1958 Tasting Notes

Ice storm; elderly parent who insists on driving in it; knots in neck. Straight up, steeped about 8 minutes. Could stand to take it intravenously.


My mother isn’t that eld but I’m still anxiously waiting her call when she finishes her put off till the last minute Christmas shopping on the day of the ice storm… :)


I’m less worried about the driving than I am him putting a foot wrong with his cane and …. roads this far south are more wet than slick. We’ve lost some branches and every crash makes me cringe. Flashbacks to our ice storm week without power a few years back.


I wonder what my kids are saying about me?! You guys are a riot! Glad you care. I use a cane. It’s more important that older people learn not to look down all the time, wear proper shoes and have a good tip on the cane. If you don’t look up where you’re going…you can fall.

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drank Warwick Assam by Ahmad Tea
1958 tasting notes

Finished steeping this a couple of minutes before the power went off; nursed the Tervis mug slowly and finished the last sip a couple of minutes before the power went on. Providence.

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An appropriate sipdown after a damp, raw, wind-cutting-right-through-your-jeans afternoon running the last gift shopping errands. Was hunting for a classic children’s book for a friend who’s a new granddad (in other words, a package full of bonding time). But mercy—which one? One Fish, Two Fish? Goodnight Moon? Little Critter? The Runaway Bunny? A Fly Went By? Between overthinking a simple purchase and wistful nostalgia for a cuddly toddler to read aloud to, I’m now mentally and emotionally wrung dry :)

Savoy still carries this…a black tea counterpart to CS Candy Cane Lane. Even though I was down to the dregs of the packet, there’s still plenty of vanilla-minty goodness for one last cup.


Oh thanks for putting a smile on my face. When my oldest was a wee little lad I had to read Hand Hand Fingers Thumb every night and I couldn’t skip a page. I can still repeat some of it from memory.


Pickle Things by Marc Brown: Pickle things you never see, like pickles on a Christmas tree. A pickle ear, a pickle nose; pickle hair and pickle toes. I’ll refrain from the rest.


Oooh, I missed that one. ha

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While house-puttering this morning, let the cup get cool, and now I’m getting essence of molasses cookie. Tasty!


Yay! A Ceylon!


We need to form a Ceylon society. Members unite :)

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Ever notice you’re getting fond of a tea precisely at the time the packet is getting distressingly thin and you can’t find it any more?

This is a cheerful, smooth, and bumble-friendly breakfast tea—not heavy work-boots stout; more like a sturdy pair of sneakers to help you stride out the door.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1958 tasting notes

Came home feeling like one raw exposed nerve, so careful, measured, conscious tea-blending wasn’t in the books… not sure what proportions I used, what the actual water temp or steep time was…but the results of an unspecified amount of tulsi combined with one carelessly tossed-in bag of Celestial Seasonings sweet apple chamomile yielded … one cup of liquid Juicy Fruit gum. Not bad for an accident.

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A friend shared; the pound her hubby ordered is not dwindling as fast as she’d like.

I am not a jasmine fan, and have had mixed luck with black/green blends, but this is pretty tasty. Pleasantly reminds me of Tazo’s Joy, which I loved at the outset, but had terrible problems getting it to come out consistently—couldn’t find the right time/temp sweet spot.

(This note might be a moot point at this point, though…I don’t see this blend offered on the Peet’s website currently.)


I believe that the tea is only offered in May and November for just a few days and only by the pound.

Bibliophage Barb R Goldensun

The next offering in January 2016 per Peet’s customer service rep.

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This is sweet and clean and tasty—a welcome breath of fresh air after a visit to mom’s care center that is stuffy and not-as-fresh.

Good dragonwell restores my confidence that my tastebuds are not too far gone to appreciate green teas.

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drank Kaporet Kenya by Single Origin Teas
1958 tasting notes

If pressed to make a judgment call, I would have a difficult time choosing a favorite Single Origin Tea: have spent quality time with this Kaporet Kenya, a Vietnam OP, and an excellent decaf Ceylon. This one has the deepest flavor of the three—dark wood with a little fruit. Kept meaning to try it with a little milk, but the cup has always been three-quarters sipped up before I think of it.

Straight-up black morning tea Steepsters, this is a vendor worth checking out.


Yep, the four Single Origin teas I’ve tried are delicious.

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Toys R Us two Saturdays before Christmas…what were we thinking? Ever notice that there are far fewer dancing, grinning shoppers in the real stores than there are on the commercials?

Between battling crowds and bitter cold, I am glad to be back home in my hobbit hole cuddling this lovely cozy cup after a quick lunch-and-errand run. It’s perfectly sweet coconut-candy-pina-colad-y, sunny and cheerful on a raw, cloudy afternoon. For just a moment, it might make you forget the gloom.


i have a few tattoos. you are making me think of the one on the back of my leg that has a spiky ball with a quote that has a personal motto ‘you can’t make me’. lol. nope, you can’t make me go to toy-r-us……


It was for a good cause, but mercy! Sensory overload on so many levels!

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


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