Stacy to surprise me with an unflavored tea and she chose this one.

I should have written this right after drinking it in my sleepy stupor this morning. It helped me get out of bed but almost felt to good for half awake tea drinking.

It was strong without being astringent.

Oh and I was really good this time and didn’t under leaf! I used the whole sample. I feel stupidly proud of myself because I have a strong and stingy urge to save the precious. With my stash out of control I really shouldn’t be stingy. This was worth using the whole sample even if now I feel sad I can’t order any for a long time.

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drank Creamy Eggnog by Butiki Teas
68 tasting notes

Creamy yumminess.

I’m in the middle of a stressful move and this is a great comfort tea. Problem is it’s so comforting it’s making me sleepy!

I always have a tricky time measuring this one cause the leaves are so long they don’t fit into a teaspoon. I have a scale now but I don’t know how many grams I should be using.

The one thing that’s missing from from this eggnog is spices! It’s creamy and eggy with some vanilla but no spice. I’d really like to try the nutmeg side by side. I don’t mind the lack of spice but it isn’t what I expect from an eggnog tea.

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A good morning tea when you’re craving something sweet. I made the mistake of not putting the timer on so I think I may have over steeped it because the orange was a tad bit bitter and overall the tea wasn’t as sweet as I remember it.

The base tea is nice and brisk to me and helped me wake up.

As a side note I love the tin it comes in. It really makes it feel special.

Flavors: Chocolate, Marshmallow, Orange


I wonder why it gets a tin and the others don’t?


I’ve always wondered this.

Butiki Teas

This tea was specially made for a shop that we used to sell a selection of our teas out of and because that was the signature tea we sold it in nicer tins.

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drank Da Hong Pao Red Robe by Steepster
68 tasting notes


I’m always afraid to try the Steepster teas because there’s no way to get more of them if I fall in love. Just a small teaser and hah! no more for you!".

Luckily this isn’t a fall in love tea but I’m still drinking it with a bit of distance, not wanting to become attached.

When I first poured the water over it the tobacco smell was super strong and I started to get turned off from it. But then after I let it cool to drinking temperature. I found it delightfully rich and caramel. Burnt flavors but in a good way, not charred. It reminds me of these amazing gelato bars, they’re like popsicles but made from gelato, and there’s a burnt caramel flavor that just knocks my socks off every time. That’s what this tea tastes like. The mouth feel is thick enough to be reminiscent of gelato too.

I feel weird comparing tea to gelato. The whole hot/cold thing seems a bit of an odd contrast but as I’m stream of conscious typing that’s exactly what this tea is.

Ok maybe I do like it enough to want more of it. Damn you steepster select!

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I finally got around to drinking this lovely sample.

I was nervous once again because the baggy had that icky smell I’ve been bitching about with the Just Organic Teas samples I received. The teas have been good but that smell! Even after a month of airing out the baggies it’s still there.

I couldn’t put my finger on many specific notes when I drank this. I wasn’t trying to really. Sometimes it’s nice to just drink tea and not think too much.

It wasn’t an OMG amazing tea but it left me content and pleased. I could definitely see restocking this one as I don’t have many straight black teas I enjoy. The mishmash of notes blended together into something smooth and pleasant. I

I feel like this would also make a good cold brew.

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drank Special Dark by Mandala Tea
68 tasting notes

Ok I think I figured out how to brew this tea. Lots of it and for a long time. It tasted rich and smooth and…

Like raisons!


I don’t think we are meant to be special dark. Not every tea is for every person.


I’m sure you can find someone around here to take it off your hands, LOL. Sorry you didn’t like it! :/


Haha! Ok,ok, stop trying, it’s obvious that you two are not meant for each other! The good news is that there are tons of more compatible teas for you out there :-)


Yes I’m lucky to have many lovely teas who get along with me quite well. I just wanted to understand what the fuss was all about.

I’m drinking some 52teas flavored tea now to get the ickyness out of my mouth and then I think I’ll treat myself to some of Mandala’s milk oolong.

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I can’t believe I haven’t rated this yet. I don’t know if I’ve had any other grapefruit teas but I find it pleasant. It’s the brown sugar note that stands out.

Well not so much stands out but melds with the grapefruit. It’s very authentic tasting to me. The white base is present but sits in the background as a comforting solidness that wraps up the fruitiness and pulls the tea together. Slightly sweet but not artificially so.

This is definitely comforting. A cuddle up in bed with blankets and read a good book tea.

I too am surprised more people haven’t reviewed this lovely tea.

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drank Special Dark by Mandala Tea
68 tasting notes

Oh Special Dark, I had such high expectations from you. Maybe I read too many reviews, maybe I just put you on a pedestal before even drinking you.

But you taste thin :( and dare I say almost weak? Now don’t go feeling bad, compared to a regular black tea you are a fine specimen. I just…expected more from you. I wanted you to work so badly. I did short gong fu steeps and long western steeps but you never lived up to my expectations.

I think the next time we work together it might be best to gasp add some milk and sugar but there’s only so many times I can stand the disappointment, It’s not your fault , I know there are plenty of others that love you and I may have to pass you along to one of them.

I cringe as I rate you but I must be truthful. I’m sure you are a good tea, we just aren’t soul mates.


Lol, to each their own. I really like it but I overleaf a little, have you tried that?


How long did you steep? I like 1 tbs per 8oz boiled water for 5 minutes. It is all cocoalicious then! :(


I’ve done quite a few steeping parameters but haven’t found any that work. I do tend to underleaf in general but with this tea I’m trying not to.

How much do you overleaf by TeaFairy? I might give it another go. I really really want to like this tea!

It doesn’t ever taste bad. It’s just kinda meh.


That’s why I think you may be under-leafing it, cause to me it’s so flavourful, tastes like chocolate covered raisins! I weigh it, and use 7g for a 6oz Gaiwan. I brew for just a few seconds the first steeps.

If I do it western style, it’s the same as Stephanie, a full tablespoon for about 5 min.


Do you prefer the western or the gaiwan?


Honestly, I’d always prefer Gongfu over Western if it wasn’t for the time consuming issue. But I have to say this one works really well both ways, IMHO.


LOL LOVE this one – two big tsp/8oz steep forever – 9 minutes is not too long – IMHO it just keeps getting darker and richer the longer you steep it…


Ok I’m going to do a really long steep with tons of leaf tonight and see how it turns out.

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drank Cantaloupe & Cream by Butiki Teas
68 tasting notes

I just adore Stacy’s cream notes. So lovely and not overbearing.

This was a pseudo sipdown, I finished the package but I already had bought another…

I’m not a addict. Nope not me.

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I’m a long time tea addict since my british grandma started me on english breakfast tea as a toddler.

Since then I’ve branched out substantially. Right now I drink mainly blacks, whites, greens, and reds. I want to to try purr-eh and more oolongs.



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