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I like these a bit better than the only other black dragon pearls I’ve tried (from thepuriTea). They seem heavier on the malt and lighter on the cocoa than thepuriTea’s version, which is a decided plus in my book (though I know it’s a minus for most people). Or it could just be that my tolerance level for chocolate notes is slightly higher than usual today – after all, aren’t 99% of dragon pearls supposed to come from the same place or something? Still not my favorite – I prefer Assams and Ceylons when I’m in the mood for something bold and black – but I did enjoy my cup. Thanks for this sample, Nicole_Martin!

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This is a nice sencha – it’s very spinachy and mildly astringent (in a good way!). The color of the brewed tea is a fantastic, vibrant green. I’m realizing that I tend to prefer Chinese green teas to Japanese, but every once in a while a good cup of sencha is in order and this serves that purpose nicely.

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This is a tea I’d wanted to try for a while, and I was lucky enough to get a sample from Nicole_Martin at the NYC meetup on Friday. The tea is very delicate, but what flavor there is is really lovely. It’s a bit sweet, faintly creamy, and nutty. There’s not much in the way of vegetal notes. This could be a good green for people who don’t generally enjoy green teas, I think, since it’s so gentle. I’d like to get my hands on some more of this – when I do, I think I’ll try brewing with a significantly higher leaf/water ratio (this time I used about 1.5 tsp/8 oz. water) since I’d like to see the flavors pop just a little bit more.

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Waybacklogging here… I had a tin of this last fall/winter. This stuff is pretty good, especially for the price. It doesn’t taste at all like pumpkin, but it is a nice spiced rooibos. The rooibos itself is on the gentler side, without that awful pipe tobacco flavor it sometimes has.

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I love genmaicha. It’s one of my favorite kinds of tea – it may even be my favorite. Cheap bagged genmaicha from the grocery store, fancy loose genmaicha mixed with matcha – I love it all. I have peasant tastes, what can I say?

I also like teas with lots of roastiness, so this blend seemed right up my alley. It certainly delivers on the roasted front, but I find it’s strong on the hojicha and weak on the rice. Plus there’s something about the flavor of hojicha that I find slightly off. I’m not sure how to describe it, and I can’t think of anything it compares to. It’s not the roasty quality per se, but I think it must be some kind of consequence of the roasting process. I’ve noticed it here and in Den’s hojicha, so I don’t think it’s staleness or anything like that. It’s not an awful flavor, but I could do without it.

I definitely prefer classic genmaicha – I love the contrast between roasted rice and vegetal green teas, and the hojicha’s weak on the vegetal notes and strong on the unidentifiable weird notes. This isn’t bad, though, and I am enjoying my cup.

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I tried a five-minute steep today, and, unsurprisingly, this tea is much bolder than it was last time I drank it. The Ceylon’s even more pronounced, I think – I’m getting even more fruitiness, which I’m enjoying quite a bit. I am getting the faintest hint of leather, but I’m pleased to say it’s not strong enough to detract from my enjoyment.

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This is a really lovely green – seaweedy and vegetal, but delicately so. I’m never good at identifying just what sorts of vegetal notes I taste in green teas, but if I had to take a stab at it here I’d go with edamame. Now that the tea has cooled a bit, I’m also picking up on the lemon Fuzzy_Peachkin mentioned in her review. I’ve never tasted a straight tea with such a pronounced citrus note. There’s some astringency and bitterness, but nothing that detracts from the experience. This is definitely a tea I’d be interested in restocking – I hope Bellocq keeps carrying it!

ETA: Not so impressed by the second steep, which is too bad given how pricey this tea is.

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My mom helped me finish off my sample pack of this last night. She thought it tasted like liquid Grape Nuts, and I think she nailed it (for me, at least). Maybe Grape Nuts with a light dusting of cocoa powder. I’m still glad I got to try this one, but a second tasting confirms that it’s just not really my thing.


hahaha, grape nuts! That’s awesome.


Yeah, at first I was like, “Grape nuts? What?!” – but that’s exactly what it tastes like!


lol! I would never have associated Laoshan black with grape nuts.


I get it. That whole malty flavor thing :)

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This smells super maple-y and wonderful, both dry and while steeping. The flavor’s pretty impressive too – the maple is assertive without becoming overwhelming, and it’s quite natural. I did let it steep for around five minutes, which resulted in a very strong, dark, malty base. There’s a bit of bitterness to it, but to me this is a nice foil for the sweetness of the maple. I’m really enjoying this – thanks so much for letting me try it out, Fuzzy_Peachkin!

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This is intensely grassy and woodsy, but surprisingly light at the same time. No snickerdoodles here – I wish! – but I am picking up on the pine notes. This reminds me of some Darjeelings – the driest, grassiest, most herbal kinds. Those are not my favorites, and this isn’t either. Still, it’s my first yabao, and I’m glad to have been able to try it. It’s unusual, for sure. Thanks (very belatedly) for this sample, moraiwe!

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