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1625 Tasting Notes

Since the box is already open, I’m going to try to get this sipped up in near-future evenings; unless I transfer to a tin, I figure this might lose some steam by next Christmas.

But that doesn’t hurt my feelings. It’s such a nice little light cookie treat, especially with pineapple upside down cake. If they’d lose the “Sleigh Ride” moniker, I think this would be appropriate year-round.

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I believe this one was in a little care package from Azzrian.

The pomegranate isn’t very strong; I’m thinking that may have been intentional on the part of the blender so it didn’t overpower the white tea. The leaves were long—really long—and a lovely green/white. Still enough flavor to stay in the mouth after you’ve swallowed.

A little bit of “c’mon spring!”

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drank Green Spring by TeaGschwendner
1625 tasting notes

Have been hoarding the last 2-3 cups’ worth of leaves, but it’s time to let caution go. Boy, do I hope I’m this desirable when I’m over the hill!

Even oversteeped by a minute or so, this stuff is excellent. Today’s it’s burnt butterscotch instead of just plain sweet scotchie goodness. Green teas are just not friendly to the attention-deprived, are they?

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drank Warwick Assam by Ahmad Tea
1625 tasting notes

The “just plain tea” binge continues. This is one that definitely fits the category. Not too much of an acidic bite, not bitter, takes a long steep without complaining. It just makes me smile.


Gotta love just plain happy tea.


Makes me sad that this was a lucky TJ Maxx find; now I will have to go hunt it down and bang it on the head. Not too many Ahmad outlets locally. Living in a tea wasteland stinks, huh?


Oh, gmathis going all Neanderthal! ;) I wish Amazon would would do a better job of variety packs with companies such as Ahmad where you did not have to buy 6 cases. We have a local crafty shop that sells Stash tea. I’m not the biggest Stash fan, but they open one box of every kind they sell and let you buy one bag of each you are interested in trying. This is an excellent idea and every shop should do something similar.


After last week, banging things on the head sounds downright lovely! Miss my son’s Donkey Kong video game; there was a mini-game where you rammed into things with a rhino. I used to unwind with it after a bad workday.

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Happy surprise: liked the sample so much I got a 4 ounce pouch when we were in NW Ark. at Christmas—room for great big blobs of dried pineapple and (I think) the cherries that weren’t in the teeny packet.

Gooooood stuff.

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drank Lover's Leap by Capital Teas
1625 tasting notes

If I had to trim the pantry down to a dozen or so essentials (ha! put two tea packets in a basket and leave them unattended, they mate and multiply!) I think this one would be in it. Just a nice, clean, not-too-astringent Ceylon that needs no fussing, no additions.

Trying to re-start the digestive system after an evening of oh-no- I can’t-get-sick nausea, this was a good start. Basic. Sturdy.

My appreciation to Nicole for introducing this one to me!

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Yep, the go-to for a tummy ache. I recommend buying in bulk. This is cheap, strong, effective, and a great blender and stretcher for second steeps and cheap teas that need a little boost.

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Working from home today, which means time for a comfortable tea break in bona fide sunlight. Leisure tea and sunshine are going a long way to ease the gloomies that have plagued me (and, with apologies, the folks who have graciously read my grumpy and cantankerous tasting notes) all week.

My first note on this one had lots of floral references in it. Today, without monitoring temp very carefully—it was somewhere under boiling, how’s that? and a 2 minute steep, it is the color and flavor complexion of a Brach’s butterscotch candy, sans sugar.

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There are several Belgian Chocolate options here; I clicked Metropolitan Tea because a friend sent this from a little tea house in Tennessee that I think private labels Metropolitan stuff.

This particular blend is nice—I am a calendula lover in blended tea and it adds a nice little kick to the cocoa-roo. Pairing it with some bittersweet dark chocolate highlighted the sweetness.

(Curious…anybody ever steep just plain calendula leaves? Just wondering how they do on their own.)


I’d refer your question about plain calendula leaves to Stacy at Butiki. She seems like the most likely person to have tried something like that!


Noted. Thanks!

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It’s unanimous, based on other reviews, that Scottish breakfast tea should be strong enough to kick the wind out o’yer wee bagpipes, but this isn’t.

So I doubled up the bags this morning and (inadvertently) oversteeped by a minute or so. NOW we’re talking. Sharp. Stout.


Is it a little smokey tasting?


Not to me. A single bag is just a nice “brown” tasting breakfast tea, if that makes sense. Doubling up made it a little more acidic/astringent.

Terri HarpLady

I often double bagged teas, regardless of the company or flavor, as I feel they are usually stingy with their portions. Having said that, I also often double the amount of loose tea…
Not all of the cups I have are 8oz, which is (in theory) what a portion is suppose to be. Most of them are 12oz, & I tend to like my teas on the strong side. :)

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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