I spent 4 days with this tea. It was 4 days of pure tea bliss where each steep was something new and something brilliant.

I somewhat deliberately overleafed this time around. I think I used around 7g.

1st Steep-30 seconds
Somewhat smokey but it’s more of a camphor or mint type of feel. There was also a crisp fruitiness on the finish. Like a green apple.

2nd Steep-45 seconds
Somewhat similar to the first steep with the camphor and smoke but much more apple and a bit sweeter. There is also a spicy note peaking through. A nice creamy finish.

3rd Steep-1 minute
Holy 3rd Steep! Apples, spices and a nice toasty note—-almost bread like. Is it possible to get a pie-crust note in tea? I’m also definitely getting cloves and nutmeg. Some cinnamon pops out every odd sip. There is also a citrus note in the background. Am I crazy to say this tastes like pie?

4th Steep-1.30 minutes
This is my second day with this tea and I still love it. Smells like honey and apples. Faint taste of heavy cream. Maybe some raw sugar. It’s also not mellowing out much.

5th Steep-2 minutes
Lots of honey and citrus. Apple is in the background. Creamy finish.

6th Steep-2.30 minutes
Sort of grassy. Apple crispness returned with a natural honey sweetness.

7th Steep-3 minutes
This is the 3rd day with this tea. It’s become like a friend of mine and there is very little fade so I am a bit convinced that I will be brewing this tea for the next week. This steep still had the apple but it was more starchy. Maybe a bit like jicama.

8th Steep-3.30 minutes
Honey and spices. The apple is gone but it’s still so tasty. I’ve been brewing this tea for 3 days and I am not ready to let it go yet.

9th Steep-4 minutes
Spicy note. Not so much the sweet sort of spice from the previous steeps but a spice I can feel. Like cinnamon. This steep is also a bit fruity.

10th Steep-4.30 minutes
The apple is back with a bit of lemon on the finish. I am shocked how well this tea stood up to 3 (almost 4) days of steeping.

11th Steep-15 minutes
I usually do one extremely long steep at the end to squeeze whatever flavor I can from the leaves. It worked well here. The apple pie taste is back but less aggressively. The bready note also re-appeared when the tea cooled down a bit.

This tea was amazing. Almost 4 days with it and not a single moment of boredom or wanting to try something else. The flavors jumped all over the place and each steep was a revelation in and of itself. I could have easily brewed this for another 10 steeps and not have minded at all. Such a beautiful sheng. I am so happy I bought a cake.

0 min, 30 sec

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My favorite type of tea is pu’er. I can see myself living in a house alone with just pu’er cakes, a electric tea kettle, my trusty pu’er pick from Mandala and a thermos. I prefer ripe pu’er but love raw pu’er as well. My current favorite is the Special Dark from Mandala Tea.

Black Tea-I also love all forms of black tea. Black tea is where I started and I still love the malty loveliness of a good black tea. My current favorite is Grandpa’s Anytime Tea from Butiki.

Green Tea-Green tea is pretty hit and miss with me. I have never really developed a liking towards it. I have been dying to explore green tea more. Especially matcha and genmaicha. My current favorite is Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green from Verdant Tea.

Herbals/Mate-It depends on what’s in them. I gravitate more to herbs and spices rather than fruit flavors. My current favorite is Fired Up Fennel from Davids Tea.

I love mate (and guayusa). It helped me kick my coffee habit to one cup a day. I will try any blend with mate in it. My current favorite is Chocolate Rocket from Davids Tea.

White Tea-Sadly, I haven’t tried many white teas but I am planning on it very soon.

Oolong Tea-I have tried one or two oolong teas but in blends only. I am dying to try a straight oolong. My current favorite is Milk Oolong by Mandala Tea.

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Flavored Tea-I love flavored teas. I am willing to try just about any flavor combination and the weirder the better. My current favorite flavored tea is Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha by Verdant Tea.

I am always searching for a tea with fig or chili in it.

My favorite tea companies-Mandala Tea (their Phatty Cake was my first ever “Oh My God” tea moment), Butiki Teas, Verdant Tea, and Davids Tea


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