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171 Tasting Notes


I had high hopes for this one, but the flavoring is too sweet and artificial for me. The aroma and flavor are both heavy on the strawberry candy notes. I’m not noticing any papaya, but then I often find papaya too heavy on sweetness and too light on any other flavor. This tea is very sweet, so it could well be that the papaya’s contributing to that. The green base doesn’t really come through.

This is my least favorite of the Steep City samples I’ve tried so far. I tend to prefer my fruity teas lighter/less sweet/more natural, and this blend’s just not to my taste.

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I got a sample of this tea from Shelley_Lorraine. I was excited to try this one – it’s my first from Della Terra, and the blend itself sounded so whimsical.

Dry, the tea smells a lot like Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach – it’s reminiscent of those gummy candy peaches more than it is of the actual fruit. I’ve always found Ginger Peach’s aroma to be pleasant, but, as with so many RoT blends, the flavor is disappointingly weak.

That said, I’m pleasantly surprised by the strength of flavor here. The dominant note is definitely gummy peach, although the green base (sencha?) provides some distinct – and pleasant – vegetal undertones. And it’s a good thing it does, because I’m not picking up much from the veggie additions themselves. Same for the lemongrass.

This was a fun tea to try but – aesthetics aside – not a distinctive one. It’s not a blend I’ll be purchasing, although I did enjoy my cup.

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A friend bought this tea and found it too floral for her liking, so she kindly passed the leftovers on to me. And I’m very glad she did – as an admitted fan of floral teas, I think this is delicious.

It doesn’t taste all that much like mango – the tea is much crisper and, as mentioned above, significantly more floral. I associate fresh mango and mango juice with a sort of heavy sweetness that’s absent here, and I don’t find mango particularly floral. If I’d tasted this tea without knowing what flavor it was meant to be, I probably would’ve guessed lychee (which is another flavor I really like, so no problem there).

The oolong base is quite delicate. It doesn’t really hold its own against the fruity/floral flavoring, but said flavoring is done so well I don’t mind. I drank this hot (and plain) today, but I bet it would be amazing iced.

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I love genmaicha, and this is a nice bagged option. It’s really nutty and toasty. The tea base is prominent, but not to the point where it detracts from the toasted rice notes. It’s mildly vegetal. I’m not noticing any bitterness, even though I definitely oversteeped this time (and probably used hotter-than-optimal water).

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This is a very green-tasting oolong – smooth, rich, buttery, vegetal. I like it a lot, although I think I might have a slight prefence for darker/roastier oolongs.

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drank Strawberry by Lupicia
171 tasting notes

I got this as a sample in the March Lupicia newsletter. It reminds me a lot of their Neptune, which I also sampled recently – the black base tastes the same, and the fruit flavoring strikes me as similar although that one’s supposed to be something like “fruits & honey” vs. the strawberry here. The dry teabag had a very strong strawberry candy aroma, but the brewed tea smelled and tasted more generically fruity. The black base is definitely dominant. I’m glad I got to try this tea, but it’s not one I’ll be purchasing.

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drank Neptune by Lupicia
171 tasting notes

This came as a sample with a recent Lupicia purchase. The honey-fruit flavoring reminds me of Lupicia’s Piccolo – it’s generically fruity, and perhaps slightly artificial. It’s not very strong here – the flavoring holds its own against Piccolo’s rooibos base more than it does against Neptune’s black. Said base is a pleasant, vaguely malty black. I don’t think I’d buy this tea, but I did enjoy trying it.

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A very basic breakfast blend. The flavor is smooth and sweet; there’s no smokiness or complexity. I like my black teas stronger, but this tea is pretty good for what it is.

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By far my favorite of the flavored teas from Butiki I’ve tried so far.

The dry leaves smell very strong, almost like flavored coffee grounds. Once the tea’s steeped, though, the scent – and flavor – mellow out quite a bit. It’s very sweet, even on its own. I taste more maple than pecan, although I do get some pecan. The oolong base comes out more once the tea has cooled a bit, as others have noted. I was dubious about the concept of flavored oolongs – this was my first – but it works quite well as a base here.

I can’t say I’m getting pecan pie – but, to be honest, I’m yet to pick up on baked-good/pastry notes in any tea thus far. There is a creamy, rich quality to it, though not, in my opinion, one that screams pie crust.

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Smells smokier than it tastes. It’s a fairly mild, light tea – not terribly complex, but very pleasant. I’ve been craving smokey teas lately but full-fledged lapsang souchong is a bit much for me – as others have said, Russian Country is a nice gateway option.

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