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1625 Tasting Notes

Ahhh! Now this is plausible cherry flavor, still a little sweet and syrupy, but the dried pineapple balances it nicely. And whaddya know? Son who calls tea “water with aftertaste” actually had a cup with me. That alone makes it worthwhile.

(I think I’m turning into the mommy from “Love You Forever” when the son grows up.)

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First whiff caused me to expect one of those nasty cough-syrupy, fake-cherry experiences. What is it about cherry that is hard to replicate accurately?

Wasn’t quite as bad as all that. It still doesn’t taste like fresh cherry pie…more like a warm Sonic cherry slush.

Assuming that someday warm weather will come (I’m beginning to wonder, but I’ll hang on to the fantasy), I think I’ll set the rest of the sample back for chilling and blending. Hot, it didn’t do much for me.

Upton’s plain black teas are excellent…not having so much success with their flavored ones, especially anything fruity.

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drank Imperial Pearl by Unknown
1625 tasting notes

This was a little sample that came to me in a set of itsallabouttheleaf.com review teas, and for the life of me, I can’t remember what company provided it. Do any of you recognize a company whose samples are vacuum-packed in pretty little pink pouches?

Well, whoever provided this gets a salute from me. It’s a medium honey-succulent tea that doesn’t have the mouth-drying astringency of some fancy-schmancy oolongs. Quite pleasant. Looking forward to sleuthing out its origin.


I’ve gotten vacuum-sealed packs with pink foil from Mountain Tea, also foil-sealed ones from Life in Teacup and Teavivre.


Thanks—that narrows it down. Mountain Tea has one with a name and description that matches eerily closely. I’ll have to have another cup and think about it :)

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drank Oolong by Unknown
1625 tasting notes

This anonymous family favorite is launching my first excursion into cooking with tea. We found a lookalike recipe for P.F. Chang’s oolong marinated sea bass online and it’s soaking in the fridge right now. Well, cod instead of sea bass…availability and frugality caused that substitution. (The beauty is the fact we haven’t tasted the original yet, so we won’t know if it’s way off the mark!)

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1625 tasting notes

Brought my newly stashed stash of Shang Chrysanthemum White home and tried another cup, this time topped off with a dollop of tulsi. Bingo! The lemony tulsi neutralizes the (mulchy? leafy?) dried flower taste and makes for a light, warm, springy tasting cup.

Besides, since these are both purported (and I can vouch for the tulsi) to be serious anxiety relievers, I ought to be in Happy Land in a very few minutes!


Need! Must buy soon!

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Chrysanthemum has some powerful health mojo: (www.bewellbuzz.com/wellness-buzz/10-health-benefits-chrysanthemum-tea/)

Tastewise, I’m not sure what to make of it. My first experience with chrysanthemum tea was a bagged version that tasted like stale dead flowers. This one from Shang Tea has a savory dried herb taste. I keep thinking it reminds me a little of unsalty chicken or beef boullion.

However, if the good-for-me aspect is really as good for me as I’m reading, I’m willing to keep experimenting!

So…what does chrysanthemum taste like to you? Do you sweeten?


Haven’t tried it yet, but plan to do so since it is reputed to be great for headaches and migraines.

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If Granny Clampett looked me over, I ‘spect she’d tell me I had a miz’ry that needed tonickin’. This’ll do. Nice and root-beery, warm. All I need is a jug :) Zero steep time; 2 tablespoons in with your water and great hoppin’ horny-toads! there you go.


Very Hillbillies. :)

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drank Honeysuckle White Tea by Shang Tea
1625 tasting notes

Nothing like a tea bag tag hanging out of a cup to make a great conversational opener with a new co-worker….and a whole new avenue for swaps :)

New Guy was highly complimentary of this little tea vendor in downtown Kansas City and brought a generous sample. Huge, fresh-fresh-fresh looking leaves, gently floral without being perfumey, I’m getting some white tea flavor (and you know that says a lot if I can detect anything white-teaish after only a 1 minute steep)!

Another soft hint of spring on a cold, clammy day with used snow on the ground.

Shang Tea

Please stop by our shop sometime if you live near Kansas City, we’d love to brew any of our other teas for you to try as well :)


Thanks! We’re in SW MO and I don’t get that direction often, but if I do, consider me there!

Shang Tea

Sounds great! We look forward to meeting you at some point

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Sample sipdown; sorry to see this one go. A really nice Assam with fruity-malty punch.

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drank Rooibos Savannah by SpecialTeas
1625 tasting notes

It has been a generally crummy week and a particularly rotten evening. I am tired and out of sorts. Do you know where one goes to find more sorts?

So I grumpily grabbed this, and knowing it’s a bit on the elderly side, goosed it with a quarter-teaspoon of bulk cacao bits. Pepped up the taste a bit; made me think of Cadbury dried fruit-and-chocolate candy bars.


I often find my sorts in the tea cupboard and my yarn stash… :)


Aww I hope your week gets better! When I’m out of sorts, I tend to take some time and do something that makes me happy… biking, photographing stuff, writing, reading a good book with a cup of my favourite tea… Anything that will make me feel better. That’s where I find my sorts :)


I think many of my sorts will return when the sun comes out…we’ve had dreary skies for more than a week. My solar battery is in need of a recharge. (It’s in the back of my neck :)

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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