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42 Tasting Notes

drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
42 tasting notes

I try a lot of different matchas in my life, this one hits the spot. Whisk it properly with the matcha whisk and you’re good to go. Add some agave nectar (or a sweetener) for a sweet-latte mixed with some milk and ice. I do like my matcha cold so yeah. It’s definitely got a deep flavour compared to the regular matcha from DAVIDsTEA. If you don’t add sugar or cream it kind of tastes fishy? Like seaweed? Blech.

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I guess I was expecting more of a spicy flavour? I had a chocolate bar from Rocky Mountain that had chili in it, and I guess I was expecting it in this tea. (How unrealistic.) It tastes like a chocolately chai. Nothing really special to me, but it’s probably not one of my favourite teas. Tastes alright with some cream and agave mixed in, hot, of course.

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I like this tea but it’s pricy so I have it once in a while for a treat. Definitely tastes like oolong, and it has a creamy scent both dry and when steeped. You get the kick of “creaminess” when you first drink it but then it kind of fades away.

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drank Jessie's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
42 tasting notes

I LOVE lavender and I really don’t taste it in here too much. It’s more coconutty than it is ~lavender. I guess I was expecting a kick-in-the-face lavender taste. It’s still tasty and I like it served warm or cold.

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drank Cold 911 (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
42 tasting notes

Really tastes like a herbal tea. I don’t quite like it, but it did soothe the throat. (Though I think most teas do that effect?) It’s also kind of pricy. So I bought it at the store in a ready-to-go cup instead.

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Delicious tea. I buy it on campus (or used to). It tastes like a mocha/coffee drink without the repulsive overbearing coffee taste. Actually it tastes closer to a minty hot chocolate. Either way, it’s a delicious treat especially for the winter months. I don’t think I can drink this in the summer. It’s really good with cream and sugar mixed in.

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drank Turkish Delight by DAVIDsTEA
42 tasting notes

I am absolutely gutted they discontinued this tea. Admittedly I didn’t taste any of the nuts promised in this tea, it strongly tasted tangy and apple-ey, but I still loved it. It didn’t taste like apple juice but it was definitely an apple-centric tea. I wish I bought a bag before they discontinued it.

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My favourite tea from DAVIDsTEA. DELICIOUS! I cannot emphasize it enough. I’ve never tried it hot, but this is freakin’ fantastic when it’s iced! It reminds me of summer. I can see myself sipping this beside the pool, haha. Very good. You taste the watermelon, the melon and strawberries. Overall a delicious blend, my co-worker doesn’t like fruity teas but she likes this one. I’m sad it’s limited edition so I’m going to be buying a tin or two soon!

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drank Happy Kombucha by DAVIDsTEA
42 tasting notes

Smells deliciously of fruit, and when steeped it tastes and smells like “fuzzy peach” candy. Very good. I prefer this warm, but it’s equally as good when iced. (I’m a huge fan of iced tea!) Even my picky boyfriend likes this tea a whole lot. I don’t think I could drink it everyday, but when I want a peachy picker-upper, this is what I’ll get.

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