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464 Tasting Notes


This tea just blew my mind! It’s everything I like about black tea with none of the things I don’t like. I steeped 4 teaspoons in 16oz of water for 3 minutes in boiling water. (I like a BIG cup) with my large teavana infuser.

The first sips were bold and malty with out the bitter aftertaste I find in a lot of teas (I also am discovering I’m probably steeping most of my teas for far too long.) I was thinking at that point that it was good. I stepped away for a minute or so and it had cooled a bit. OMG! It gets even better as it cools. It feels soft and buttery in the mouth. And there’s things going on that I don’t have the tea vocabulary yet to describe. I don’t even think I’m going to try at the moment. I am thoroughly enjoying my second steeping of this. (Yes I drink a lot! I just came back from a 6 mile run so I gotta hydrate somehow.)


welcome to awesomeness… so glad you picked this one up from stacy. when she brings it back in july or august you must try the wild mountain tea she has.


Thanks for the tip, Sil! I’m so glad I’m starting to explore tea more. :-)


Anytime! If i had extra i’d send you some to try but i have one little measly cup left that i am hording lol Happy to chat about teas anytime as you figure out what you like… :) (also stacy kicks some serious ass!)

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This is my first Della Terra Tea. I got 20 samples in the mail from them yesterday and also some teas from Butiki that I think I’ll start on tomorrow! I was excited about this one because it has peaches and carrots and peas! All are favorites of mine and I would never think of putting peaches with the other two.
The taste I mostly got from this tea was very sweet peach and green tea, which was nice, but I think I was expecting some more savory undertones from the veggies and lemon grass. I got hints of it in a sip or two. I think I will need to add a bigger amount of tea to my steep next time. It smelled so fragrant, I thought I’d only need a little more than a spoonful.

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I bought this for work and kind of wish I hadn’t. The spices are overwhelming and don’t mix well together. I don’t really taste the tea at all. I use this tea for an afternoon boost when I need it (like this afternoon). I just want to finish off what I have of it quickly.

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Allergy Relief Tea by Physical GraffiTEA

I picked this up the other day when I was at the store and started to drink this today to see if it helps my allergies. It has red clover, plaintain leaf, elder flower, nettle, peppermint, licorice root, and hibiscus. I threw in a spoonful of raw honey for good measure. I let the infuser just sit in my travel mug for the duration of my 2 hour commute and now on a second steeping.

It doesn’t taste like much- just kind a general herbal taste. Maybe I’m just not familiar enough with the taste of the ingredients to pick out each one. I don’t taste peppermint at all and the licorice is just barely there. It’s not unpleasant or bitter, but it’s not something I would drink just for taste. Reserving judgment on it’s practicality until I drink for a few more days.

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I wasn’t feeling adventurous this morning, so I got a tea I know I like. I love the slightly tart citrus in this and the green tea is tasty as well. I didn’t let the bag sit in the cup like I did last time and it is much better for it- no added bitter element.

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So Steepster won’t let me add teas. Is that a Newbie thing or a bug?

Tonight was my first night having Matcha! On my way back from having dumplings, I convinced my friend to stop in this little tea shop on St Mark’s place called Physical GraffiTea. The owner blends all the teas, so that’s pretty awesome!

My first taste of Matcha latte made with almond milk tasted like a vegetable soup which isn’t a bad thing because I like it. It had almost an asparagus quality to it. A couple sips in and it started tasting like green tea ice cream. Toward the middle of the glass, the bitterness got a little overpowering and I to add about a teaspoon more honey. I really enjoyed how thick and creamy tasting the Matcha was and would definitely have it again.

Bonus: I got to finish off my friend’s pot of Cinnamon Plum Tea. It was a blend of plum, currants, hibiscus and cinnamon. At first you taste the cinnamon and then BOOM comes the fruit! Very flavorful and full-bodied.

Extra Bonus: Got a sample cup of the tea the lady working the counter made for herself of Ginger Tumeric: Also had lemongrass, licorice root, lemon & orange peel. The ginger is very subtle. On the first sip you taste the tumeric (and maybe a little of the lemon grass). Second sip you start to taste and feel the ginger creep up on you. Nice and warming as it started to thunder and rain outside! :-)


Not adding new teas is a newbie thing. I think you need to be a user for a month or something, first? There have been problems with spam from time to time. Perhaps post on the forum if you’d like a new tea added, and someone who is online will do it for you?


Thanks, Kittena! Spammers make it hard for the rest of us! :-)


Yeah. I don’t think it was like this when I joined :(

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I have mixed feeling about this Earl Grey. The first thing that hit me was the citrus note, then the creamy vanilla part, then the tea. When I think earl grey, I think fragrant tea with just a hint of citrus. I really want to smell that earl grey distinct aroma and that didn’t hit me with the first few sips. It kind of crept up on me as I kept drinking it and even then the tea didn’t seem to have that flavor I was looking for. The vanilla is nice, but just a tad too overpowering. I’m very sensitive to vanilla and often find that when it’s used, there is too much of it. At least the vanilla didn’t taste artificial.

I just steeped this a second time, but I feel like the tea is mostly the same. I don’t really notice a change in how the flavors progress. It feels a little smoother, but I think that may be because I knew what to expect from the flavor.

All in all it is a good tea- just not what I was expecting. I think I could grow to like this, but I was expecting more fragrance from the tea itself.


This was a lot like how I felt originally about this tea. Too much vanilla, not enough earl grey. But it grew on me like WHOA. This is the one tea from David’s that I HAVE to have on hand at all times.


Yeah. Good to know I’m not the only one! I think I’d have to try it again to really make up my mind about it.

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So this isn’t Celestial Seasonings, but Steepster won’t let me add this tea, so I’m forced to write under a different name. This is Good & Delish Peppermint and it’s cheap, drugstore tea. It’s pure peppermint and nothing else, so it’s pretty good. It’s not as good as when I pick peppermint from our yard in the summer, but it’s relaxing for when I’m at work.

The walnut tea from this morning left a burnt sensation in my mouth, so I needed something soothing. It’s almost like it burned me, but I didn’t drink it when it was THAT hot, so it must be some weird reaction I’m having to the tea. It’s NOT a pleasant sensation. Hopefully the peppermint will wipe it out completely.

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I don’t think I’ve ever tried a tea before that is just so buttery tasting! Yummy! At first when it was hot, I didn’t taste any of the fruity undertones, but as it cooled down I started tasting the coconut. It leaves a slightly bitter, nutty after taste that makes me keep feeling my teeth with my tongue checking for pieces of walnut! I don’t know if I’d drink this all the time, but this is definitely something I would have on occasion in the winter. It’s a very comforting taste.

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drank Sweet Dreams by Bigelow
464 tasting notes

This is one of my favorite teas to relax with. Minty and fragrant- it tastes sweet without having to add sweetener. The is probably do to the hibiscus, rose, and orange blossoms, which are very subtle. This was perfect after getting home late after choir practice, a full day of work and a VERY long commute.

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I run, I sing, I drink tea. That’s the best description I have of me.

I’ve always enjoyed tea, but have just started trying out a lot more loose teas and varied brands. I’m really excited about a site like steepster so I can read about what people think about different teas.

Oh and I really hate Lipton tea. There’s something just awful about it and I can’t understand why nearly every local diner only has Lipton.

Also I’m on the search for a full-bodied, fruity blackberry tea. So if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them my way! :-)


Staten Island, NY

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