1717 Tasting Notes

I’m still unable to get my favorite Lemon and Green Tea (San Francisco Herb & Natural Food) that I normally picked up in bulk local indie grocery. Boo.

So as I was rummaging this afternoon, I wondered if this might be a plausible substitute. It isn’t; not straight up, anyway. If you like serious, tart, citrusy lemon, this is exactly what you need. I reached for sweetener almost immediately. One turbinado sugar packet wasn’t quite enough; two was a bit much. But now it more closely resembles the lemon pastry vibe I’m going for.

Second steep edit: Was good. TeaFrog’s flavored green teas hold their flavor the second time around better than any others I’ve tried.


Thought you were going to go for comparison to lemonade :-)


That actually may be a little more accurate!

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Found myself in that situation where there’s a little more than needed for one cup, not enough for two, so I dragged out a big mug and made with lots of leaf and a shorter steep (3 1/2 min). Lots of malt and cocoa, less of the raisin-esque character I noted the first time around. I’m thinking this is one of those rare and wonderful breakfast teas you just can’t ruin.


I really need to get out next week and get some of this. It gets such good reviews and “malty” definitely puts it in my interest range!

Terri HarpLady

I should add another tin of this to my cupboard, it was pretty nice :)


heh i should try this one sometime lol

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drank Cocoa Tango by Savoy Tea Company
1717 tasting notes

This isn’t currently on the Savoy Tea website; it can’t have been that long since we were there…picked this up…uh, in September-ish?

It’s a nice blend of chocolate-orange; more orange than chocolate after a (recommended) monster steep time of 9 minutes. Rich and thick.

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First iced tea of the season necessitated by the first push mow of the season. Got half our big backyard done and I’m limp—vegetation so thick the blade felt like it was caught in wet spaghetti. Welcome to Missouri. There was still snow on the ground last week.

At any rate, this is quick-no steep time whatsoever; in with the cold water and boom! there you go. Root beery goodness. We can find this in local grocery stores; I wonder if it gets scarcer the farther east and west you go.


Had some of this last summer in Indiana. I don’t think there is an real sassafrass in it as I think it is illegal – though we used to cut our own root to use.


My mom used to make rootbeer from scratch as a kid sadly, she never showed me how. I have never seen Sassafrass Concentrate up here but I bet it is wonderful.

It’s crazy how fast things grow when the season grows into full gear. I worked on a wildlife project in Northern Ontario in University and I remeber thinking the roads were so wide when we first arrived and within a week they would seem to shrink by a third to a half in size as the vegetation started to leaf out.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I got some of this one in the kitchen, Good Stuff!


Quick Google and here’s the scoop; the ingredient called safrole is what was considered dangerous, but safrole-free products are on the market; http://www.livestrong.com/article/315279-what-are-the-dangers-of-sassafras-tea/


I’ve purchased it in Maryland, so it’s made it to the Atlantic coast. :)

Thomas Edward(Toad)

The bottle of Pappy’s that I have here is Safrole Free :)


Good stuff. I like to keep some on hand, though my husband prefers the actual root.

Ah memories…I had a push mower when I lived near Little Rock, AR a few years back. The back yard was a swamp half the time and I kept joking about needing pontoons for the mower. When I could actually mow, it was a major battle between me and the lawn, usually with me on the losing end…


I remember Sassafrass tea from my childhood…M&D would dig up some roots in the early spring and boil them to make tea. Yummy…who new it was a carcinogen….

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drank Hawaiian Dreams by Della Terra Teas
1717 tasting notes

What I woke up craving for breakfast was a week on a beach—pick a beach, any beach—with a stack of good books, sunshine guaranteed, and no work, family, or other obligations whatever.

What I settled for was a cup of this lovely tropical tea. Heavy on the coconut, mild on the pineapple, dessert-sweet. This one is well done.

Tea Sipper

Aw, that sounds nice. Books and the beach. :D


Doesn’t it, though? I’d take a beach, a deck, a backyard, a hammock, a cabin in the woods, or a hole in a tree if it came with solitude and guilt-free time to read!

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drank Golden Blend by Harney & Sons
1717 tasting notes

Courtesy of ashmanra, something to smile about this morning. Love the way the golden monkey makes the Assam a little sweeter and juicier. I can see how it would be milk and sugar friendly, but you know me—prefer it straight up, no additives.

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Well, girls…after watching the calendar and drinking this for several consecutive evenings, I believe I can give it a thumbs up for doing what it’s purported to do! Symptoms reduced pretty significantly. Still looks like dryer lint.


lol mmm tasty cup of dryer lint!

Terri HarpLady

I used to drink lots of raspberry leaf, back when I was in my womanly prime. Now that I’m done with all that (halleluiah!), I don’t drink it anymore. In fact, I noticed I still had some in the cupboard, so I gave it to one of my daughters.

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drank Tochiotome Green by Lupicia
1717 tasting notes

Dry, this smells like fresh strawberry candy, or maybe the sugary strawberry beginnings of my mom’s homemade strawberry jam. The sugary-strawberry doesn’t come through as strongly once it’s steeped; just a pleasant light green tea base with a fruity aftertaste that stays on your tongue.

Perfect for a genuinely gentle, warm spring afternoon in my patio glider. I may never go inside.

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This little sample from ashmanra arrived providentially. Someone must have told her last week that I would have insomnia last night and need something substantial to prop me up this morning before heading to church and facing a roomful of fifth graders hopped up (pun intended) on Easter candy.

This is a wonderful breakfast tea. I’ve been smiling at the descriptors in other reviews: Fruity. Apple. Malty. (Oh yeah.) Rich. Smooth. All true. “George Clooney in a tux…” not sure about that one :)

I think this will get me out the door.

Happy Easter, tea friends. May it be a day that brings lasting joy.

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drank Cherry Pu-erh by Nature's Tea Leaf
1717 tasting notes

Second steep. Cherry dissipates pretty quickly, but it still leaves the nice pu-erh base. Not too muddy tasting.

And of course, it tastes better because…
a) it’s warm enough to taste it outside while watching laundry on the line fluttering gently in the sunshine
b) it’s sipped in the company of Tazo, our free-range, no-strings-attached, no-obligation yard cat. (Solid black. Citrus green eyes. Tazo just fit. No special emotional attachments to the brand.)
c) it’s accompanied by fresh brownies and a fistful of malted milk eggs.

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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