1892 Tasting Notes


Another one with my tasting notes now hitting double digits…statistically speaking, I wonder if I looked back at my history, wrote down the teas with XX or more tasting notes (number TBD), if it would result in The Ultimate Pantry Tea Hall of Fame list. Someday.

Just not today. Nursing a classic case of Charlie Brown seasonal THAT’S IT!!!

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Wow, is this different, and if the tasting notes I’m reading are a hint, it will take several steeps to discover how different it is.

My first scent impression was grapes and chocolate. Gave it a 4 minute steep and it continues to remind me of white wine and chocolate. And a “something else” I haven’t pinpointed just yet.

Thanks to terriharplady for the sample packet and something new to think about!


I’m so sad this one is all gone….

Terri HarpLady

I’m still hoarding my last few packets…sigh…

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Day was a little gray and grim; this provided a little internal perk-up after a long, cold run to nursing home to check on my poor little mom.
The peppermint in this one is at whisper-level; just enough to add a little bit of zing. Inexpensive and recommended if you like lemon teas that aren’t caustically tart.

Last visit, my mom’s meal-table buddy from a couple of rooms down noticed the crossword puzzle book I had brought to fidget with—I have the bedside patience of a 3-year-old. I took her two today that were just getting rumpled in the magazine rack and asked her to do me the honor of finishing them for me. Was a smiley moment to walk past her room and see her hard at them. Just a thought…do a kindness for an elder that isn’t your own. It’ll make your day.




That was so nice of you! I bet it made their day as well

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Yeah…this is one of those I’ve logged so often there’s nothing new to tell you except it needs to be imbibed often. Especially on six-degree mornings. It’s toasty. It’s un-ruinable.


This is a really nice tea. Really, really nice.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1892 tasting notes

Tulsi and peppermint to un-kink the knots in the back of my neck. Maybe I need to take a bath in this :)

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drank Caramel by Adagio Teas
1892 tasting notes

Another morning where all the sweetness I can get (artifically or otherwise) is necessary. If you haven’t tried this, think burnt sugar instead of Milky Way or Caramello bar. Stay warm and be safe, wherever you are.


Mmm…ok…for me this means half of a HUGE pink grapefruit
With tons of Sugar In The Raw dumped on top and baked at 350
Until sugar is almost burned…grapefruit is kinda mushy and so YUM!
First tried this in Jamaica


Same to you! Though we had a freakishly warm day today.

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drank Kaporet Kenya by Single Origin Teas
1892 tasting notes

Of late, mornings have been hard. Seasonal blahs coupled with flannel sheets that are so comfy I snoodle down under them until the absolute-last-have-to-get-up minute; so tea has been whatever I can fling into the cup and still make it out the door on time. (Looking at the weather forecast, much more snoodling ahead.)

At any rate, I took time for a good cuppa this morning. This is. Smooth and deep without being so strong you have to temper it with milk. Not a bad one in the batch of Single Origin Teas I’ve tried so far.


Snoodle is a fantastic word. Into the vocabulary it goes!


I stole it. Big Bang Theory. Penny uses it to describe what you do in the Arctic in a blankie with sleeves.



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drank Eggnogg'n Tea by Bigelow
1892 tasting notes

Storm looming; seasonal grinchies kicking in about a month early—-NEED THIS!
Oversteeped and the green tea in here is pouting a little, but the eggnoggity goodness is still there.


Ok, I LOVE Creamy Eggnog from Butikit, but just say I am out and Jonesin
for some eggnog tea…is this a good “stand in” in an emergency?


Butiki…sometimes I spell dyslexic :-)


I haven’t tried the Butiki, but I will venture that it’s a plausible substitute. Nice with milk, but sweet and cinna-vanilly on its own; relatively easy to hunt down at chain groceries; inexpensive.


I am going to look for it.
I love the Butiki version with a spot of cream.
Sometimes it is so nice to have these friendly, inexpensive versions available ;-)

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drank Misty Meadows by Savoy Tea Company
1892 tasting notes

Flipping back through recent notes on this one, it seems to be the subconscious go-to for moments of mild creative frustration: in this case, it was losing a wrestling match with a Cricut mat that is losing its sticky (those of you who know how expensive those confounded mats are understand the need to beat them into submission until they’ve lost their last iota of tackiness).

At any rate, this lovely orange-almond green is perfect for an afternoon, slightly sweet, easy to steep. One I will chase down next trip to Arkansas.


I love tea names…Misty Meadows, how inspiring, I would purchase just based on that :-)

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Distressingly close to the bottom of the packet. Don’t have many new adjectives for this one (sweet, bright, peppery and perky used previously); but it has been consistently and reliably good, appears to be in the can’t-ruin-it category. Well worth checking out if you need something pleasant to go with your elevenses.

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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