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Green tea doesn’t make sun tea very well—my best results come from steeping a green tea properly, then chilling it. Tried it in a quart jar anyway with the peach variety out of this collection. Not bad—I probably pulled it a little sooner than I could’ve to avoid bitterness. But there’s some peach in there and there’s some green in there, and when you just want a slug of something cool, subtle nuances don’t matter much.

This little tinned collection is turning out to be surprisingly acceptable.

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drank Green Tea by Unknown
1691 tasting notes

Thoughtful of my doctor’s office to offer me a cuppa while I was waiting. Not-so-thoughtful to whomever (I didn’t look at the brand) packages green tea for a Keurig that gets the water entirely too hot and ruins it. Bitter and plasticky. The manufacturer should know better! (I didn’t know it was going to be green, or I would’ve stuck with water.)

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Last cup of my little sample. This is thick and rich. Pie.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1691 tasting notes

One drinks red raspberry leaf infusion for the medicinal value, not for the flavor. It isn’t undrinkable on its own, but definitely has a tree-leafy taste to it.

So, since we’ll be imbibing it pretty heavily over the next week or so, a little experimentation seemed to be in order.

Put the raspberry leaf in a stuff-your-own paper filter (it clogs up brew baskets) and tossed in a bag of Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry. Voila. The blueberry neutralizes the leafy flavor of the raspberry leaf; the raspberry leaf neutralizes the hibiscus that runs a little strong in the True Blueberry. Win-win.

Win-win-win, if you add the fact that I’m sipping it in the patio glider on a sunny pre-vening (thank you Dr. Cooper) with Tazo snoozing with one paw draped over my leg to make sure I don’t leave. Simple blessings.


Tazo is my kind of people. What a great way to spend the pre-vening.


I blissfully described the scene to hubby, who responded, “You are so owned.”

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drank Ceylon BOP by Starwest
1691 tasting notes

Fox Farm (local health food grocery) has significantly expanded its tea selection (oh, darn!) so I am dutifully sipping away at all my scraps and samples in order to justify a significant shopping excursion soon.

This one isn’t top-of-the-heap but it is tasty and an easy steeper, maybe leans to the more astringent side. A good inexpensive staple.


I cannot say that I have ever heard of Fox Farm, but sipping through samples to justify a tea purchase trip? Sounds like a great idea to me.


It isn’t a chain, just an inexpensive local outlet for tea, health food, and miscellaneous international groceries. My husband and I can spend an hour just prowling the aisles for fun.

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The green tea basket in my kitchen gets the least traffic—-so it’s always a happy surprise to paw through it and discover something I forgot was there.

I’ve written about this one several times; if you had to roll those tasting notes into one, it would boil down to this: the sweetest, most dessert-y green tea I think I’ve ever tasted. Syrupy and fruity and pleasant on what’s turning out to be a chilly June afternoon.

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drank English Breakfast by Ahmad Tea
1691 tasting notes

Second quarter’s investment at the neighbor’s garage sale. This one doesn’t seem to get much love in other reviews, except for the cute packaging.

I’ll be the rebel: I like it. The product description, at least the one posted here, doesn’t mention the varieties in the blend, but educated guess would say lots of Keemun and a little Assam. Sweet and melba-toasty without milk.

Not as strong as my preferred Assam weekday morning teas, but it’s Sunday and I’m blessed with an hour in the patio glider watching Tazo take his morning nap in the sun. I don’t need to be kicked awake today.

Michelle Butler Hallett

I really like Ahman’s Ceylon tea, and I’m generally not crazy about Ceylon. I’d not be surprised to find more of their offerings better than I’d expect.


It’s not readily available in this part of the world—lucky finds at discount outlets and (as mentioned above) in the neighbor’s back yard, but I haven’t had a bad one yet.

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Tried the lemon tin out of this collection and again, was pleasantly surprised. For a set of inexpensive “gift teas,” these haven’t been bad.

This is my kind of lemon. Not the sharp squeeze-lemon tartness that makes your eyebrows sweat and your eyes water. Lemon rind, lemon bread, lemon pastry kind of lemon. Furthermore, it doesn’t appear to be finicky. Didn’t wait long enough for the water to cool to proper “green” temperature, then got sidetracked helping my 20-year-old hunt for a favorite childhood blankie (makes a mommy’s heart all squooshy). And even after 6-8 minutes, it wasn’t bitter. Go figure. Pleasant side effect of a cheap green tea?

I have been longing for a substitute for the San Francisco Herb Co. green and lemon tea I can no longer find. This could be it.

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drank English Afternoon Tea by Ahmad Tea
1691 tasting notes

Love our little neighborhood—-local constabulary stops to play basketball with the older kids and flash his lights for the younger ones, neighbors speak pleasantly, people drive carefully for around pedestrians and patrons of the ice cream truck, and when you find a tin of tea for a quarter at the citywide garage sale, you can be pretty sure nobody’s trying to poison you.

Actually, I paid the quarter for the tin—it’s adorable, a little red call booth. An ounce of looseleaf in good condition was just a bonus.

I don’t go seeking out tea with bergamot in it. But this, even though I can’t vouch for its age and freshness, is plumb tasty! There’s just enough bergamot to add a happy, lemony little bounce to each taste. Each variety of black tea makes its presence known; maybe a little heavier on the Darjeeling, but the Ceylon and Assam keep it from getting too astringent.

Best 25 cents I’ve spent in a while.


Way to go big spender! If I thought I would find tea, I would let my wife drag me to yard sales.


Actually spent three quarters—companion tins of English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Serendipity.

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Good morning, all. I’m about halfway through this Upton sample packet, and I like it little better than I did at first. This morning’s cup has a little sweet pastry character to it.

Or maybe it’s just a pastry craving. After 48 hours of weather-induced anxiety and halfheartedly gnawing on fast food in various basements the past couple evenings, I’m hungry! (And safe, for which I am much more grateful. Son and husband are threatening to sell our worldly goods and move to a cave.)

Hesper June

So glad you and your family are safe!


that’s good news gmathis


Glad the crisis is over.

Terri HarpLady

Glad to hear you guys survived the night! That was some wild weather last night, eh?

Tea Sipper

I’m happy to hear things are better for you guys now!


Terri, how close did it get to you? Is it very floody up there? I had to wade to the clothesline in mud this afternoon.


i was watching news coverage of the tornadoes while they were occurring last night… scary stuff. Glad to see people safe (and posting)!

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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