1864 Tasting Notes


Dinked around with my own blend last night and added an equal proportion of chamomile … not until I’d imbibed half the cup did I realize that I’m two thirds of the way to my own faux Foxtrot! Further experimentation pending.

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drank Organic Apple Red by Tazo
1864 tasting notes

A good, thick choice for a cold day. Like some of the other reviews I’m seeing, you have to let it set quite a while to get pronounced caramel and apple (and then it has to go back in the microwave to warm up since our building is like an igloo).

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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drank Cocoa Creme by Oren's Daily Roast
1864 tasting notes

Bitter cold, sub-zero wind chill, and the general January mopes are driving me to swig copious quantities of every chocolate based tea in my pantry. Added a sloppy teaspoon of caramel syrup and not regretting it a bit. This is still the coffee-ist tea I’ve ever had, but I prefer the gentle caffeine buzz to the slam-you-up-against-the-wall a.m. jolt.

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drank Kalahari by TeaFrog
1864 tasting notes

Another update leading to a full review: http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com/1678/tea-review-teafrog-kalahari-rooibos-2/
(Nice change-of-pace if you need something to remind you spring’s coming … someday …)

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drank Asian Green Tea by Hickory Farms
1864 tasting notes

Cold enough that flavor takes a backseat to temperature; I don’t care as long as it’s hot. Thus, a good day to drink this no-name addition to a Hickory Farms gift basket. Nothing to write home about, but it’s not terrible. First adjective that came to mind was “tawny.” I’m not sure I’ve ever had tawny tea before, but if I did, this would be it.

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drank English Breakfast by Tea Forte
1864 tasting notes

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I waited till I had a whole afternoon to play with this one, primarily because I wanted to prep a decent review for www.itsallabouttheleaf.com, and secondarily because I understand that pu-erhs keep going and going and going and going …. will be writing about it more gracefully elsewhere, but it surprised me that it wasn’t as peat-moss tasting as I had expected.

Geoffrey Norman

This stuff was bizarre for a sheng, but I still quite liked it.


I still consider myself pu-erh incompetent, but this was a lot better than my first experience, which was somebody’s bagged version and really did taste like mud.

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All the traditional chai spices were there, but pretty weak. May try again and double up the bags.

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Found a lookalike recipe for Starbucks Gingerbread online and actually attempted it yesterday (mind you, this requires measuring flour and “creaming till fluffy” — techniques which are the outer limits of my cooking ability) and this just seemed like the appropriate accompaniment. With a little honey, t’wasn’t bad.

The gingerbread wasn’t an exact copy, but again, t’wasn’t bad, either. It only collapsed a little in the middle.

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drank Buttered Rum Tea by Culinary Teas
1864 tasting notes

To be truthful, I no longer remember what brand this is - hubby bought it several winters back and it got dumped in a generic tin. Proof that old tea never dies, it just fades away. Now it’s just black tea with a hint of a suggestion of a memory that there might have been some butterscotchy flavor to it. But still…not bad!

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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