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This is intensely grassy and woodsy, but surprisingly light at the same time. No snickerdoodles here – I wish! – but I am picking up on the pine notes. This reminds me of some Darjeelings – the driest, grassiest, most herbal kinds. Those are not my favorites, and this isn’t either. Still, it’s my first yabao, and I’m glad to have been able to try it. It’s unusual, for sure. Thanks (very belatedly) for this sample, moraiwe!

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Another sample from Teamore. I like this one better than the Thurbo, although they’re not entirely dissimilar. I’m getting lots of grassiness and a fair bit of astringency from this one as well, but here these notes are brighter and crisper and juicier than they were in the Thurbo.

Butiki Teas

Hmmm, surprised to see a bit of astringency in this one. Not sure if you used boiling water but I find this specific oolong really needs lower temperature water. :)


Great tip Stacy. Castleton is what started my love of tea. I had no idea what I was ordering in a tea shop and it was all over from then on. Just ordered more. I have always found this one to always be very smooth making it one of my favorites.

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This is very grassy and slightly astringent – pleasantly so, in my opinion. Not my favorite Darjeeling, but still an enjoyable cup. Thanks for letting me try this one, Teamore!

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I don’t pick up any florals whatsoever from this one, just tons of citrus. I’m mostly getting lemon, and it’s unpleasantly reminiscent of some sort of cleaning product. The base is slightly smoky, and I’m finding I don’t care for the combination of smoke and citrus – the interplay between those two flavors is reminding me of Handmade Tea’s Blueberry Limón, which was an interesting tea but one that didn’t entirely work for me. Thanks for the sample, Fuzzy_Peachkin! And Teamore, you’re welcome to the rest of this tin if you’d like.


I also picked up on a tobacco like note but only in aroma and not in flavor. For some reason it doesn’t bother me, even though it is odd. I will take that tin off your hands greenteafairy.

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This one has a very strong honey flavor, and it’s quite sweet for a straight back tea. I definitely don’t get funnel cake or waffles or anything like that, but then I tend not to pick up on pastry/baked good notes in teas. It’s not for me – I don’t tend to like teas that are strong on the honey – but I am enjoying my cup. Thanks for the sample – and for allowing me to satisfy my curiosity – Fuzzy_Peachkin!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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This is a very pleasant breakfast blend. It’s heavy on the Ceylon, which provides some lovely stone-fruit notes, although the Assam is also present. I’m not noticing the Chinese tea component as much. I’m also pleased to say I’m not getting any of the dreaded leather Fuzzy_Peachkin mentioned – I steeped this at the shorter end of the suggested range, and it seems to have done the trick. I noticed that the instructions on the packaging say to steep for 3-5 minutes, while the website says 5-7 – I’d only looked at the packaging instructions while preparing this, and so I went for a 3-minute steep. It does result in a fairly mild cup, so probably not the way to go if you’re looking for an in-your-face wake-up tea, but maybe that’s something to try?

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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The herbal lemony notes are pleasant, but there’s not much to the base – I can hardly taste it, in fact. I generally like some tea in my tea, and this gets low marks on that count even in comparison with other bagged grocery store greens. Thanks for this sample, Kaylee!

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This is really and surprisingly good! The emphasis here is definitely on the cream (and this tea does taste distinctly creamy to me, more than it tastes of flat-out vanilla). The bergamot’s present, but it’s on the lighter side. The tea base (Ceylon?) is light and smooth. This is more delicate than the Earl Greys I usually go for, but I find myself enjoying it quite a lot. Thanks for this sample, Teamore! I can see myself keeping some of this (or another Earl Grey Cream – suggestions welcome!) in stock, especially for the winter.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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I knew this wouldn’t be a favorite going into it, since I’m very much not a fan of spearmint. And it isn’t. But I am finding it surprisingly drinkable! The mint dominates, but the other flavors tone it down just enough to make the blend work for me. I can’t really pick out the vanilla, but I do think it’s helping to soften the mint, and to lend the blend a faintly creamy texture. The lavender’s quite weak, but I imagine its presence also goes toward balancing out the mint. I am getting some of that earthy guayusa flavor, but it isn’t as pronounced here as in, say, Butiki’s Cider Guayusa. This is certainly not something I’d buy (or drink again, necessarily), but I’m glad to have had the chance to try it – and to be reminded that spearmint can, occasionally, be okay in small doses. Thanks for the sample, Kaylee!


Ha-I struggle with mint too.

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I’d been curious about Della Terra’s various citrus cream rooibos blends for a while, so I was very grateful when Kaylee offered to bring a sample of this one to share at the NYC meetup yesterday. This does live up to the hype! The rooibos is smooth and creamy, and that tobacco flavor I often get is completely absent. I’m not sure what the rooibos/honeybush ratio is here, so it could be that the honeybush is smoothing things out. The lemon and lime flavorings are faint but pleasant – the lime comes through more strongly of the two, I think. This is one of the nicest rooibos (or honeybush) blends I’ve had, and it’s something I can see myself drinking in the evenings on a regular basis. Thanks for letting me try this one, Kaylee! I really enjoyed it, and I definitely want to try the straight lemon and lime varieties now!

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