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This is one of my favorites from MF, though it doesn’t seem to get much attention. The ginger is just right (for this ginger lover, anyway), and the rose is lovely. It doesn’t have that excessively perfume-y quality some rose teas have; it reminds me more of fresh rose petals than anything else. The base is nice and smooth, too.

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And yet another backlog. I really liked this one—it was light but fruity, with a very smooth base. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some more of this someday.

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Another backlog. This one I really didn’t care for—it had that tobacco-y flavor rooibos sometimes gets, and that was most of what I tasted. Otherwise, it was very sweet, with maybe a little cinnamon and some nuttiness.

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Backlogging this very old sample. Nice baked apple flavor, and the rooibos isn’t too strong. I didn’t like it enough that I’d buy it, especially given the cost, but it was pleasant enough to try.


If you still have some, youtube this song while drinking: Aikatsu Tarte Tartin :)

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This was another from the sampler of greens Teavivre sent me. I’ve had it before, courtesy of some long-ago swap, and ever since it’s been one of my favorite straight greens. It’s delicate, faintly nutty, and not too vegetal. This is definitely one I plan to stock up on at some point.

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I finally got around to trying my very old sample of this blend (so old I forget who sent it to me), and even after a couple years languishing in a cardboard box it was delicious. It’s all sweet, creamy lime; the base rounds things out nicely without being too intrusive. If this one were still available it’d be a restock for sure, but since Della Terra’s gone MIA I think it’s going to end up as yet another addition to my ever-growing list of unavailable favorites.

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drank Haru Poro-Poro by Lupicia
291 tasting notes

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Teavivre kindly included this in the green sampler pack the sent me for review a while back (and that I’m just now getting to, whoops!). This is one super spinachy tea—I see other reviews mentioning notes of hay and even cocoa, but to me it’s all vegetal. It’s a nice tea, and quite smooth, but I do have a preference for greens on the milder/sweeter/nuttier side. I brewed this up hot and then chilled it for iced tea, since it’s been hot here, and while I don’t think it’s one I’ll purchase just based on my personal preferences it’s made for a refreshing drink.

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I was skeptical about this one—it’s not the flavor profile I usually go for, and I only threw a bag of it into my purchase at the Twinings shop last month to make it to the required minimum of 15 miscellaneous teabags. But I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. It tastes quite strongly of lime, which is a bit off the beaten track in the herbal tea world. It’s pleasantly tart, but it doesn’t taste especially strongly of hibiscus. I can’t say I can really pick out the blood orange or pineapple, but it does taste pleasingly of tropical fruits in an abstract sense. I might pick up a box of this one sometime to mix up my usual berry-based lineup.

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This is a decent blend for what it is. The green base is pretty meh, but there’s a strong note of sweet, syrupy lychee to make up for it. It’s got nothing on the greats of the lychee world, like Butiki’s magnificent and much mourned Lychee Oolong. It’s not a particularly complex blend, or an outstanding one, and I don’t think it’ll be a restock. Still, not bad for less than £2 on special.

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